600 KCOL Mornings, Cory Gardner, 2/01/2010

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Guest: Cory Gardner

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Date: 2/01/2010

Topics: National TABOR, Pledge Against Earmarks, Guantanamo, Healthcare, Malpractice Caps, Missile Defense System

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Weinman:  We are also visiting with all of the candidates for the 4th District.  We routinely visit with Representative Betsy Markey.  We’ve had a half hour conversation with Dick Brown and we’re up to one, Cory Gardner.  Cory Gardner has been recognized as one of the Top 40 young Republican law makers in the nation by the Republican National Committee.  He represents Colorado 63rd District.  He made Economic Development Healthcare and Education his priorities. He has worked, increased community college funding to bring state-of-the-art telemedicine to rural communities to protect homeowners facing foreclosure.  He has a strong voice for renewable energy and clean burning natural gas.  Graduated Yuma, Colorado, from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  He has been endorsed by Wayne Allard, Bill Armstrong and Tom Tancredo, among others. Mr. Gardner, welcome to Mornings with Keith and Gail!

Gardner:  Hey, good morning!  Thanks for having me.

Weinman:  Our pleasure.

Fallen:  We appreciate you taking the time.  It’s good to talk with you this morning.  Question for you, just right out of the box.  With everything that’s going on in congress, where do I begin?  Let’s take a look at Mr. Brown, there’s a good starting place in Massachusetts.

Gardner:  Sure.

Fallen:  Will that impact in any way, shape or form, the way you conduct your campaign?

Gardner:  Well again, I think what happened in Massachusetts is just an affirmation of what we’ve all been feeling.  That congress is out of touch, that business is usual, is destroying this country and the people got tired and stood up and said, “No, we’re not going to take it!”  And so, we’ve been campaigning on a message of fiscal responsibility, limited government getting back to our constitutional liberties and a plan to get us to that point. Scott Brown is an affirmation that what we’re doing is right.  Our success in terms of support from Grassroots and people across the 4th Congressional District really tells us that they agree with the message, and so Scott Brown, I think is just a sign of more things to come.

Weinman:  I just have to stop on the significance of what you’ve just said.  It’s a sign that business is as usual, it’s destroying this country and you have to remember back to ’08.  That’s what brought the democrats to power.  That’s what brought this president to power was the fact that we were no longer going to do business as usual.

Gardner:  Well, it’s incredible that that’s what they’re saying!

Weinman:  Yes.

Gardner:  But if you listen to what people like Nancy Pelosi right now are saying.  Well, their comments after Massachusetts were, “Well, we just haven’t explained ourselves good enough yet.”  But people don’t understand what all the good things that we’ve done.  Well, you know what, the people of this country got the message loud and clear and they don’t like it, and they’re going to throw the bums out.

Weinman:  “We haven’t explained ourselves to the degree that you the simple minded can understand”.  A point that we made last week right after the State of the Union was reradiated by George Will of all people in this column this weekend.

Gardner:  Yep.  Yep.

Weinman:  Here we are in files…

Fallen:  Over the country, yep just speaking very simple one syllable words, please.  (Laughter)

Gardner:  Well, it’s just arrogance.  I mean, it’s sheer arrogance.  We’ve seen it at the State Legislature, unfortunately.  It’s rampant in Washington and it’s got to stop.  I’m a kid from Yuma, Colorado.  I grew up on a farm equipment dealership, my family sells tractors and I’m ready to go out and really kick some tail!

Weinman:  One of the more intriguing things about the budge proposal that we see this morning from the president and I want any and all of your observations about what we know so far.  But one of the things that I just fly back to whenever I go back to the topic is the fact that the promises to have the deficit in the subsequent years are based on cooperation from the congress.  Cooperation that the Congress has already said he isn’t going to be getting.

Gardner:  Oh again, the budget that was introduced is over 2,000 pages long.  It weighs about ten pounds.  It puts this country another $5 trillion dollars worth of deficit spending.  It’s unsustainable.  At the same time, he talks about how he’s trying to save and freeze spending.  He has massive increases and things like the Department of Energy, for pete’s sake!  So again, it’s Washington double-speak.  Only in Washington can they talk about saving money at the same time they’re spending even more.

Fallen:  Cory, a question from one of our listeners this morning via I am Dana.  By the way if you’d like to forward a question, feel free to do so, 600kcol.com.  Just click on that instant message link.  But it’s a particularly timely one as we talk about out of control deficits and spending.  Dana wants to know, Cory what exactly would you or could you do to reign in the federal government?

Gardner:  Oh, absolutely!  We’ve got what I call the 2010 Plan.  It’s our plan to get this country back on track.  It addresses the economy.  It addresses National Security and it addresses spending.  Number one, we’ve got to put a spending cap on the books and keep Washington, keep politicians from spending more money than they have.  We do it in Colorado; it’s called the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. We’ve got to put the spending cap in place in Washington D.C.  Number two, we’ve got to balance the budget.  A balanced amendment budget must be passed by this congress and the people vote on it to add it to our constitution. Number three, the problem with earmarks.  I’ve taken a pledge against earmarks.  I will be not seeking earmarks.  We need to make sure that every member of congress is rejecting earmarks.  Betsy Markey voted for a $410 billion dollar omnibus appropriation bill that contained over 9,000 individual pork projects including a $200 thousand dollar tattoo removal program in California.  This spending has got to stop and we can do that another way with a single-subject rule requiring every bill to be limited to a single-subject so they can’t load it down with pork. Those are just a few of the ideas on spending on and Dana, if you have more and if you’re still listening, send them on over.  We’d love to learn more.

Weinman:  Now, let’s go a little bit farther on that with regard to earmarks.  Now, now the sheer amount of earmarks; if the process, the way it’s done now.  The way it has been done for a long time we’re eliminated and each of those items had to be considered individually.  How in the world would government ever accomplish the job?  Indeed, earmarks are the tool in which representatives bring federal dollars back to their districts and that still has to be accomplished

Gardner:  Well again, I think you can make sure the process is open.  Make sure that the states are stepping up and that the federal government is handing back what should be truly a state function and a state issue.  And so, if we stop earmarks then sure we throw a monkey wrench into way that the congress is doing business but again I’m happy if we can end the status quo.

Weinman:  Does it not require a larger government in than just to do the job?

Gardner:  Larger earmark and larger government for earmarks, no way!  By eliminating earmarks, by eliminating the billions and billions of dollars that are spent on everything from bridges to nowhere to tattoo programs.  We will eliminate geocracy.  We will cut down on the federal workforce and that’s where we need to start.

Fallen:  Right and don’t forget the Chunnel for the turtles in Florida so that they can make it across the road.

Gardner:  Right.

Fallen:  It’s right next to the one that they don’t particularly want to use.

Gardner:  That’s right.

Weinman:  I can’t help but think though that if we were able to snap our fingers and do that, that it wouldn’t require just about every member of congress to pull a full Bob Shaffer, you know and camp in the office.

Gardner:  Wouldn’t that be great I mean if we could actually get these members of congress on both sides of the aisle and wake up, and say “Hey, you know what?  Maybe this isn’t my money; it’s the people’s money.”

Weinman:  And, demand more from our money?

Gardner:  That’s right.

Weinman:  Alright.

Fallen:  How have they gotten so out of touch, Cory because I mean it’s just astonishing and it just seems as though the chasm, the divide grows ever wider?

Gardner:  Oh, part of it is the fact that people say one thing in main street Colorado and they go up to Washington D.C and they do the exact opposite.  They tell people what they want to hear and then they go out and do what they want to do.  And so, we’ve got to hold people accountable.  It starts in November of 2010.  It starts today!  The tea parties, the 912 Groups have been such an active part of making sure that people are held accountable.  Everybody needs to stand up and start paying attention.

Weinman:  Will you hang with us for a few minutes?  We’ll talk for about 10 more minutes.

Gardner:  Sure, absolutely!

Weinman:  Alright, again Cory Gardner.  One of the four candidates for the 4th Congressional District for the Republican Nomination for the 4th Congressional District, from the State of Colorado.  Your questions via our website, instant message if you’d like, just go to 600kcol.com.  Our toll-free talk line is 866- 888-5449. State Representative Cory Gardner from Yuma is considered by many to be the leading candidate for the Republican Nomination for the 4th Congressional District to the State of Colorado.  And, we’re joined on the phone for a few minutes here.  Two topics that we have to get to in an interview of this nature. Mr. Gardner, are the Kalish Muhammad trial and where it should be held, and healthcare.  With regard to healthcare, you seem to favor free-market solutions in the information that you’ve posted on your website.  Expand on that from the perspective of where the government, where the administration, where the democratic majorities go with the issue from this point forward?

Gardner:  Well, I think everybody can agree that quality affordable healthcare is something that we all want.  What I think people also agree on is the fact that Dr. Pelosi is something that we don’t want.  And so to have Nancy Pelosi leading a bill that would take over 20% of our government.  The government taking over 20% of our economy is simply outrageous.  I believe there are answers in our free-market today.  That if they were put in place and allowed to happen, that we could actually reduce the cost of healthcare today and result in better quality of care as well.  Number one, people ought to be allowed buy insurance across state lines.  I’ve carried legislation to state legislature to do just that.  Number two, we got to cap medical malpractice lawsuits.  Trial lawyers are continuing to drive up the cost of healthcare and it’s got to stop.  Number three, you and I ought to have the same kind of tax benefits that corporations have when they buy their insurance.  And so, there are numbers, there are many more than that.  There are a number of solutions that could be put in place but just government getting out of the way that would provide real savings and healthcare without a government take-over.

Fallen:  Kind of flies in the face of the overwhelming impression that many democrats seem to have that republicans when it comes to healthcare, the party of no.  I was fascinated by the meeting that President Obama had with several congress people in which he invited; and, he actually invited ideas, suggestions for healthcare during the State of the Union address.  But it’s interesting to me and I’d be interested in your thoughts on this, Mr. Gardner.Even though ideas are forthcoming, it doesn’t seem as though they’re being considered because the perception is is that republicans, a party of know.

Gardner:  Well you know, and the republicans are the party of no, no and that’s what they’re doing.  And so, they know that what is happening in Washington is wrong.  They put together, the republicans put together in congress.  They plan their own plan for healthcare.  They introduced it and it got zero attention.  The news media didn’t cover it and of course, it’s going to be rejected because it’s not what the democrats in congress want.What the democrats in congress want is a government take-over.  They want to control your life from your birth to your death and then they’re going to tax you on your death.  And so, that’s why you don’t see it.  There are a number of great ideas on the republican side, on the conservative side that would bring meaningful solutions.  But they don’t want to look at them because it doesn’t grow the hand of government and that’s all they’re interested in.

Weinman:  It would definitely seem that the nation has gotten together on the same page saying, “Nope,” with regard to Kalish Muhammad trial being treated as a civilian in a civilian court within rock-throwing distance of the buildings he destroyed.  Not a good idea.  If you were in a position to make decisions with regard to that, what would you offer?

Gardner:  Well, it’s simply outrageous what they’re trying to give terrorists the same rights as American citizens and again, these trials should not be on US soil.  Guantanamo should not be closed.  They should be treated as terrorists.  They should be treated as enemy combatants.  And, rolling out the red carpet in this country is simply wrong!

Fallen:  A couple questions from our listeners this morning, Mr. Gardner.  We’re going to the lightening round here.  Newt Gingrich writes they’ve proposed the conservatives in both the house and senate create a new contract with America for release in September.  What are your views on that and would you participate?

Gardner:  You know, I have my own plan called the 2010 Plan.  It addresses everything from the economy to spending issues to single-subject to the National Security.  So, we have basically created our own contract with Colorado, contract with America.  So I’m happy to talk to others including Jason Chaffetz, contract for the American Dream that he is working on.  I’ve signed his contract for the American Dream.  He’s a strong supporter out of Utah of my campaign.  These are things that we have to work on together.  That we need to get this country back on track to get to those fundamental liberties.  We’ve got an amazing opportunity in November to get this country back on track and it begins with people who have real solutions to do it.

Fallen:  Drive-by caller from Southwest Laramie County this morning.  Washington is supposed to protect us and protect our borders.  Can you talk about your views on illegal immigration and the possibility for terrorism coming in through that exact way?

Gardner:  Well, absolutely!  Immigration policy begins with a secure border.  We must secure the border; East, West, North, and South.  That’s our porch.  That’s our land borders.  They must be secure.  Number two, we’ve got to enforce the existing laws that we have.  Right now, our laws on the books right now are flat out are being ignored and instead of enforcing laws, we’re throwing border patrol agents in jail.  It’s simply wrong!So we’ve got to enforce the law and make sure that we’re doing everything we can to enforce those laws.  Number three, we’ve got to have a system that works instead of penalizing people who are trying to come in this country legally and giving advantages to those people who want to come here illegally. We’ve got it all wrong so things like E-Verify, other programs that should be on the books and enforced must be put in place.  But again, until that border is secure, any other measure will fail.

Fallen:  Now, we all know that Ahmadinejad of course, a man of his word; his guarantee.  That just pursuing nuclear for power.  Things that are you know, altruistic and humanitarian, medical purposes.  However, all that said what do you believe, asked Kevin this morning, should be done with Iran?

Gardner:  Well Kevin, I think Iran is one of the most dangerous regimes to the United States and we have to be very, very aware of that.  I think we haven’t done enough to sanction Iran.  We haven’t done enough to make sure that they’re not possessing weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons to be used against the United States.  I think it’s a travesty that the United States tried to roll back its missile defense system in Poland and in other areas. We’ve got to defend Israel.  Israel is our only ally, one of our only allies in the area where Iran is a direct threat and we’ve got to be standing up and sticking with our partners in freedom.

Weinman:  Your contact through your website is very easy, corygardner.com, right?

Gardner:  You’ve got it, corygardner.com.

Weinman:  And, you will also be at the debated Windsor High School right here in northern Colorado Thursday night.  The debates start at 7 o’clock, correct?

Gardner:  You’re right and I invite everybody as well to our campaign open house.  We’re opening up a campaign headquarters in Fort Collins, right on College Avenue.  Next to the County GOP Headquarters.  We’re going to start around 5 o’clock, Wednesday night and hope people can join us there as well.

Fallen:  Sir, thank you so much for your time this morning.  We appreciate it.

Gardner:  Hey, thanks for having me.

Weinman:  Cory Gardner, candidate for the Republican Nomination for the 4th Congressional District.