600 KCOL Mornings, Cory Gardner, 5/21/2010

Station: KCOL

Show: 600 KCOL Mornings

Guest: Cory Gardner

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Date: 5/21/2010

Topics: 2010 Primary Stump Speech

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FALLEN: Representative Gardner, welcome back to 600 KCOL Mornings.

GARDNER: Good morning, thanks for having me on this morning.

FALLEN: You betcha. Thank you for taking the time.  I am sure it is a very very busy day for you.  So that 30 percent threshold, just in the interest of full disclosure, we have previously talked with contenders Dean Dadere and also with Tom Lucero, that 30 percent threshold not so much a concern for you.

GARDNER: Again we have tremendous support and Larimer County, Weld County, and throughout the Eastern Plains. We have worked very hard to put tens of thousands of miles on the car to get our message out and to really listen to what is on the minds of people across the state.

FALLEN: My question for you. When I look back at the primaries and some of the interesting things that transpired or were spun, depending on which side of the aisle you were on… that came out of those elections, it seems to me that the tea party is making significant strides in terms of its influence. When you look at Rand Paul’s success, essentially the tea party message with their endorsement of Rand Paul. Something he reiterated on his successful bid was, “we are here and we are here to take our government back.”  Something else that came at about that might be a little bit of concern and actually had the chance to talk to Representative Betsy Markey a little bit about this yesterday on the flip side of the question. And that was for Representative Markey, as a blue dog Democrat incumbent, things not looking so rosy.  Do you share any of those concerns with what seems to be an anti-incumbent bias among the electorate?

GARDNER: I am excited about the involvement and the activism, this newfound spirit to get involved and be part of the process.  There are so many new faces at the assembly this year and caucus this year and it is really great to see. You should only be afraid when you are doing the wrong thing and you’re not supporting the Constitution of this country. When you’re voting against the interest of the people. And Betsy Markey has done that time and time again. She calls herself a blue dog but she has voted for cap-and-trade, She voted for health care, she cosponsored card check and she voted for the largest spending bill in the history of this country. That is a pretty different color blue dog.

FALLEN: Representative, I floated the question out to many of our listeners this morning asking them just as the clock tics down to 2 PM today and of course the race really begins then, so it is kind of an interesting dichotomy there, but I toss that question out to the listeners this morning asking them if they can ask up all of you candidates for CD 4 one question, what would that be? Tom this morning via instant messenger asked, “Representative Gardner what separates you from the other candidates?

GARDNER: I think it is just the ability to point to a record that is truly and solidly conservative. People can get out and talk the talk but I have actually walked to walk. I have received a guardian of taxpayer award from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, consistently ranking as one of the most conservative members of the Legislature. Fighting taxes, fighting regulations amd fighting to get back to the constitutional principles that the state had in mind and will do the same thing in Congress. Again, it is a background growing up in Eastern Plains, knowing agriculture, water, oil and gas development, resources, having lived in Fort Collins knowing what it is like living in northern Colorado, really that diversity of experience to represent the entire district. Not just one part. And the fact that we have been able to build an incredible campaign. We have raised over $1 millions dollars. We have been endorsed by people like Tom Tancredo. People like Mike Pence from Indiana and grass-roots leaders around the district. So it is a strong campaign and the only campaign that can beat Betsy Markey this November.

FALLEN: I know that you are very busy, it is probably a very hectic time for you and I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me this morning.