AM Colorado, Cory Gardner, August 23, 2012

Station:      KFKA, 1310 AM

Show:        AM Colorado

Guests:      Gardner, C


Date:         August 23, 2012

Topics:      Hurricane Isaac, Sequestration, Sequester, Defense Contractors, Military Spending, RNC Convention, Tampa, Florida, Paul Ryan, Federal Budget, Economy, Mitt Romney, Congress, Farm Bill, Election, Obstructionism, Business Community, Taxes, Tax Increases, Estate Taxes, Capital Gains Tax Rate, Dividends Tax Rate, Congressional Budget Office, Tax Tables, Town Halls, Fourth (4th) Congressional District, Coffman, Tipton, Joe Biden

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HOST TOM LUCERO:  So, Cory, give us your thoughts on the selection of your colleague, Paul Ryan—vice presidential pick by Mitt Romney.

GARDNER:  I think it’s a brilliant selection.  This is a guy who understands the budget and the economy perhaps better than anybody other than Mitt Romney.  This is a person who actually knows the numbers.  He has –I’ve seen him personally, I’ve witnessed him personally explain to the president of the United States why his policies have been such a disaster, and why the policies we have pushed forward would actually get this country back on track, [and] do so in a way that was simple for everybody to understand across the country.  I’m not sure the president understood it because he continues with his failed policies.  But the fact is, Paul Ryan adds a level of excitement and certainly a level of solutions that we were missing.

[Discussion continues regarding what will happen after November’s election, considering either possibility of who is elected president]


U.S. REPRESENTATIVE CORY GARDNER :  The average CO family, you’re exactly right Devon, will pay over $2000 more per year in taxes.  And that’s not to mention the small business owner who will be faced with a 55% estate tax at the end of—at the begininning of January if nothing is done.  That’s not even to mention the capital gains rate, the dividends rate, which could very much hurt people in their retirement savings.  So,again, this president – and the Congressional Budget office said yesterday, that if these taxes are allowed to increase, and sequestration hits at the same time, it will put this country back into the heart of a recession.