Amy Oliver Show, Kevin Lundberg, May 6, 2013

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Show:        Amy Oliver Show

Guests:           Lundberg 


Date:         May 6, 2013         

Topics:      Sine Die, State Senate, Same Day Voter Registration, Voter Fraud, Photo ID Requirement, Utility Bill, Forgery, County Clerks and Recorders, Weld County, Clerks Association, Renewable Energy Mandate, Rural Electricity Cooperatives, Rural Electric Associations, Senate Bill 252, War on Rural Colorado, Senator Ted Harvey, Global Warming, Climate Change,

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HOST AMY OLIVER:  […] Hopefully you are enjoying a relatively stress-free drive down to the capitol.  Thank you so much for being with us today. 

CO STATE SENATOR, KEVIN LUNDBERG:  Well, thank you, Amy.  I’m glad to be on board.  Yeah, it’s Monday and it’s not snowing!   What’s the deal? […]  It’s the final three days of the legislative session, and it couldn’t end sooner [sic]. 

OLIVER:  […] I do want to talk a little bit about the voter registration – Same Day Voter Registration bill, but, overall, have you ever seen a legislature go this far to the left?

LUNDBERG:  This is my eleventh year down here, and I’d say I’ve seen more bad stuff that just falls of the left cliff of political philosophy this year, than I saw in the entire ten years previous.  And when you talk to lobbyists who have been down there for decades, they shake their head in disbelief.  It has been unbelievable!  [laughs]

OLIVER:  Yeah, the bills that I have seen – you think, for instance, SB 252 which I know made it back to the Senate and passed and is now on the governor’s desk, and that’s the mandate on Rural Electric Cooperatives to increase the amount electricity they derive from sources such as wind and solar.  Preferred energy sources!  I thought Senator Harvey said that well.  This is not about renewable energy, this is about preferred energy sources.  That is —

LUNDBERG:  Right!  This is social and economic manipulation on the part of the government [referring to SB 252]

OLIVER:  Absolutely.  And this is the stuff we often accused—well we always accused the federal government of doing.  And now it’s just full throttle at the state capitol.  I–

LUNDBERG:  Yeah.  Yeah, and you know, on 252, of course, the thing that we really hammered them in the Senate is, “So, why are you doing this?  So, what’s the big deal?  Why do you need all of these wind powered systems and these solar systems?”  And finally, they came down and they started to admit that it’s global warming that is driving them.  And Senator Harvey just had some extraordinary comments.  He said, “Isn’t it amazing that it’s in May, the snow is falling outside and we’re passing this legislation because of our fear of global warming?”  Now, that’s anecdotal, but it’s quite illustrative of just how absurd their policies have become. 

OLIVER:  Talk about another absurd policy, and really, this is just ripe for abuse.  And some of these – the new election laws that the progressive left has drafted and is making their way through the state legislature.  One is a Same Day Voter Registration bill.

LUNDBERG:  This is possibly the worst bill that I have ever seen in the legislature, and that is saying a great deal.  But the reason it is, is it sets up our election process for the crooks.  It makes it so easy to cheat that no one can really have confidence in how elections are conducted, if this thing becomes law and it probably will.  I called it, and tried to amend it to its real meaning, which is “Same Day Voter Fraud Act”.  It’s 128 pages.  It’s very comprehensive.  It changes a great deal of election law.  It turns the state’s elections into all-mail ballot elections.  It gets rid of the inactive voter status so that – here’s an example:  Summit County in the last election cycle had about fourteen, fifteen thousand people voting, and the census was 21,000 people.  That kind of makes sense, that, you know, out of 21,000 people in the county, fourteen or fifteen thousand people vote.  They have nearly 25,000 people on their voter registration polls, most of them, or many of them inactive voters.  You know, not 10,000 inactive voters.  That’s, you know, nuts.  Then, finally, the real bad stuff is the Same Day Registration.  Because, under the terms of this bill, somebody can show up at a polling place, anytime during the voting process, –early voting– so they can be doing this for three weeks in a general election, and they can say this is my name, and just state it.  You know, write it down, but they have no proof of it.  I live at such and such address, and here are four digits that I claim to be the last four digits of my social security number.  That’s all the information they need provide to register with no identification required, then or later.   Then, they need to just request a ballot, right then and there, a ballot is given to them, if they can show some ID.  But all the ID they need is a utility bill with their name and address on it, which can be easily forged.  At that point in time, they are given a ballot, which they can fill out and drop in the ballot box.  And these aren’t provisional ballots.  These are the same bona fide ballots that you and I get.  And they count, whether or not the person was legit or not.  Somebody could –

OLIVER:  What is – Hey, Senator, let me ask a question real quick.  And I want — think about this, because I have to go to my Mortgage Minute.   What is to keep me from doing that in let’s say, ten different counties.  Hold on to that answer.  What is to keep one person from going all – let‘s say all along the Front Range and voting on the exact same day.  And then one more question for you, and we’ll think about this and then we’ll come back.  Is it possible that Colorado could end up with more votes than we have legal residents who actually can vote?  Think about those two things.  We’ll ask that of Senator Lundberg, regarding this Voter – this election bill that is making it’s way through the state capitol.  Let’s quickly go to Tracy Axton of FMS Bank […]

 OLIVER:  [After the break, Oliver restates questions posed to Lundberg]  And is there a possibility, at some point, that —  We know that certain counties already have had more – they have more  registered voters than they have people eligible to vote living in that county according to the census.  Is it possible that at some point Colorado has actually more people voting than eligible to vote in the state?  I mean, could that be a state wide phenomenon with this new bill?  We’ll ask that of Senator Lundberg in just a moment, but it’s eighteen minutes after nine on this Monday, May 6th 2013, on the Amy Oliver show.  We’re going to take a quick break and then you’ll be right back here on the Amy OIiver Show on Colorado’s original radio station Newstalk 1310, KFKA.


OLIVER:  This is the last week for the legislative session.  So, I suppose in that case, Senator, there’s good news.  But the bad news is there is still horrible legislation making its way through the state capitol.  I want to ask, getting back to this Same Day Voter Registration Bill, what is to prevent someone from, say, voting in 10 different counties? 

LUNDBERG:  Well, of course, it is a crime.  So, it’s against the law, and if you were to get caught, you could find yourself in trouble.  But the question is, “Can you get caught?”  Or can the crook, go and register in several locations and get away with it, and drop ballots in the ballot box and nobody find them.  The answer is “Nothing is stopping them from doing that.”  Because they’re not required to give any actual identification — any legitimate identification.  The only thing is that utility bill which you could forge!  And so, you give a false name.  You give a false address, you give a false set of numbers that is supposed to be part of your social, and you present a piece of paper which shows those false pieces of information, you vote, you walk out of the door, you go down to the next voting place, and you do it again and again and again.  Ten, twenty—actually, with our early voting system in place, somebody could make a career of this and stuff the ballot box with who knows how many ballots.

OLIVER:  And the thing is, the damage is done even by the time that person gets in trouble.  Look at Al Franken, I mean, that’s a prime example–[a] guy who won by just over 300 votes.  Yet, I think if I remember the last time I saw it, and there were still a whole bunch more prosecutions out there still out there or still to come.  Over 200 people were either facing trial, or had plea bargained, or had already been convicted of some kind of voter fraud.  There was nothing –

LUNDBERG: Right, and those were the ones they found!

OLIVER:  Yeah, those were – and so my question is, damage is already done. 

LUNDBERG:  Yeah, and Amy, this really gets to the – the reason why I call this the most dangerous bill that we’ve seen in many, many years.  Because it undercuts the reliability, the integrity of the election process.  And if we don’t have confidence in the voting process, what do we have left?  We have to fix this.  We cannot live with this type of law in place, long term.  I literally pray that we can survive one more election and put the right people in place so that we can repeal this very, very dangerous legislation.

OLIVER:  This is sort of, almost, I mean, what you’re describing to me, if you can’t have faith in your elections – you don’t have confidence in them, that is what people who, I mean —  That’s sort of the idea of a banana republic where the elections are all a façade, they’re show. 

LUNDBERG:  Right and you know, most of this could be cured by one simple action, and that is to require verifiable ID when you vote. 

OLIVER:  Yeah.

LUNDBERG:  Regardless of how you vote, you have to provide some verifiable ID.  And to register to vote, as well.  But, of course they rejected all of that.  And they point to other states that have Same Day Registration, like they brought up Wyoming which has Same Day Registration.  But they don’t have such loose Identification requirements.  And we need to put that in place in Colorado if we’re going to have this much access to registration, and it has to be valid registration. 

OLIVER:  So, if we have Same Day Registration, just require an ID and many of these problems are averted. 

LUNDBERG:  A serious ID.  Not something that you can cook up in your basement on your computer, but an ID that is verifiable.  The ideal is a photo ID and there has been some court issues on that as to whether or not that can be done.  But Colorado has a policy that is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, where anything goes.  And if that’s so, we turn the election process over to the crooks. Is that really what we want to do?  Either on the Right or on the Left, is that what anybody really wants to do?

OLIVER:  And Senator, really quickly, where are the County Clerks in all of this?

LUNDBERG:  In a mixed up mess in the middle, is what I would say.  There are several County Clerks, including your clerk from Weld County, who has said, “No, this is a bad idea.  This is not a good bill.”  But unfortunately, the overall Clerks Association, has endorsed the bill, I think mistakenly.  Particularly when we get the information from them, because I hear things – assurances of “No, no, no!  You have to have identification.”  But when I look at the law, all that identification amounts to is a potentially forged utility bill and that is no identification at all. 

OLIVER:  Wow.  Senator, thank you so much for being on the show.  We’ll do one last follow up, sort of a  wrap up of the legislative session next Monday

LUNDBERG:  Sounds great!  I look forward to it, Amy!

OLIVER:  Hey, thank you!  State Senator Kevin Lundberg has checked in with us each and every Monday morning as he’s makes his trek down to the state capitol.  You heard what he said, probably the most Leftist, progressive legislature ever, certainly in Colorado history, I think, at least for the time that I’ve been here.