Big Morning Show, Cory Gardner, March 11, 2013

Show: Big Morning Show with John Waters

Station: KFTM, 1400 AM

Guest: Gardner


Date:   March 11, 2013

Topics: Second Amendment, Obamacare, Independent Payment Advisory Board, State of the Union Address, Fracking

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Note: This is a PARTIAL Transcript of an interview that was re-broadcasted March 11 on KFTM. It originally aired on the same station about a month earlier.

Gardner: A lot of people may have assumed that they would just get insurance or health care for free now. And if they didn’t have insurance, they would just get it for free. If they didn’t buy it, they would just get it for free. But the bottom line is, everyone is going to be paying. And everybody is going to be paying under a system where they are going to get the kind of insurance or health care coverage that the government wants them to have and not necessarily the kind that they, the individual, want to have. And so, this is very much a government-driven decision-making process, where the people in Washington DC, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, they’re going to be making health-care decisions for us.

John Waters, Host: I remember, Cory, three or four years ago when Sarah Palin came out and talked about “death panels” that would be put in place as part of Obamacare, she was absolutely crucified and vilified in the media because of this assertion of death panels. And now it’s come out that she was absolutely right.

Gardner: Well, you have this Independent Payment Advisory Board that was set up to look at how healthcare is going to or is not going to be delivered. It’s not a decision that’s going to be made between a patient and a doctor but it’s a decision that’s going to be made between the bureaucrat and the health care provider, and what they can do and what they will not be able to do, particularly the case for Medicare. The Board is an unelected group of bureaucrats. It actually has a bipartisan opposition, both Republicans and Democrats have tried to repeal the IPAD board, but so far without luck.