Chuck & Julie Show, Dick Wadhams, November 12, 2018

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Date:        November 12, 2018

Topics:       Unaffiliated Voters, Donald Trump, Ballot Measures, Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman, NeverTrump, Kavanaugh, Supreme Court, SCOTUS, Patrick Neville, Tim Neville, Buffoon, Tariffs,

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HAYDEN: [00:00:00] I think we’re going to have to figure it out, right? Trump’s not going away, probably — probably not for six years.

WADHAMS: [00:00:03] No, he’s not. And that’s the problem.

HAYDEN: [00:00:09] And just as the Democrats–.

BONNIWELL: [00:00:09] See, that’s what you think is the problem!

HAYDEN: [00:00:09] Chuck! Chuck –.

WADHAMS: [00:00:09] Hold it. No, no! I’m going to jump in.

BONNIWELL: [00:00:11] All right! Go for it!

WADHAMS: [00:00:12] I like Trump. I like the tax cuts. I like the judicial nominations. I like deregulation. I like his defense of Israel. I like so many things about Donald Trump.

BONNIWELL: [00:00:21] What?

WADHAMS: [00:00:21] But dammit! He is a liability here in Colorado, and if you want to stick your head in the sand, Chuck, and decide that we can somehow get around that in this election, you’re wrong!

BONNIWELL: [00:00:31] So, what do you recommend for Cory Gardner? To do the Mike Coffman routine? [facetiously] Why doesn’t he do the Mike Coffman routine?

WADHAMS: [00:00:34] No! No! Well, no! Let’s talk about Cory Gardner.

BONNIWELL: [00:00:38] Yeah!

WADHAMS: [00:00:38] What has Cory done as a U.S. Senator?

BONNIWELL: [00:00:39] Nothing!

WADHAMS: [00:00:41] He voted [for] and publicly defended — day in, day out — the two nominations for the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Yes, he did!

BONNIWELL: [00:00:47] [unintelligible] OK. Where was he? I saw where Lindsey Graham was! Here, this is Cory Gardner! [plays audio from “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd].

AUDIO FROM ‘MEET THE PRESS’: [00:00:53] “Do you think it’s necessary — do you think Mueller needs protection? Mitch McConnell does not.” […]

WADHAMS: [00:00:58] That’s a whole different issue, Chuck! Shut that off! Shut it off, because it makes no difference. That is not –.

HAYDEN: [00:01:05] [laughs in the background].



HAYDEN: [00:01:07] Here, you can set it –. Here, I’m going to shut Chuck’s mic off and let–.

BONNIWELL: [00:01:08] No, you’re not.

WADHAMS: [00:01:08] May I continue? Or do you not want to hear what Cory Gardner has been doing for Donald Trump?


BONNIWELL: [00:01:13] Oh, yeah, tell us about Cory Gardner.

WADHAMS: [00:01:13] Okay, he voted for, and was a day in, day out defender of the tax cuts. He has been a defender of deregulation. He’s been the defender of Trump’s foreign policy. So, tell me, where has Cory fallen down, as U. S. Senator for Trump?

BONNIWELL: [00:01:28] Okay! Open borders! He’s a total [whore] for the Chamber of Commerce.

WADHAMS: [00:01:33] Oh, give me a break!

BONNIWELL: [00:01:34] He is owned and operated by the Chamber, and Mitch McConnell! He’s a Mitch McConnell stooge.

WADHAMS: [00:01:35] So, one issue. One issue?

BONNIWELL: [00:01:35] One issue?

WADHAMS: [00:01:35] And by the way, he’s not for open borders. He’s not for open–.

BONNIWELL: [00:01:35] How about tariffs? He is for open borders!

WADHAMS: [00:01:43] He has been critical of the tariffs.

BONNIWELL: [00:01:46] Yes! He has been a Chamber guy from day one and he runs with Mitch McConnell.

WADHAMS: [00:01:50] Well, why don’t you talk to all these small businesses and farmers and ranchers in Colorado who are being hurt by those tariffs?

BONNIWELL: [00:01:54] Well, okay! So, let’s screw the middle class! Let’s do a globalist agenda and destroy the middle class!

WADHAMS: [00:02:01] Yeah, well, — well, let’s keep–.

BONNIWELL: [00:02:01] What would you think about what they did to Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin?

WADHAMS: [00:02:07] Chuck, let’s keep talking about Cory Gardner. I want to ask right now. Are you going to oppose him for re-election?

BONNIWELL: [00:02:11] I hope somebody runs aga–. Am I going to oppose him? No, I’m going help him with the same enthusiasm I did Walker Stapleton, which is I’ll hold my nose, I’ll puke, because he is a traitor to everything he held with 2010. I remember,– just like Coffman! You know what Coffman did to me? He came up to me and said, “You know, Tom Tancredo–.” This is back when he first ran.

WADHAMS: [00:02:28] I don’t want to talk –.

BONNIWELL: [00:02:30] Oh, come on!

WADHAMS: [00:02:30] We’re talking about Gardner, for God’s sake!

BONNIWELL: [00:02:31] It’s the same person! It’s the same person!

WADHAMS: [00:02:34] No! Okay, so, if he’s opposed in the primary, are you going to vote for his opponent?

BONNIWELL: [00:02:38] Oh, God, yes! Oh, anybody!

WADHAMS: [00:02:39] Really? Do you think anybody else can win that seat, other than Cory Gardner?

BONNIWELL: [00:02:42] I think — no–

HAYDEN: [00:02:44] No.

BONNIWELL: [00:02:44] But I think he can give him a little bit of a scare, though. I think he can kind of go, “Oh, wait a minute, I can’t drive anybody out [to vote].”

WADHAMS: [00:02:49] No, no, no, no, no! Can you — Is there any other Republican who can win a general election in 2020 — other than Cory Gardner — for the United States Senate? [It’s a] very specific question. Answer it!

BONNIWELL: [00:02:56] Is anybody going to have the money he’s going to have from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

WADHAMS: [00:02:59] I ask again, do you think–?

BONNIWELL: [00:03:03] If you give him the money — if you give somebody good the money of Cory Gardner–.

WADHAMS: [00:03:05] And who is ‘somebody good?’ I mean, let me hear this wonderful candidate.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:09] Who is somebody good? I don’t know. You know the Republicans.

WADHAMS: [00:03:10] Yeah! Gee, isn’t that intertesting? You can’t name the candidate.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:11] You! You ought to–.

WADHAMS: [00:03:11] Let me tell you, the future of this Party —. And I’ve got to tell you, I am frankly tired of people crapping on Cory Gardner, because –.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:20] Of course you are! Because he deserves it!

WADHAMS: [00:03:22] No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:23] And the truth hurts! The truth hurts.

WADHAMS: [00:03:24] Is he a perfect perfect Senator? No. But you know what? He has been there time after time. And if–.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:30] Was he there for the Republican Party in Alabama, when he threatened to take their vote and quash it?

WADHAMS: [00:03:33] Oh, for a guy who hits on young girls? Oh, you bet!

BONNIWELL: [00:03:33] Oh! [facetiously] Yeah, you don’t want that! No, you don’t want any heterosexuals anymore!

WADHAMS: [00:03:42] Geez! Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.


BONNIWELL: [00:03:44] Hits on younger women! Oh, my gosh! How about Elvis and everybody else?

WADHAMS: [00:03:47] Boy, I’m sure glad we’re we’re basing our decision on Cory Gardner on one state with a flawed Republican candidate.

BONNIWELL: [00:03:52] That he destroyed.

WADHAMS: [00:03:54] Thank God!

HAYDEN: [00:03:55] Let me — now — I get to talk!

BONNIWELL: [00:03:55] Well, thank God — that’s the Republican Party! The Establishment wants to destroy everybody that doesn’t go with their deal!

WADHAMS: [00:04:00] I want to know. You don’t like Cory. Tell me the person who would be a better candidate to win a U.S. Senate race in 2020. Who is it?

BONNIWELL: [00:04:08] I don’t know. Pick out some Nevilles!

WADHAMS: [00:04:09] Well, wait a minute! You have been trashing Cory Gardner for a year!

BONNIWELL: [00:04:09] Pick a Neville! Patrick Neville! Patrick Neville!

WADHAMS: [00:04:09] Patrick Neville? Are you starting the Patrick Neville draft program now?

BONNIWELL: [00:04:22] Yeah! He’d be great! You hate him, too?

WADHAMS: [00:04:22] I like Patrick Neville.

BONNIWELL: [00:04:24] No, you don’t!

WADHAMS: [00:04:24] I do, too. I’ve known the family for years. They’re neighbors of mine!

BONNIWELL: [00:04:25] [unintelligible] for you! You can’t stand him! You haven’t known the family for years!

WADHAMS: [00:04:25] I have!

HAYDEN: [00:04:25] How about– how about Tim? Tim–Tim — Tim needs a job.

BONNIWELL: [00:04:25] Tim has got lot’s of time on his hands. He’s a great conservative!

WADHAMS: [00:04:25] Well–.

HAYDEN: [00:04:35] Let me do this — and this has been very gray. And this is — But here’s my question–.

BONNIWELL: [00:04:35] Look at all the phones going!

HAYDEN: [00:04:35] I know! Because going forward and–. Here’s my question, Dick, which goes back to whoever — you know, Cory Gardner or whoever runs. And I agree with you, Cory Gardner is the guy in there now. To me it seems like a sales job. And tell me if I’m wrong here, but you have to find out these people who we know are the ‘yesses’ — those are the Republicans and are going to vote for the Republicans, right? Then you have the ‘maybes.’ And the way you do it in sales is you figure out what motivates you, and what are your objections. And doesn’t the Republican Party — since Trump is not going anywhere for a while — have to figure out how to reach out to those people and say, “Okay, I know you don’t like the President’s tweets. I know you don’t like Stormy Daniels. But what about this, this, and this?” I mean, is that impossible, or is that just not –?

WADHAMS: [00:05:22] No! But campaigns do that all the time. In fact, you have to tailor — how many times have you talked to me on the phone, and I’ve talked about how you have to run a primary in a way that can not only win a primary, but can appeal to those Unaffiliateds. And gee, we’ve done that before, Julie! We have! I mean, there are guys by the name of Bill Armstrong, Hank Brown, Wayne Allard, Cory Gardner, and Bill Owens that figure out — well, Cory didn’t have a primary but those others did. And I worked for every one of them! I know outside — and you have to be in a mindset from the beginning of the campaign about, “How do I win a primary while setting myself up for a stronger position to win a general election?” And what I keep hearing from so many on the right in this election, “By damn! We’re going to run as far to the right as we can, and then make us unelectable for the general election!” Darryl Glenn! I mean, think about all these people.

BONNIWELL: [00:06:13] He didn’t run in a general election! And he almost won! He came within 3 or 4 percentage –. And he almost won!

WADHAMS: [00:06:13] Yeah, but let me tell you, 3 or 4 percent is like an eternity to him.

BONNIWELL: [00:06:13] He didn’t even run! He didn’t raise any money!

HAYDEN: [00:06:13] This Is my turn to talk! Chuck! What about, though, doing it more the way the Democrats do? And that is, getting much more specific? In other words, finding marijuana voters — for instance — or finding charter school parents — people like that — finding gun owners. And you say, “Okay–.” Do you know what I’m saying? I’m not talking about these broader–.

WADHAMS: [00:06:40] You know, gunowners have been targeted for years, Julie.

HAYDEN: [00:06:40] Okay, what about charter school parents?

WADHAMS: [00:06:42] Charter school parents were targeted by the Owens campaign as far back as ’98.

HAYDEN: [00:06:45] I mean, now though, with the mail-in ballot situation, right? Isn’t there–?

WADHAMS: [00:06:45] Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

[00:06:45] Because I don’t want to concede. I don’t want to say we can’t win. I mean, can’t you do that? And you couple–.

BONNIWELL: [00:06:53] Well, get–.

HAYDEN: [00:06:53] Wait, let me finish! Like, the Democrats being — I guess somebody said — the ‘Island of Misfit Toys,’ right? But they found a way to work together. What if you were to take — I mean, I’m just asking, I guess, is this doable?You take a bunch of these issues that are somewhat separate but that a lot of different voters are going to agree on, and maybe care more about school choice than they do about Donald Trump’s tweets.

WADHAMS: [00:07:15] That’s what’s done all the time when we have a winner. What you’re laying out is what I’ve done a million times for these candidates, so that–.

HAYDEN: [00:07:20] Well, let’s put you back in charge, then.

WADHAMS: [00:07:20] Well, no. I’m not calling for that. But I — but what you’re saying is exactly how Republicans win in this state. And you can — if you can — you can go back to the campaign –.

HAYDEN: [00:07:32] Well, then, what went wrong this time?

WADHAMS: [00:07:34] First of all, it was extraordinary, this anti-Trump sentiment.

HAYDEN: [00:07:37] Yeah.

WADHAMS: [00:07:37] I know you want to play it down, Chuck, but it was real! And Unaffiliated voters cut against us. And there was nothing we could do about it.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:46] Well, how about identifying the faults of Mr. Polis? Could you handle that one?

WADHAMS: [00:07:52] [exasperated sigh] There were many, but they didn’t but they didn’t care. They wanted to punish Republicans.

HAYDEN: [00:07:56] Right.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:57] Yeah–.

WADHAMS: [00:07:57] I think this is still a fiscally conservative state, as you can see because the voters went over here and they voted straight down the Democratic ticket from top to bottom. Then they went over here and they killed education and transportation tax increases and they killed the oil and gas [measure].

HAYDEN: [00:08:10] Right, exactly!

WADHAMS: [00:08:10] So, but they wanted –. Let me tell you, this anti-Trump factor was a reality! And I say that not as a dete–. I think Trump has done more as president than anyone we’ve had before. But I also know when he calls somebody horse face, when he — why did he have to kick Mike Coffman when he’s down?

HAYDEN: [00:08:27] Oh, no! I know–.

WADHAMS: [00:08:27] I mean, why does he have to do that? Why does he have to personally insult and denigrate–.

BONNIWELL: [00:08:33] Because Coffman insulted him! He denigrated him.

HAYDEN: [00:08:36] But, here’s the point–.

WADHAMS: [00:08:36] He’s the President of the United States, Chuck! Why can’t he behave himself?! Why?!

BONNIWELL: [00:08:42] Because he’s not going to! It’s like saying Andrew Jackson — Andrew Jackson!

WADHAMS: [00:08:42] Well, you know what? And you know what? And if he doesn’t, we’re going to continue to get our ass kicked in places like Colorado.

BONNIWELL: [00:08:47] No, we’re not! We’re going to get our ass kicked in every place that betrays — that stands for nothing — that stands for NOTHING! Stands for open borders, stands for the the working class being destroyed, hates the average person.

WADHAMS: [00:08:47] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

HAYDEN: [00:08:47] I’m going to have to–. Gentlemen, We’re goint to have to–. Chuck!

WADHAMS: [00:09:00] You keep your head in the sand on Donald Trump!

BONNIWELL: [00:09:04] Yeah, right! Right! You keep on hating Donald Trump [unintelligible] in Colorado.

WADHAMS: [00:09:08] No, I don’t! No, I don’t, but I think Coloradoans deserve more from this president and how he behaves.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:13] He’s not going to change! He’s not going to change!

WADHAMS: [00:09:14] Well, you know what? Then gear up for some bad years.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:17] Well, we’re going to gear up — we’ve already had the bad years!

HAYDEN: [00:09:18] Shhh! No shouting! No shouting!

WADHAMS: [00:09:18] No more!

BONNIWELL: [00:09:18] Oh, it’s coming!

HAYDEN: [00:09:18] How do we –. But It seems to me –.

WADHAMS: [00:09:18] And for those of you who want Cory Gardner to lose –.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:27] Yeah!

WADHAMS: [00:09:27] — I hope you’re happy with yourselves if he does.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:30] Well, you got your Mike Coffman wish! You loved him, didn’t you?

WADHAMS: [00:09:30] Could anyone else have held onto that seat for six years, Chuck?

BONNIWELL: [00:09:37] Well, he held it for six years to what? To what effect? To trash the President! To trash the Republicans!

WADHAMS: [00:09:43] Oh! He Voted for the tax cuts.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:44] Oh! “He voted for the tax cuts!” The Chamber boy, he got he got to do the chamber mantra. How popular were the tax cuts? Not very popular!

WADHAMS: [00:09:51] Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh! We shouldn’t have done them, huh?

BONNIWELL: [00:09:52] No! We should have done them, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good campaign one.

HAYDEN: [00:09:52] Chuck! Retire to your corner. We’ve got to take a break.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:52] Well this is fun! I love this.

HAYDEN: [00:09:52] We Have got to take a break. And then I get to talk when we come back!

BONNIWELL: [00:09:52] Oh, no.

HAYDEN: [00:10:01] And phone calls are ringing, 3 0 3 6 9 6 1 9 7 1. Chuck, Julie, thank you very much Dick Wadhams, in studio, former Adams — [correcting herself] er, Adams– former Republican Party chairman here. We will be right back.

[00:10:17] [commercial break].

BONNIWELL: [00:10:17] All right! Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden, here with our good friend, Dick Wadhams — having fun, discussing the issues.

HAYDEN: [00:10:27] [laughs] “Fun,” being the– You know, just so folks know, during the break everybody was talking civilly and saying, “Well, what do you think about this? And what do you think about that?” So, both guys get riled up.

BONNIWELL: [00:10:35] But, give us the campaign — the winning campaign — for Cory Gardner in 2020 here in Colorado. What are the issues he highlights to bring all those disaffected people who hates Trump tweeting?

WADHAMS: [00:10:47] I think Cory will campaign on his record, which will be supporting the Trump tax cuts, supporting judicial nominations — which included one Coloradan, supporting the deregulation agenda that has spurred our economy. I think Cory has a strong record to run on.

HAYDEN: [00:11:00] How, though –. Wait! Let me finish.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:01] That’s his campaign?

HAYDEN: [00:11:03] No, how does it–.

WADHAMS: [00:11:04] Well, I haven’t talked to Cory [about] what he’s going to campaign –. I think that’s the –.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:06] But you’re hired right now by the official Chuck & Julie program to devise a strategy that you put together for Bill Owens. And I thought your one for Bill Owens was beautiful. Beautiful!

WADHAMS: [00:11:10] Yeah. Right, right.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:20] Give us that for Cory Gardner.

HAYDEN: [00:11:21] And how do you get around–?

WADHAMS: [00:11:21] I think I just laid it out! I think that’s [unintelligible].

BONNIWELL: [00:11:22] Well, that’s not going to convince anybody.

WADHAMS: [00:11:22] Well–.

HAYDEN: [00:11:22] Okay, then how do you then — that’s part A. Which is great. Then part B, right? How do you avoid — which I think, and I do, and Chuck knows this too — that there are people out there who didn’t like Donald Trump, and where they might have split their ticket before did not this time around. How do you address that?

WADHAMS: [00:11:40] I think Cory is in a strong position for anti-Trump voters to say, “I think I like Cory Gardner and I think he’s been an effective senator. I’m going to vote for him.”.

HAYDEN: [00:11:50] Okay.

WADHAMS: [00:11:50] And I think Cory –. Listen, I know that Cory has opposed the President at times. I think Cory has drawn enough of a separation from Trump on some issues to show that he’s not a total — he’s not totally subservient to the President. And also, Trump must like Cory Gardner because Cory was on Air Force One on the trip to South Dakota for the candidate for governor up there two weeks ago. So, they must–.

HAYDEN: [00:12:10] Right.

BONNIWELL: [00:12:10] He likes Mitch McConnell, too.

WADHAMS: [00:12:14] Well, he should! McConnell has done a great job in this session! .

BONNIWELL: [00:12:17] He’s been pathetic, just pathetic. Just pathetic.

WADHAMS: [00:12:17] Really? Really? Kavanagh? Gorsuch? The tax cuts? The deregulation?

BONNIWELL: [00:12:19] He got a couple judges through. Whoopee!

WADHAMS: [00:12:24] Oh, my god! “A Couple of judges?” “A couple of judges?”

BONNIWELL: [00:12:25] What happened to the wall? What happened to the wall? What happeened to the wall? What happened to the wall?

HAYDEN: [00:12:28] That is a good point. Chuck, I have to say, two Supreme Court justices–.

WADHAMS: [00:12:29] Oh, my god — a couple of judges. You’re right! [facetiously] President Trump got two judges appointed in Saguache County. Thank God for him! These are Supreme Court Judges, Chuck!

BONNIWELL: [00:12:29] What happened to the wall? What happened to tariffs? What happened to the trade deals?

WADHAMS: [00:12:44] Well, the tariffs are a mixed bag. Tariffs are a mixed bag.

BONNIWELL: [00:12:45] Huh? What are?

WADHAMS: [00:12:45] The tariffs!

BONNIWELL: [00:12:45] What don’t you like about tariffs? What about protecting American [unintelligible].

WADHAMS: [00:12:51] Well, other than they’re hurting Colorado farmers and ranchers and small businesses–.

BONNIWELL: [00:12:54] So, we should let China run over us?

WADHAMS: [00:12:57] I’m not saying that, but I–.

BONNIWELL: [00:12:58] Well, what are you going to do to stop them?

WADHAMS: [00:13:01] Chuck, there is a downside to tariffs. And if you can’t see –.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:04] I got — what are you going to do to stop China?

WADHAMS: [00:13:04] It’s nice for you to sit in this studio everyday! You don’t have to raise a family on the plains or in Colorado.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:04] I’m raising a family up in Westminster. I mean, –. And–.

WADHAMS: [00:13:04] Show me where tariffs are affecting you. I don’t see it.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:17] They’re affecting me because there are lots of people doing great in the United States.

WADHAMS: [00:13:21] Listen, if you’re going to spend all day everyday just crapping on Cory Gardner and just deciding that he’s a horrible senator, then I think you ought to challenge Cory Gardner iin a Republican primary, Chuck. And in fact, I think all of the people who are –.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:32] You still haven’t answered the question.

WADHAMS: [00:13:32] About what?

BONNIWELL: [00:13:32] China. How are you going to stop China.

HAYDEN: [00:13:32] Oh, wait! Chuck, let’s go back–.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:32] Wait a minute! Could you not — could you quit interfering?

HAYDEN: [00:13:32] No, because that’s not the point.

WADHAMS: [00:13:32] Oh, my god, Chuck! I’m not the trade representative for America.

BONNIWELL: [00:13:32] Well, you ought to be! Tell us the answers!

WADHAMS: [00:13:51] I am — I’ll tell you one thing, I’m far more concerned about Colorado farmers and ranchers and small businesses than I am [about] you and the Chinese. I didn’t know you were such buddies with the Chinese. Let’s keep going.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:01] No! You are the buddy of the Chinese, because you won’t do anything about it!

WADHAMS: [00:14:01] Oh, my God!

BONNIWELL: [00:14:04] You say, “Oh, yeah, the farmers in America! No tariffs!” Did you like that revsion –. You were against the revision of NAFTA, right? You thought NAFTA –.

WADHAMS: [00:14:04] I — I don’t –.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:04] You were neutral, didn’t care one way or another. Okay, see? See?

WADHAMS: [00:14:17] If you want to continue to seek out places where you disagree with Cory Gardner, why don’t you just –.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:22] That’s not hard. Here’s One of them: [plays audio from ‘Meet the Press’ interview with Gardner.].

AUDIO FROM ‘MEET THE PRESS’: [00:14:22] “Do you think it’s necessary? Do you think Mueller needs protection? Mitch McConnell does not. What say you, [unintelligible]?”

BONNIWELL: [00:14:27] Tell me, tell me why he supported the Mueller investigation! I can see at the beginning, you could be [in support]. But after it has been exposed as a total fraud? — as a total fraud! Why is he saying, “No, –“.

WADHAMS: [00:14:38] Do you really think we could politically survive cutting off the Mueller investigation right now?

HAYDEN: [00:14:42] No!

BONNIWELL: [00:14:42] Don’t cut it off! Dont’ support it! Just say, “I do not support the Mueller investigation. It’s a fraud!” It is a fraud! It’s a hoax!

WADHAMS: [00:14:48] Oh, we disagree on that, too.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:49] You think the Mueller investigation is not a hoax?

WADHAMS: [00:14:49] No, I think it’s horrible. But I don’t think we can cut it off.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:53] I didn’t say we can cut it off. He didn’t have to be supportive of it.

WADHAMS: [00:14:56] And I think that they’re –.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:57] Is it a hoax?

WADHAMS: [00:14:57] I think it’s a total dry hole after two years of looking for the mythical Russian collusion. I agree with all that.

BONNIWELL: [00:15:02] Yes! Yes! Okay.

WADHAMS: [00:15:03] But why go through the political pain of destroying it right now?

BONNIWELL: [00:15:06] Well, why does he have to say he supports the Mueller investigation?

WADHAMS: [00:15:11] Because you let it play itself out. It’s not really going — .

BONNIWELL: [00:15:13] But that’s not what he said! He said he supports the Mueller investigation!

WADHAMS: [00:15:13] Well, I do, too, because I don’t think that we should cut it off because of the political consequences. And once again, Chuck, if you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.

BONNIWELL: [00:15:22] I get when you guys think you’re tricky! I think, “Oh, this will really tell the Unaffiliated voters — if I say I’m for the Mueller investigation, rather than saying it’s a hoax and it ought to end, and being supportive of the President.

WADHAMS: [00:15:35] Oh, my god.

HAYDEN: [00:15:35] Here Is, though — I will –. Let me ask you this, Dick, because I do kind of agree with Chuck. There’s a fine line between — and sometimes I don’t understand why Cory Gardner does that, because rather than saying, “I support the Mullar probe,” couldn’t he — and why doesn’t he — say something more along the lines of, “You know, it’s been two years. They haven’t found anything.”.

WADHAMS: [00:15:51] He has said that. I’ve heard him say that.

HAYDEN: [00:15:51] Okay. Well, then let me move on back to my question, though, because I think — which is more important, because I think –.

BONNIWELL: [00:15:51] Well how is he going to–.

HAYDEN: [00:15:51] Wait, Chuck, let me–.

BONNIWELL: [00:15:51] Well, how is he going to distinguish himself — put enough space between him and the President for the next two years so all the unaffiliated voters in Jefferson County want to support him?

HAYDEN: [00:16:04] Well, it’s more the thing — How does he? Because It’s not just him. And he can’t — And I agree with you. Trump– I like Trump, you like Trump, Chuck likes Trump. There are people out there who don’t like Trump. And they don’t like him on the basis –and I think a lot of voters go with this — of style, not substance, right?

WADHAMS: [00:16:20] That’s what I’ve been saying, yeah.

HAYDEN: [00:16:20] But, how do you then — because he’s unlikely to change, right? He’s unlikely to quit tweeting things that you, like, “Why did he just tweet that?” But again, if you’re Cory Gardner, you’ve got your record–. I mean, how do you — if you’re a campaign manager, right, how do you do that? For instance, do you bring Trump in to help him campaign with you?

WADHAMS: [00:16:39] I think Colorado voters — I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. At this moment, that’s what I would say.

BONNIWELL: [00:16:45] Yeah. David Flaherty said he thought he should be brought in.

HAYDEN: [00:16:46] Although, he’s — he was also kind of — in fairness, he was saying, “We might as well, because we have nothing to lose.”.

WADHAMS: [00:16:52] That’s precisely — that’s exactly–. He said it, because we had nothing to lose at that point.

BONNIWELL: [00:16:56] Uh-huh.

WADHAMS: [00:16:56] I heard him. But listen, I’m not in charge of Cory’s strategy. I just know from what I’m thinking about. What I think is, I think Cory can put enough distance –. On the tariffs, now — I know Chuck loves tariffs.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:10] I love fair trade.

WADHAMS: [00:17:10] I think Cory will show that he has defended Colorado’s interests and disagreed with the President. Now, that’s not what — he doesn’t — Corey doesn’t have to call Trump every name in the book while saying they have a disagreement.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:25] Like “a buffoon?”.

WADHAMS: [00:17:26] That was during the election, Chuck.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:28] [laughing] Oh! Okay!

WADHAMS: [00:17:28] And gee, has Donald Trump ever called anybody a name? [facetiously] NO! I mean, my God!

BONNIWELL: [00:17:30] But you don’t like people calling people names. So why did you like Cory calling the President a buffoon?

WADHAMS: [00:17:40] I frankly didn’t like that. And I don’t think he should have done that, to be honest. And I bet you he regrets it, too.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:45] Yeah, well, who knows what Cory regrets. […] jck in a wild hour y’all some crazy anyway.

[00:18:03] I wanted to bring up a hurdle that I think we face that I can’t figure out a solution to. I’m a sidewalk counselor. Planned Parenthood and for the last year we watch people going in Bailey hunt them dozens of people going in with great big bags coming out and I know they were community organizing taken out you know campaign literature and petitions and all that sold the taxpayers pay Planned Parenthood right. Taxpayer funded to the tune of like a half a billion a year and then that money is used to do community organizing against our interests. How do we solve that.

[00:18:37] It’s not just there. You’ve got green foundations.

[00:18:40] I mean look at all the non-governmental organizations or their opponents got over it settled cases and then you had to pay a portion of the settlement to Democratic. Yeah maybe you have a humor Financial Protection Board which was taking out millions. The Democrats and I promise Jared Polis and all that. The Browns the law firm is just you know going up the backdoor this Brinks truck. Planned Parenthood is the most obvious one but there’s just there just a joke.

[00:19:08] How do you justify. How do funding you see a fight that you just.

[00:19:13] Well I know one thing when you remember the first executive order the owners issued after he got elected governor he cut off funding Planned Parenthood they got. And Jane Norton was the head of the Department of the health department. The Department of Health and she executed the executive order and it was done.

[00:19:32] And eight years later when Owens left office Bill Ritter The first thing he did was because of orders to be rejected by the next year. And that’s what you did because Bill Ritter was pro-life member Yeah yeah. And we saw that. So so that’s the that’s one of the consequences of losing the race for Leslie is right. No I think it’s I don’t doubt what you’re saying at all I think. I think that’s exactly what’s going on.

[00:20:01] So I wish we had a better answer for Trump. Maybe those brave Republicans like Cory cha cha like and Washington will say I’m not going to approve a budget that funds Planned Parenthood.

[00:20:13] But I don’t see him down there. Good. Good observation. Thank you.

[00:20:17] Thanks. Thank you. Take care. All right. Let’s go to Brad in Lakewood. Hey Brad.

[00:20:22] Hey Chuck. Thank you. I think you’re doing an excellent job of pointing out why I disagree withMr. Wonham Trump may be unpopular in Colorado but he also won Senate races in North Dakota Indiana. Hopefully Florida Missouri saw so. To blame Trump on this is inexcusable. Number two as far as Roy Moore when we lost Roy Moore we lock up for sure vote on the Supreme Court and vote to repeal Obamacare. Cory Gardner should have stayed out of that he should have said I would have to say I disagree withMr. Watkins and I agree with you.

[00:20:57] OK. You’re a great American a true patriot. Thanks for the call. Richard always agree with Chuck over the need for me to see him go to a gym in a little town gym.

[00:21:10] Good afternoon for change. So I got one thing there. My point is Mike Coffman actually beat a pretty significant guy last time around which is that Andrew Romanoff by two times or he gets beat. You get the women who think last time we used the same strategy with him that he used this time around it just didn’t work. Did you not agree that he didn’t change.

[00:21:37] No no. And we have said on the show to Mike Koffman fan necessarily but I think my coffin and Dick what do you think was probably doomed and you were in this cycle he did a great job in a Democratic area. I mean right.

[00:21:51] So so. So here’s my thing is he was I don’t know if you lose. But Rush Limbaugh was talking about what has changed in California from the last. You know when Ronald Reagan was there the demographics have changed right. The demographics are changing here in Colorado. The demographics are changing in Arizona. There’s nothing you can do in that situation where you’re a Trump lite or a Trump extreme. It’s still going to happen and those people those illegals those people will vote in a Democrat. You can’t change that. So what can we do to change this.

[00:22:27] All right. All right. Question Jamal to you. That’s exactly how much calm way we’ve been talking about.

[00:22:34] Well we’re talking about Colorado and I assume you’re talking about state of Colorado. We need to nominate candidates who run on a very specific agenda. That is a mainstream Republican agenda and conservative I’m not talking about running as a liberal that can win a Republican primary and then win a general election. And I still think Colorado is fundamentally conservative in terms of the fiscal issues. We saw that with the defeat of all these ballots so if we can get past this personality problem we’ve got with Donald Trump and there is one I mean you cannot look at the results and not acknowledge that and get things back on the issue. Let me put it this way. You’d think we would have lost the election of President Hillary Clinton was there.

[00:23:12] No we probably would have covered the same campaign yes the same bland no issue not Delport your opponent probably agree with you there Chuck.

[00:23:22] If we had I don’t think any campaign was going to defeat Jared Polis between his money and the anti Trump sentiment in this election I can’t go back.

[00:23:31] I didn’t think that rousingly three weeks could have been a lot closer and a lot closer means that George Brock as well that maybe we might you might you might be right about that if we had had a stronger campaign at the top and maybe it would have been lifted all boats underneath them a little bit. You would probably agree with you.

[00:23:50] I think the one thing and we’ve got to go to break it seems to me clear is that again they have to find a way to run a candidate nor am I agree. And you can’t run against them to find a way to do that OK. I agree with Julie Hayden Chuck Bonnie wall and Dick Wadhams in studio. We’ll be right back after this. Now back to Chuck and Julie here on Newstalk 710 KNUS.

[00:24:12] 248 here in the afternoon.

[00:24:14] Sunny skies sunny happiness here. Do you think one of them are having a great time here discussing all the issues. Let’s go right to the phones. We got some of the people calling in. And let’s go to Father you father. How are you doing.

[00:24:29] Me What a lovely afternoon. Of course I’m with you.

[00:24:35] And actually to to give get a clue. I’m an unaffiliated and all summed up in one sentence for six and a half years. The Republicans in Washington promised that they would repeal Obamacare and they had showboat after showboat and when the time came they didn’t. And it’s typical of the way they operate and it’s among other things for example if they were serious would was I don’t know whether it was a little Corie or not who pulled the money from my column but it was over a million bucks. She was serious about doing that.

[00:25:21] He would have kept it. Remember Cory put a blockade on judicial nominations until he got his marijuana one.

[00:25:30] He wouldn’t approve of them Corey had nothing to do with the decision by the by the PAC by the independent expenditure. I don’t care. He didn’t have anything there. So don’t blame for that Corey this morning on 25th day.

[00:25:47] Naturally we oppose him so he opposed the sun coming out this afternoon. I worry about that.

[00:25:58] The last thing you would have said would have been that Trump didn’t come here because we’re a mile high and he should be called to hear arguments you know incoherent.

[00:26:11] Let me make sure we get a lot of costs of just out is that come on go out and fight here for me.

[00:26:23] Let me make a couple of affirmative proposals out here. I was in practice. I was known asMr. thickset because when deals got into trouble people would come to me and I would have a solution. Here’s a solution a solution. Money Money is everything. Oh I’ll back up. I thought the interview with Ted Tremper the other day was spine chilling because he revealed how methodical and sophisticated and data sensitive these guys are. And it’s a daily proposition. My proposal is we need to have a. And I called in Tampa Tom Tancredo we withdrew. I basically called him the day after and I said we need to have a never again. And what that is is ordinary people like me and others will contribute over a period of time maybe we’ll have benefits maybe we’ll have Trump here for one of his 20000 person rallies and charge back saṃhitā but we will have money on our own to free us from the likes of Insha.

[00:27:41] OK thank you. Thank you. Well let me ask you this.

[00:27:48] I mean when you ran the Republican Party back in 2010 there were a lot of small contributors to what happened to that.

[00:27:55] Well I think there’s still there.

[00:27:58] We can we look at the work. There is none. There you see Phil and shoes. You see Larry Mize. And you see the Coors roll and then nothing.

[00:28:07] I mean there were there were quarter times I would say quarters where there was like zero tolerance.

[00:28:14] Yeah I can’t answer that question. What I do know is that small donors are terribly important. We spent a lot of time in fact every campaign I’ve run we spent a lot of time building those small donor bases of support. And it takes time and it frankly takes money to because you do a lot of direct mail to small donors. Many of them are older. They do not respond to social media and you do have to do it through direct mail which does cost money. Social media is becoming a better vehicle all the time even for Republicans to raise money. So I can’t answer what what happened the sneak preview here’s here’s a quote from Cory.

[00:28:49] I will put a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice that’s the one that is doing the Obama bidding. He will not allow one Trump nominee lust on until the Justice Department session lives up to its commitment to leave marijuana alone.

[00:29:10] Defending Colorado in the decision dealer no. Maybe you could be a friend. No support. I didn’t like them.

[00:29:20] Well look I mean it’s just the drug a drug that you guys disagree on. Cory Gardner Let’s go to Sherry in Lake Sherry thanks for joining check Julie entic worms.

[00:29:35] Hi. I’d like to make a comment. I heard Mr. Wadhams talk about President Trump as being kind of a boorish man and that’s all of our problems because heaven forbid he said that stormy Daniels was had a horse race or was a horse race. It made a comment like that. But when she was interviewed on I believe it was 60 Minutes. The comments that you heard from everyone is wow her eyes were jumping out of her head. What’s up with her that other name for heroin is horse. So maybe if you expanded your thinking there could be more to it than just an insult. She was also tattooed with the Nexium group up in Albany. So there might be a little bit more but you just want to think so small that oh this guy is really stupid. Look what he called the lady and I don’t think that’s really very fair very intelligent thinking.

[00:30:31] Thank you. Thank you. You got to know that.

[00:30:34] Well I think the bigger point was that there were. Well I mean I appreciate your comment but I think it’s bigger point was that as a candidate there are some people a lot of people in Colorado especially who do not like that. But I disagree with those people personally but there are.

[00:30:51] And as a candidate you got to do like but it’s gotten over it mostly to with I mean people who don’t like that.

[00:30:57] Well that would be even worse news though if all those undefeated voters really that they didn’t get that.