Chuck & Julie Show, Tim Neville, October 29, 2018

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Date:       October 29, 2018


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HOST JULIE HAYDEN: [00:00:00] So, We’ve been texting him all day long. He’s so busy, Senator Tim Neville, Republican running a tight race in Jefferson County. Hey, Tim, thank you for taking time out of what’s got to be a busy schedule for today.

COLORADO STATE SENATOR FROM DISTRICT 16, TIM NEVILLE: [00:00:12] You bet! My pleasure. [referring to a previous discussion about favorite bands.] Nobody mentioned the Allman Brothers though, huh?

HAYDEN: [00:00:19] No.

HOST CHUCK BONNIWELL: [00:00:19] Oh, yeah! Yeah, the Allman Brothers! Yeah, absolutely! Lynard Skynard, let’s do Lynard Synard — they’re dead, too!

HAYDEN: [00:00:22] You know — and I know, our son–.

NEVILLE: [00:00:22] Yeah, Lynard Skynard — yeah, but Allman Brothers are classics!

HAYDEN: [00:00:26] We have a 7-year old, and so he watches — probably — inappropriate YouTube videos all the time where they have a lot of the modern songs. So I recognize modern songs. I just –number one — can’t understand anything that they’re actually saying. And number two, [I] have no idea who would who did them. And they come and go so fast, but–. But, hey, listen, wanted to –. So, I saw Magellan Strategies released some of the turnout, as of this morning. So roughly 643,000 people have cast ballots. The Republicans are still leading by about 5,000. However, that’s off-pace compared to the last midterm of 2014. The Dems and the unaffilliates — unaffiliateds — are up a little bit compared to before — the 2014 [midterm elections]. So, once again, turnout is critical. How–?

BONNIWELL: [00:01:09] But you must be doing okay, because when I turn on the TV –.

HAYDEN: [00:01:09] You’re all over!

BONNIWELL: [00:01:09] Yeah! [They’re] ususally attacking you, telling you what a terrible human being you are.

HAYDEN: [00:01:09] Exactly! But that means you’re doing well!

NEVILLE: [00:01:09] Yeah, is that like ‘any press is good press,’ I guess?

BONNIWELL: [00:01:20] Yeah! Yeah, that would be stretching it, but that’s about it. But they certainly are worried about you, that’s for sure!

NEVILLE: [00:01:29] Well, you know, and I appreciate that. And based upon what their what their plan is for the state of Colorado, I guess they should be worried.

BONNIWELL: [00:01:38] Yes.

NEVILLE: [00:01:38] But more than that, we should be worried. And they could send them– yeah?

HAYDEN: [00:01:40] Right. Well, let me ask you this, because I — and I’m sorry [for interrupting]. But this is one of the things that made me think of you. So, I’ve been reading — Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks has been launching — well, he keeps trying to pretend like he’s doing surveys, but I think he’s asking his wife, or something — that people in Denver — overwhelmingly, he says — want to have these centers, like they have in some states, where people who are heroin addicts can go shoot up, right?

BONNIWELL: [00:02:06] In some states –.

HAYDEN: [00:02:06] That’s what he wants to have in Denver. So, some government funded agency, maybe connected to him — or, you know, some organization, a non-profit funded by the government who is his friends, I’m speculating –will be able to run this thing. But he needs the legislature to pass a law that would make that legal. So, he’s going to be lobbying the legislature. And I’m like, “This is exactly why we need people like Tim Neville in the legislature, to say, ‘Are you kidding me?!'” I mean, what these people will do to our state, Tim, it’s just — it’s worrisome!

NEVILLE: [00:02:38] Well, you know, I find it interesting that, you know, we get attacked on a number of issues. But the idea of actually taking San Francisco’s cue and putting out heroin injection site stuff is somehow a good idea? I don’t know what part of, you know, Albus has a different part of Denver than–. Of course, I represent, you know, a portion of Denver — southwest Denver. And I can tell you, I’ve never heard anybody say that we should have, you know, the state sponsored heroin shooting galleries in — in Denver.

HAYDEN: [00:03:06] [facetiously] Yeah, let’s just stick them there in the Southwest Plaza Mall, you know?

BONNIWELL: [00:03:08] You know, he’s always looking to — how to get an extra buck. I mean, he sold his soul out to developers, who want to destroy every neighborhood in his district. And so, why not sell out to heroin dealers? I mean, they’re — they have customers.

HAYDEN: [00:03:21] Cartels!

BONNIWELL: [00:03:21] Yeah, cartels! A cartel is always good for some money. So, Albus has got [unintelligible].

NEVILLE: [00:03:21] Well, You — yeah! No, it is frustrating. I mean, we have, you know, a law that was passed that made marijuana legal in Colorado. And we’re still trying to focus on how to make sure we control that. And then of course, you know, to have the left come out and say, “Oh, yeah! Let’s go ahead and allow people to bring in their own heroin, or whatever, and we’ll show them more safely how to utilize it, or whatever” — that that’s a good idea. You know, what kind of magnet would you want like that in your neighborhood?

HAYDEN: [00:03:58] Oh, right!

NEVILLE: [00:03:58] All you got to do is — all we have to do is look at where it has been tried, and has it made –.

HAYDEN: [00:04:02] Right!

BONNIWELL: [00:04:02] Yeah. Uh-huh, yeah.

NEVILLE: [00:04:02] Yeah, it hasn’t made neighborhoods better.

BONNIWELL: [00:04:02] No, it hasn’t made neighborhoods better, but it has increased the intake of the heroin dealers. So, that’s all –.

HAYDEN: [00:04:12] Well, you know, I saw a thing, too, like in Oregon, for instance. Now they’re trying to repeal their sanctuary city laws — right? — and their sanctuary poicy laws.

NEVILLE: [00:04:17] Right.

HAYDEN: [00:04:21] So, you’re right. I mean, you look around, some of the ideas that people who are your opponents and people are running against you are proposing here, they’ve tried in other cities and other states. And they have not worked. But yet, that’s what we’re going to get if people –. You know, I mean, I just — I wanted to do this because I just think the turnout is so important because, you know, Magellan Strategies — their poll — they’re saying, “Well, it looks like the Democrats might have an upper hand.” But they’re assuming that the Democrats are somehow going to surge at the end. And I’m like, “Well, wait a minute! We don’t have to — that’s not — you know, let’s not give up!

BONNIWELL: [00:04:51] Well, what do you see out there? I mean, I don’t see a lot of enthusiasm in Colorado, to tell you the truth, in the Republican Party.

NEVILLE: [00:04:59] I think people –. You know, Chuck, it’s a good question. I think people are very concerned. I mean, the one thing I saw 00 the best read I could get on things was going door to door. And we did a lot of that, thousands of doors. And you know, it’s it’s across the board. There are different things that people are concerned about. In Denver, you know — you mentioned Denver — they’re very concerned about their neighborhoods, and what they see as a, sort of a slow destruction. And this pretty much goes for the entire urban area that I represent, because I’ve got –.

HAYDEN: [00:05:26] Right, right.

NEVILLE: [00:05:27] Yeah, this this destruction of what they see as their neighborhood, for various reasons. Sanctuary cities, you know — the idea of sanctuary cities is something that is not popular out there, that I’ve seen, in my area. I think people want everyone to be treated with respect. But, I too believe that people want to see, you know, the rule of law and understand that if we’re going to make changes of those laws — whatever, whether it be immigration the federal level or whether it be laws at the state level –there’s a process to that. You don’t just, you know, have a politician decide, “Oh, we’re not going to enforce this,” or, “We’re just going to — you know, basically — ignore,” even their own safety — and the [safety] of their own constituents –that’s insane.

HAYDEN: [00:06:14] Right. And I think you’re right. That’s where I think a lot of people now recognize the sanctuary city thing for — which, to me, it’s like a loser for Democrats. I don’t know why they keep going there, because where it really comes out to play is in the court system, when people who are criminals are let free. And if people [are saying], like, “Well, wait a minute! It doesn’t make any difference where they came from. They’re still a criminal!” So, perhaps we should leave them behind bars.

NEVILLE: [00:06:37] Right.

HAYDEN: [00:06:38] Or, If we have another mechanism to keep them behind bars — knowing that they’re going to go commit more crimes — then let’s just go ahead and do that!”

BONNIWELL: [00:06:45] Well, do you see, you know, your own race as one of the five critical races? Do you have any feel–?

NEVILLE: [00:06:49] Oh, yeah! Definitely!

BONNIWELL: [00:06:51] Do you see where — are the Republicans going to be able to hang on to the Senate? Or is that going to be a challenge, given the gubernatorial race? Or where does everything stand, [with] a week ago, or so.

NEVILLE: [00:07:02] Well, I think it’s all — it’s all up to that turnout that you guys mentioned. It’s exactly there. That’s why we’ve just keeping our nose to the grindstone and making sure that we’re, you know, making those connections with voters as much as possible.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:15] Right.

NEVILLE: [00:07:15] You know, one-on-one, but also I have a lot of volunteers that have been making a lot of phone calls. We still have people out there that are walking. And we’re engaging, because you know when people start understanding the difference between what Democrat policies are, and if we lose –somehow lose — the opportunity to at least control one body down there — particularly the state Senate, what it would look like if you had total Democrat rule, it starts resembling California.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:42] Right. Well, we found out in Colorado in 2013. We got mail ballot elections, which favor Democrats.

NEVILLE: [00:07:50] Mm-hmm.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:50] We have gun laws — confiscating guns, everything else.

NEVILLE: [00:07:51] Sure.

BONNIWELL: [00:07:51] So, we got to find out how awful it was.

HAYDEN: [00:07:51] And they — and we wish we had not done it. So –. We’re talking with Senator Tim Neville, Republican out of Jefferson County in one of the tightest races, here. Tim, let me ask you this — and we’ll give you a chance here in a second to talk to people about how they can help you if they want to.

NEVILLE: [00:08:07] Sure. Sure.

HAYDEN: [00:08:09] Once again, Colorado has like 8,000 different things on its ballot, right? Everything from –in Denver, to a bunch of tax increases, to roads. Do you see any of those issues driving people — driving, at least, turnout at all?

NEVILLE: [00:08:23] I do, Julie. I tell you where I see the –. Of course, Proposition 112, I see driving driving turnout, possibly on both sides.

HAYDEN: [00:08:31] Right.

NEVILLE: [00:08:31] Of course, the Democrat Party of Colorado has come and — with their support of Proposition 112. And then it’s interesting, watching their candidates do this dance, to try to dance that back.

BONNIWELL: [00:08:43] Including Polis!

HAYDEN: [00:08:43] Including Polis! It’s like, “I’m for it! I’m against it!” It’s sort of like, you know, “I’m for it! I’m against it!”

BONNIWELL: [00:08:44] “It’s just what i proposed before, but now i’m against it because I’m running for Governor.”.

NEVILLE: [00:08:53] Well, what you’ll see–. You know, I tell people, I say even if somebody says, well, they’re not for112. Then, what’s the alternative? You know, daughter and son of 112 in the legislature? Death by a thousand cuts? You know, they love to pick winners and losers, unfortunately. And I don’t think that’s what what people expect out of the legislature. And that’s why it’s important that we maintain a balance in Colorado.

HAYDEN: [00:09:16] Let me ask you this: what kinds of issues — because this is — again, it gets back to why it is so important that we send you, and people like you, back to the legislature. What are some of the issues that you see them having to tackle — lawmakers having to tackle up there this year.

NEVILLE: [00:09:30] Well we still have to — you know, we’ll have to see what happens with the other big issues that are on the ballot, the highway funding.

BONNIWELL: [00:09:38] Yeah. Yeah.

NEVILLE: [00:09:38] And Uh, Proposition 109, I have been in favor of. We tried to do that in the legislature the last few years. We did get a bipartisan bill passed with about $580 million of funding, but it was only ‘one year only.’ When you take a look at what [Proposition] 110 asks for — 109 asks for it within the idea of ‘no new tax increase.’ And here’s the thing that I think people don’t understand: when we start talking budget numbers — and our opponents don’t like to talk budget numbers.

HAYDEN: [00:10:09] Right.

NEVILLE: [00:10:10] When you start take–. Yeah, when you start taking a look at the state budget, in 1999 that state budget was under $10 billion. By 2012, when I first got involved, it was approximately $19 billion. The last budget we passed last year was $30.63 billion.

BONNIWELL: [00:10:29] All right!

HAYDEN: [00:10:30] Whoa!

BONNIWELL: [00:10:30] Fun times, though!

HAYDEN: [00:10:30] And now, here’s the fun question: where are they getting that money?

NEVILLE: [00:10:33] Oh! From the taxpayers!

HAYDEN: [00:10:33] From us! Okay!

NEVILLE: [00:10:37] Yeah. I mean, it doesn’t matter — and some will say, “Well, some of that is federal money.” I’m like, “Well, who pays for the federal government — the fairy godmother?” No! Working men and women and families pay for that. And they also — you know, we have to take a look and see, when you look at how the money is spent. You know, people say, “Well, we need more money for schools.” Well, we provided more money for schools last year. And I do believe — unlike my opponent — that, you know, charter schools or schools that should be funded, too.

HAYDEN: [00:11:09] Right.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:09] Yes.

NEVILLE: [00:11:09] And It’s good to have options for parents to decide where the best fit is for their children for a good education.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:17] Right.

NEVILLE: [00:11:18] But we’ve had a 250 — it’s approximately a 250% increase in total dollars over that budget time that I talked about, 1999 to 2019. Now, when you take a look at the funding for roads and bridges, it’s basically flat, even with dollars. And of course, we’ve had inflation. And can I say, here’s the other big issue: people blame this — our opponents like to blame this on the Article X, Section 20 [of] the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. That’s baloney! That’s baloney.

BONNIWELL: [00:11:48] Right.

NEVILLE: [00:11:48] You know,we’ve seen an increase. And you guys know, sometimes it’s because various people in both parties have done work-arounds on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. But even still, you know, over this period of time, [there has been a] 300% increase in dollars. And when you take a look at the increase in population over that time, it’s approximately 35%. And there’s a 52 percent inflation rate. So a dollar in in 1999, it would cost you $1.52 To buy the same thing in 2018. But compare those numbers — which Tabor allows, okay? whicih Article X, Section 20 allows those for those increases. Yet we’ve increased that budget by 300 percent. And, oh, bless their hearts, it is still not enough.

BONNIWELL: [00:12:32] Just not — just a little too –.

HAYDEN: [00:12:33] They just need more money from us. Well, that’s the thing — well, let me just finish — that alarms me about this election. Because, you know, if, say, Jared Polis wins — hopefully, he won’t — you most certainly need, you know, if we can’t take the governorship, we need you guys in the legislature. You know? We need George Brauchler at the attorney general’s office. We need Wayne Williams at the secretary of state, and Brian Wats[on]– I mean, we need Republicans in there to say, “Whoa!” you know, “We’re not going to have universal health care starting next year!

NEVILLE: [00:13:06] Well, Juilie, I agree. We need, no matter what, the state of Colorado–. I believe in, you know, having a loyal opposition. You know, hopefully, it should be loyal. It shouldn’t be, you know, basically — I don’t consider the Colorado Resistance a loyal opposition when it says it’s just not going to work with anything. We’ve seen that in Colorado. We’ve seen where we can get both parties together to maybe not get exactly what you or I would want, or even what the Democrats would want, but some kind of a balance and actually tackle problems. When we had — in 2013, 2014 we lost that balance. And we paid for it. We had recalls and all kinds of other things going. And, you know, I don’t think the people of Colorado were extremely happy. So, I do think that that’s important to have that one — you know, have the state Senate where we look at things that are coming from the State House, and vice versa and we can stop –. And then hopefully you have people that, you know, take a take a deep breath, sit down, and do the hard work which is necessary down there — which often does get done — to actually come up with something that is workable for all of the people.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:20] Yeah, that’s right. You’ve got a Libertarian on the ballot. And it seems that the Democratic Party has done a good job of funding Libertarian candidates for — what? I don’t know how many races they’re in, but quite a few. Why doesn’t the Republican Party figure out how to fund Green Party people? I mean –.

NEVILLE: [00:14:33] [chuckles] Well, Chuck, I’ll leave that to the others that, you know, get into the deep conspiracies. But the one thing, you know, — I’ve got so many Libertarians–.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:45] No! There’s no question that the Libertarian Party is funded by Democrats. They like it.

NEVILLE: [00:14:49] Yes! No, sure.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:49] They like having candidates that will siphon off the –.

HAYDEN: [00:14:52] Well, the Republican Party has trouble funding Republicans.

BONNIWELL: [00:14:55] Yeah, that’s the answer! They can’t even fund themselves, so–.

NEVILLE: [00:14:58] Well, yeah. I don’t know, maybe — they always say we’re a bunch of rich guys or something, but I can tell anybody that knows my background and my family’s background, yeah, not exactly! So, but the one thing I can tell people–. People that are truly Libertarian, you know, you take a look and the idea of limited government and the idea of individual liberties — making sure that we’re addressing those individual liberties –you know, that’s that’s all I’ve done my, you know, pretty short political career, is focus on those individual liberties because, you know, you have to realize that no matter who’s in charge of government, it can overstep. And so, I’ve been pretty clear on that, whether it’s fighting for free speech on campus or to change the civil forfeiture laws, and some of the big issues that we’ve had to take on.

BONNIWELL: [00:15:47] Yeah. Yeah.

NEVILLE: [00:15:48] Yeah! We have got them done, too!

BONNIWELL: [00:15:51] Yeah, you’ve done a great job for that.

HAYDEN: [00:15:51] Well, Tim, where can people — because we;ve got–. You want to–?

NEVILLE: [00:15:54] Yeah!

HAYDEN: [00:15:54] Okay. Where can people go to help you? Where can they find out more about you? I mean, if somebody hasn’t been paying much attention, like, “Oh, wait! I’ve got to fill out my ballot now.

NEVILLE: [00:16:01] You bet. Well, they can go to — first of all, they can go to Just spell it all out. It’s N-e-v-i-l-l-e, forColorado –all spelled out — dot com to find out more information on our campaign. If they want to help, we have a campaign headquarters located over on 7961 Shaefer Parkway, Unit 300. That’s over in Littleton — unincorporated Jefferson County, as i like to remind people — less government. And we also — there’s a lady that helps us in the campaign, you might realize — or you’ve met probably, before — Barb Neville. They can call — they can contact Barb at Or, they can call us at 3 0 3 7 4 7 3 8 0 0. If they’d like to make calls or help out in any way, we’ve get a neat system. We can get them set up in a few minutes. And they can do it either from the office, or from the comfort of their home.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:02] Well, there you go!

HAYDEN: [00:17:02] There you go!

BONNIWELL: [00:17:02] Lots of opportunities to help.

HAYDEN: [00:17:04] That’s right.

BONNIWELL: [00:17:06] That’s great! Well, we wish you the best.

NEVILLE: [00:17:08] You bet!

BONNIWELL: [00:17:09] Yeah, we’ll try to get you on, too! That’s right. We’ve got to get you back in there. Thank you so much, sir!

BONNIWELL: [00:17:12] Thanks, Tim!

NEVILLE: [00:17:13] Well, thank you, guys. I appreciate it! Take care!

HAYDEN: [00:17:15] Yeah! We appreciate it, too. All right. Our thanks, though, to Senator Tim Neville, State lawmaker — Republican lawmaker — running for re-election in Jefferson County. And I wrote down all those ways, so if people want to call, I’ll give them to Dale, in case they’re interested.