Colorado’s Morning News, Darryl Glenn, August 18, 2016

Station: KOA, 850 AM

Show:     Colorado’s Morning News

Guests:  Glenn


Date:      August 18, 2016


HOST APRIL ZESBAUGH:   U.S. Senate candidate from here in Colorado and Trump supporter, Darryl Glenn, is on the line to talk all about it.  Good morning, Darryl!


ZESBAUGH:   Sorry, I should call you Mr. Glenn. Trump made some moves at the top of his campaign staff earlier this week which some analysts say is totally unprecedented as you get this close to a general election.  Does that concern you?

GLENN:  No.  And what concerns me is the fact that, here we are, talking about internal campaign dynamics, and we are –the media is spending so much time talking about that, and really not focusing in on the issues that people are concerned about.  And Mr. Bennett has been a major contributing factor to that concern.  I wish they would actually start focusing on that, for once.

ZESBAUGH:   Okay.  Speaking of – you mentioned Bennet, how about the other Senator — a Republican — Cory Gardner, who you would be working with if you win in November, he finally backed Trump this week, although he couched it, kind of, by saying, “It’s important for voters to vote for their party up and down the ballot.”  How important is voter turnout, obviously, in November, for your race?

GLENN:  Well, it’s important because when we start thinking about Colorado, we are unique –the number one battleground state, here, and what I consider in the country.  And people have a choice.  And when the media is trying to distract us away from the issues, I believe to people since January 2015.  And overwhelmingly, they are upset with their senior Senator, here.  When you think about the fact that Michael Bennet was the deciding when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal, the deciding vote with Obamacare.  You’re hearing the news that’s coming out about Aetna [withdrawing from the exchanges as an ACA provider], people are very upset about that.  And Michael Bennet carrying the water for the current administration instead of representing people here in Colorado.  That’s the issue.

ZESBAUGH:   If you win in November, is getting rid of Obamacare at the top of your agenda?

GLENN:  Absolutely!  And actually repealing this Iran nuclear deal.  And actually having a representative that’s going to step up and support Colorado, instead of carrying the water for the current administration.

ZESBAUGH:   We have got to run, but when you look at the latest Quinnipiac poll of swing states, just out yesterday, it has Hillary Clinton leading Trump by 10 points in Colorado.  Why do you think that is?

GLENN:  Well, again, I don’t really believe in polls.  I think that when you actually get out there and talk to people about the issues, instead of all the noise and the entertainment aspect of these things, and when you’re asking them, “Do you want to continue business as usual on the deal – Obama/Clinton/Bennet agenda — the one that supported the Iran nuclear deal and Obamacare, or do you believe that we should repeal these things and go in a different direction?”  That’s going to be truly reflective.  That’s why people are going to across this nation, and they’re going to back me.  So, throw out those polls.  We’re going to show how to win this race.

ZESBAUGH:   Mr. Glenn, thanks for the time.

GLENN:  Thank you so much!

ZESBAUGH:   U.S. Senate candidate, from here in Colorado, Trump supporter, Darryl Glenn.