Colorado’s Morning News, Mike Coffman, July 12, 2017

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Guests:    Coffman, Mike


Date:        July 12, 2017


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Action been so far. Is it too soon to tell well approached Republican Congressman Mike Coffman says he’s got a three-pronged approach to replace the affordable care act, and he believes it can get bipartisan support. The Congressman joins us live to talk more about the plan good morning good morning let’s start with the three prawns. The first has to do with Medicaid expansion. This is such a hot topic in Colorado were so many people, including so many children are on this program. What are you proposing over the border very very good Medicaid. A program with the new program created by this. The affordable care act and so I think there’s a lot of confusion of weld records are regarding created by revolt of the Congress because included is the repeal replacement of the affordable care act was all Medicaid program but but only the Medicaid expansion program was for able-bodied individuals without dependent children who are you are up 230% of the federal poverty line. They were sort new class of the was added but so my dear, first of all is let’s let’s take all the rest of it out. But let’s not deal with the disabled would children with seniors in nursing homes. Those were never part of the ACA should be a part of the ACA selects to deal with that one population in terms of reforming the object, the program that I believe that all of the guard 21 taxes and penalties in the global character. I think that the good those for higher income Americans that are impacting adversely impacting working middle-class families that are to be part of the tax reform debate separate from the healthcare debate and then lastly I think on the health insurance reform. Look be the promises of the affordable care act never changed it to light. It should will receive a skyrocketing increases in insurance premiums in these insurance exchanges are failing and so I believe that there is good that there would be bipartisan support that the Republicans or Democrats can come together and reformat part of the character did ultracheap to replace it with the new system and so I think there could be bipartisan support for that and so that is my message to Republican leadership you sent this in a letter to Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, what’s the reaction been so far. Is it too soon to tell well were two hours later and so I’m going to a meeting in about five minutes were all be presenting this idea towards the end of the meeting and so I idea I really think a meeting this there was a there there are things it does have to get done that we go to the market be able to get done and so deal both sides of throwing rocks at each other just doesn’t help the is the context there are things that problem quite frankly on the Medicaid expansion of it needs to revert back to 50% federal 30% state right now is neither good to go down to 90% federal level at a 90% federal 10% state that doesn’t make any sense. Where were paying 50% for able-bodied individuals: being the guided percent will be paying 90% there 50% for a disabled child talk we ought to bring that in line with the rest of Medicaid programs did say that if I think that that should be done through the budget reconciliation process I tax reform to the budget reconciliation process working at the filibuster, but I think that there would be supportive assented to get past that, to give out personal honor bipartisan approach to help ensure the health insurance part of the affordable care will best of luck to you a lot that you know makes your eyes, gloss over, there’s a lot of details it’s very complex enzymatic percentages anonymizing when it obligates impossible to do a little bipartisan. Just remember that one word you know exactly that. That’s my point. If you get anything past in a bipartisan way your your the huge success there in DC these days. My Coffman Congressman from Colorado. Thanks much for the time you uprooted