Craig Silverman Show, Jack Graham, March 12, 2016

Station: KNUS, 710 AM

Show:     Craig Silverman Show

Guests:  Graham


Date:      March 12, 2016


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[The following notes are paraphrasing and summaries of comments made during the remainder of this interview, which includes host Craig Silverman and guest Jack Graham]

HOST CRAIG SILVERMAN:  Where do you live

  • Fort Collins

SILVERMAN:  Where did you grow up?

  • Palo Alto
  • Mom was stay-at-home Mom
  • Dad was in the insurance industry INA – now Cigna
    • Moved on to entrepreneurial things

SILVERMAN:  Current family


  • Married to Ginger – best decision I ever made
  • Children:
    • John in Illinois
    • Ferrier
    • firefighter
    • Jaime in Jackson hole
    • Kaley –Cheyenne
    • 2 grandkids
    • 2 of my kids were born in MN
  • Moved back to bay area in 1982
    • For 15 years – insurance
    • Menlo park upbringing for kids
      • All three kids went to the University of Wyoming – youngest graduated from CSU
      • Other two kids are getting remedial instruction to hopefully one day achieve the goal of basic reading and writing

SILVERMAN:  You played QB for CSU


  • [talks about memories from his football career – specifically Florida State gamE
  • Doug Gearhardt – offensive coordinatoR
  • West coast offense
  • We led the nation in passing and total offense

SILVERMAN:  Class of ’75 – I really liked you as a player – then you went to NFL


  • Drafted by the Dolphins
  • Bounced around the league
    • Buffalo
    • Miami
    • Et al
  • Tough time in the NFL – the WFL had just failed and NFL were licking their financial wounds
    • It was hard to find a spot on the roster
    • I got cut 4 times – hard life experience

SILVERMAN:  How did you get to be athletic director at CSU


  • After 30 years in business – invaluable experience
  • It’s a business [atletic director at a state university]
    • Accountable to top line
    • Selling tickets
    • Raising money
    • Taking care of student athletes
    • I loved that job
    • We hired 90 coaches while I was there
      • Successful teams
      • Most gratifying – changing the culture – [later, Graham says he’d like to bring the same changes to candidates]
        • Insisting that student athletes
          • People of character –Represent the university well
          • They had to win – be competitive, give it their all, produce results
          • Be great students – academics
      • We were the biggest winning sports program

SILVERMAN:  Why did they let you go

  • It was a surprise to me…
  • My boss Tony Frank didn’t see eye to eye on a few things
  • He appreciated my work – acknowledged our accomplishments, but he gets to pick his team

SILVERMAN:  Was any of that a politically influenced decision

  • We don’t go into partisan politics – that’s a third rail in State university system
  • But yes, politics within any organization
  • The dynamics, the bureaucracies  are very difficult to work with
  • Collaboration is your goal, but very difficult – silos

SILVERMAN:  Where do you stand in the political spectrum

  • Well, I ain’t Bernie Sanders, I’ll tell you that
  • I don’t like boxes… every policy deserves a separate response
  • National security, balancing budget, — I’m fiscally conservative, balanced thoughtful
  • I’m insistent that we do it right, responsibly and deliver results
  • BALANCE the BUDGET – jobs!!!!!

SILVERMAN:  Policy by policy – let’s talk about it.

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SILVERMAN:  ESPN or news channels?

  • Up until 6 months ago I watched ESPN
  • Today – I watch Fox CNN and MSNBC

SILVERMAN:  What about talk radio?

  • KNUS doesn’t reach to Ft Collins

SILVERMAN:  Download the app – you can stream –


  • I’m downloading it right now as we speak
  • I humbly apologize

SILVERMAN:  What blogs or newspapers?

  • Wall Street Journal
    • Editorial page – Brett Stevens
    • Paul Gigio
    • Multiple sources of news is important
      • Washington Post
      • LA times
      • I read anything that comes along

SILVERMAN:  Stevens said Trump is anti-Semitic – he conceded that he had said it wrong – we had an interesting email exchange


  • I’m glad you did take him on… his analogy of Trump with mousillini was a stretch

SILVERMAN:  How do you feel about the Donald

  • We’ve been in lots of forums and informal debates
  • They ask me:  Will I support him if he is the nominee
    • Given short opportunities to respond
    • I’ll support whoever it is
      • In the landscape of HRC and Sanders
        • Her ethics are beyond belief
          • State department emails
          • Clinton Foundation conflict of interest

SILVERMAN:  Have you read Clinton Cash – documents the CGI conflicts of interest –

SILVERMAN:  Who is your guy for President?


  • I’ll support and work hard for whomever
  • Trump – I couldn’t be more supportive of “making America great again”
    • But he doesn’t come close to representing me
    • I expect a representation as people of character
    • Dignity
    • Class
    • Representation of all americans
      • Rubio doesn’t do that either  —
    • I want trump to make America great again AND be a person of character
      • I’ll coach him up
      • And I’ll tell him… I expect more of you

SILVERMAN:  The riots in St. Louis and Chicago


  • We can’t allow people blocking Trump’s right to free speech
  • Pundits say he’s polarizing  — as we see in Sanders/trump popularity it polls
    • I say that Obama polarized us
    • He’s created the Haves and the Have nots
    • The pro-business and the hate business
    • Not fair to pin the polarization on Trump
  • So important that we win this election

SILVERMAN:  Lighting round:

SILVERMAN:  Favorite CO politicians – current or former


  • Ken Buck
  • Mike Coffman

SILVERMAN:  Amendment 64 – legalizing recreational marijuana


  • Um, I’m sorry, give me some insight…
  • I’m very very concerned about it
  • CO= standing out like sore thumb
    • Adding vagrants
    • Higher crime issues
    • Mj is not a consequence free drug
    • I recognize the national movement, grassroots movement to legalize
    • I just don’t like CO sticking out the way it is sticking out.

SILVERMAN:  Would you repeal 64 –


  • You have to respect the will of the people
  • At the same time, the people of CO need to take a look at repealing it
  • I’m not going to stand in the way
  • Not a senatorial issue

SILVERMAN:  Pro-choice or pro-life


  • I say I’m both – I mean that in all sincerity
    • The sanctity of life is essential to me and my family
    • At the same time, I don’t feel entitled to impose my will on other people
    • I think women have the right to manage their lives and healthcare
    • Republican is the Party of:
      • Individual freedoms and liberties
      • Government doesn’t belong in our lives
      • And that extends to this issue
  • And I think there are some practical limitations around this
  • We have to defund the Gov’s participation in:
    •  funding abortion
    • Counseling
    • Even morning after pills
    • (in the context of Planned parenthood, obviously)
    • We need to restrict late-term abortions—very practical and sound limitations needed

SILVERMAN:  But in first trimester – you support a woman’s right to choose?

  • I do

SILVERMAN:  Guns – are you a gun owner?  What do you think about CO’s gun safety laws of 2013

  • I believe in the 2nd amendment – I’m a staunch advocate
  • 2nd amendment is fundamental to us as Americans  —  constitutional
  • It should be as unimpeded as it can possibly be
  • I am a gun owner
    • I have 6 rifles
    • We have a horse farm and ranch
    • The need for those weapons is an important part of running this place
    • CO gun laws
      • Unnecessary overreach

SILVERMAN:  What do feel about Muslims and Islam?


  • You know
  • 1.6 billion muslims in the world – the largest
    • 75% are peace loving
    • 15-25% have been radicalized
      • They do awful horrible things
      • They are the radical Islamic terrorist, between:
        • Boots on the ground
        • And supporters
  • Freedom of religion is fundamental to being American – I’m not talking about exercising religious choices
    • But the radical Islamist terrorists are not exercising religious choices when they behave that way
    • We have to defeat radical Islkam

SILVERMAN:  Are you a religious person


  • Very
  • Profoundly

SILVERMAN:  What religion


  • I was raised Episcopalian
  • My wife is Church of Christ
  • We’ve melded those two views together
  • We’re …. We’re…. we’re… we’re very devout Christians
  • And we seek to do the will of God every time we have a decision to make
  • Religion is a very important part of our lives, it is the center of our lives

SILVERMAN:  Will you self-fund


  • I’m not self-funding
  • I did deposit $1M into my campaign when we launched
    • That’s not enough
    • We’re raising more money
      • Looking for small donors,– small individual donations

SILVERMAN:  I saw the donation button on your website  — but it’s interesting you put up $1M of you own money – that’s serious money in my world.

SILVERMAN:  What do you think of the Iran Nuclear Deal?


  • That was the tipping point – that’s what got me into this race
  • In Dec 2014, I was asked to consider running,
    • By the time the deal was proposed (summer 2015)
    • And it was approached as “a deal at any cost”
    • And it passed Congress with Bennet’s support – that’s when I decided to get involved
    • Disastrous agreement that will have long term effects for us
      • $100-150 B released back to Iran
      • They’re buying weapons from Russia ($10b)
      • I’ve heard they’re funneling money into N. Korea – for their nuke program.

SILVERMAN:  Funneling money into Hamas
SILVERMAN:  I’m with you….
SILVERMAN:  I’m dedicated to defeating Bennet because of his vote on the Iran Nuke Deal
SILVERMAN:  Thanks and hope to see you soon.