Grassroots Radio Colorado, Kent Lambert, August 14, 2012

Station:      KLZ, 560 AM

Show:        Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guests:      Lambert


Date:         August 14, 2012

Topics:      Public Employees Retirement Association, PERA, Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Senate District 9, Walker Stapleton, San Diego, San Jose, Colorado Springs, Pension Plan, Social Security, Ponzi Scheme, Actuaries, Projected Returns Rate,

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CO SENATOR KENT LAMBERT: “I’d like to tell you what I like about PERA. It’s not Social Security. Social Security really is a Ponzi scheme. You’re taking from one employee or one worker and just giving it over to somebody else. In PERA at least we’re making some investments and having some growth to that retirement system.”