Grassroots Radio Colorado, Robert Ramirez, 2/17/12

Station: 560 AM, KLZ

Show: Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guest: Ramirez


Date: 2/17/12

Topics: Messaging, Taxes, Flat Tax



RAMIREZ: Romney, much like many Republicans, allows someone else to dictate what his message will be, kind of like a senatorial candidate we had last year….

HOST: Republicans don’t know how to message. They’re messaging sucks. In your mind, what can we do to change that?

RAMIREZ: You know, it’s not just message. The Democrats have a benefit. Everything they say makes somebody feel good about something in their life.

HOST: Yeah. I suppose that’s true.

RAMIREZ: When we say, we got to quit spending so much, we can’t take any more money to pay for those poor kids, it doesn’t sound as good. So we have our message–

HOST: Like Rollie Heath’s message–

RAMIREZ: Yeah. We have to say something more like, we need to spend the money responsibly to be able to help people the most, and not just waste dollars in places they aren’t helping anyone. But when somebody says, you’re trying to kill children, you have to say, that’s an interestingt comment. Honestly, we have to spend the money the best way to help the most people. So it doesn’t matter what they say, we have to, one, stay on message, and we have to keep the message in a positive arena, not negative against the other side. And that’s the key, positive towards our message versus negative against them. Negative doesn’t work.

HOST: …Morally, how much should someone pay in taxes?…If you are a successful contributing member of the economic class, a business owner, something like that, you’re at 30, 40, 50 percent. At what point is it immoral?

RAMIREZ: You know what, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1o percent, 50 percent, 30 percent, 60, the moral part is, everyone should pay the same percent. If you are making $100 per week, you should pay 10 percent. If you are making a million dollars a week, you should pay 10 percent.

HOST: I agree. I could not agree more, actually.

RAMIREZ: I don’t know an actual percentage, but you understand what I’m saying. It should be a percentage based on everyone. That encourages people to make more money and create more jobs.