Jeff Crank Show, Scott Tipton, September 15, 2012

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Date:         September 15, 2012

Topics:      Sal Pace, Third (3rd) Congressional District, Pueblo, Unemployment, Endorsement, Debate, Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Healthcare, Medicare, Senior Citizens, Cap and Trade, Canadian Style Single Payer Healthcare, State Legislature, Kefalas, National Debt, House of Representatives Budget, PDI, handicapped workers, Sequester Correction, Stimulus Program, American Dream, Military

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HOST JEFF CRANK:  I wanted to bring on Congressman Scott Tipton who is a good friend of this show and give him the opportunity –.  We also invited Sal Pace, State Representative Sal Pace, who is running against Tipton.  They recently had a debate.  I wanted to play one clip from that.  It’s a little bit hard to hear, but I do want you to hear it.  Um, it’s pretty interesting to see, but Sal Pace refused to come on.  He said he’s not – well, I’m not sure he even got back to us, but at any rate, always we offer for both candidates to come on, and Scott Tipton joins us.  Congressman, welcome!  How are you?

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE SCOTT TIPTON:  Jeff, [It’s a] pleasure to be with you.

CRANK:  Yes, well, good.  Well, thanks for being here.  Listen, I want to play this sound clip.  I hope that this works, but I want to play this for you.  This is you and Sal Pace at your debate, and you were asking him if he was going to vote for Barak Obama.  And it doesn’t look like he’s willing to say the words.  Let’s listen.

[from audio clip]

Tipton: Who are you going to endorse in the presidential election, Barak Obama or Mitt Romney?

Pace:  Congressman Tipton, I don’t think there’s any secret who either one of us is voting for.

Titpon:  Well, I’ll tell you who I’m voting for.  Who are you voting for?

Pace:  [inaudible]  You’re voting for the Republican, and I’m voting for the Democrat.

Tipton:  You’re voting for Barak Obama?

Pace:  Congressman Tipton, obviously I’m voting for the Democrat.  You’re voting for the Republican.

[laughter from audience]

Tipton:  [inaudible]  I’m voting for Mitt Romney.  We need to get this society moving [questionable transcription of actual quote, due to poor audio quality]

CRANK:  So, uh, very interesting moment, there.  [laughs with Tipton] Sal Pace wouldn’t say that he was voting for Barak Obama.

TIPTON:  You know, —

CRANK:  Interesting.

TIPTON:  We definitely continue to see this from Democrat candidates, actually, across the country.  They’re effectively trying to say, you know, ‘I’m really a Republican. I just have a D behind my name.  Wink. Wink.  Vote for me.  Bottom line is:  he is going to vote for Barak Obama.  He would vote for Nancy Pelosi to be the next Speaker of the House.  And he will be a liberal Democrat.  And he may want to couch and hide it, but that is the bottom line.

CRANK:  Well, and listen, let’s be honest.  I can go back, and I’ve been meaning to do this.  But, I had Pace on my show, and I think this was before he was a candidate, maybe right as he was a candidate.  He was a big defender. He was on my show defending Obamacare, and how great of a reform it was going to be.   He was defending the president.  Last time I checked, I was up at his office in the Capital, and he had a picture of him with Barak Obama.  So I don’t know why he wouldn’t be willing to say the guy’s name, if he’s willing to take a picture and have it displayed in his office.  Have you checked to see if he still has the picture of he and Barak Obama in his office up at the capital?

TIPTON:  No, we haven’t, Jeff.  But I’ll tell you what we have checked on.  This person who’s being deceptive with people that he says he wants to represent., he’s come out for even a more extreme program than Obamacare, calling for Canadian style single payer healthcare.  [He] supported the Kefalas bill in the State legislature, an extreme measure and takeover of healthcare in this country.   We’re going to continue to fight –as much as they may not like it, we’re going to continue to fight for that doctor-patient relationship, to make sure that we don’t have unelected  bureaucrats in Washington making healthcare decisions as far as senior citizens and he gives us a very clear choice in the 3rd Congressional District.

CRANK:  Yeah.  There’s no question about it.  Does he defend Obamacare now?  Does he defend cap and trade?  Does he defend this 5.5 trillion dollars of national debt that’s been wracked up by this president?  Or to this Solyndra green energy scam that’s been going on?  Does he defend these things?

TIPTON:  You know, interesting question, Jeff. We’ve been asking the same thing.  He will not give an answer.  He tries to run around the issues, just being deceptive.  And people deserve to know exactly where he stands. Uh, you know, he tries on the Obamacare, to say, “Well, you know, there are some good provisions. Well, Mr. Pace has served on the state legislature.  You don’t get to pick and chose.  You vote on the bill. He would have supported Obamacare, hurting our senior citizens, hurting healthcare, driving up costs, hurting Pueblo, CO.  PDI,  which employs handicapped individuals down in Pueblo Colorado, without a waiver, will have to go out of business, because they cannot afford Obamacare.  And Mr. Pace may not care about those handicapped workers or senior citizens, but I do.  eHwehHe needs to give a straight answer. When it gets down to the national debt of this country, he, like the president is completely bankrupt of ideas. We put forward plans, cut cap and balance, passed two budgets through the House of Representatives, still waiting for an answer from the United States Senate. They have no ideas other than “Business as Usual”.  We can’t afford it. We can’t afford Sal Pace.

CRANK:  Congressman Scott Tipton joins us.  By the way, the district that you represent includes Pueblo.  We have a lot of listeners in Pueblo, and so, while you don’t represent folks in Colorado Springs, I know you probably try and represent all people of Colorado, but you particularly represent the people of Pueblo, and I hope that they’re listening to this.  I mean, you’ve got a candidate in Sal Pace that won’t stand up and say he’s voting for Barak Obama, but let’s be honest, if he gets to Congress, he will toe the party line.  This is one of the most important things we have to do when we elect somebody to Congress, we need to elect somebody who has the intestinal fortitude, whether they are Democrat or Republican, to stand up to the party bosses and say, “No, I’m not going to vote for you, with you on this, because you’re wrong!”  And Sal Pace isn’t going to do that.  He’s going to get there and he’ll vote to uphold Obamacare, he’ll vote to help on cap and trade.  I mean, we know that that’s going to happen because he’s kind of a party guy.  And that’s what he’s going to do.  Scott, talk about that — how difficult it is sometimes to stand up to your own leadership when they’re wrong on issues.

TIPTON:  You know, I took to Washington the philosophy that you are not there for your party. You are there for the people that you represent and to do the right thing.  And, as you know, with the legislative process, you  get often faced with a lot of difficult choices.  In fact, we’ve introduced legislation to replicate what we have here in Colorado — single subject legislation, so that we have clear and direct votes to be able to deal with.  But the bottom line is, is that it’s a [inaudible] choice between supporting your leadership and doing what’s right and standing up for the people of your district. That becomes a very easy choice.  You’ll stand with your people in your district and the right thing to do. And, I think we’ve got a lot of people that carry that sentiment in Washington, and we need to be moving forward with it.  And people with ideas.  It was interesting during the debate, I brought it up. Mr. Pace never spoke to it.  But [the] effective 20 percent unemployment that we see now down in Pueblo.  We have people suffering.  It’s not about building bigger government.  It’s about getting people back to work to be able to create security for their family, to be able to build for their future, and for our children to be able to grow up in a country that you and I grew up in, believing that it was an American birthright to be able to have that opportunity to live the American Dream.

CRANK:  Well, no question.  And, you know, we talk– I’ve mentioned that I’m on the Obama Failing Agenda Tour.  We were in Grand Junction which is in your district just on Wednesday, had a big rally down there.  Look, we’re looking at a 1.7 trillion dollar takeover, government takeover of our healthcare system. We’re looking at 16 trillion in national debt.  Our country has really never faced bigger financial changes.  And, you know, to me, this is really about whether our dollar is even going to be worth anything, whether our homes are going to be worth anything, our retirement accounts.  We have such a challenge here in America that we have to elect people who have the intestinal fortitude to get this job done.  Your thoughts on where we are and where the President of the United States has taken us in the past 4 years.

TIPTON:  You know, In the last four years, we’ve seen the greatest run-up of national debt in American history, in such a short period of time.  We’ve seen unemployment.  We all recall, with the 830 billion dollar stimulus program which was actually over a trillion dollars, they guaranteed us unemployment would be down around the 6 percent level.  It’s going up!  You travel through the 3rd Congressional District.  I know that Pueblo’s unemployment numbers, over in Grand Junction, the real unemployment numbers are at 19.5 %.

CRANK:  Wow!

TIPTON:  We aren’t getting people back to work.  We continue to see regulations being proffered by this administration that are killing jobs. Secretary Salazar in the 3rd Congressional District has virtually shut down good paying oil and gas jobs, to be able to get our people back to work and particularly with what we’re seeing going on in the Middle East right now, to be able to create American energy security, right here on American soil, with American jobs and our own resources.  They are stopping that forward progress.   In an attempt to be able to divide Americans, this president is holding hostage the Sequester Correction, that we had put forward out of the House of Representatives which is going to hurt Colorado Springs, it’s going to hurt Pueblo, our state and nation, by diminishing our military, as well.  This is a president that has no clue in terms of actually leading, and we are paying the price of that right now, as a country, not only within the boundaries of our country but on the world stage as well.

CRANK:  All right.  Well, Congressman Scott Tipton, thank you for joining us today.  Uh, where can folks learn more about you?  What’s your campaign website, if they want to contribute to your campaign?

TIPTON:  You know, it’s at So, triple w, , Would appreciate that and Jeff, want to let you know, I really appreciate all of the  effort you go to, covering the Western United States, to be able to put out this message. This is a crossroads election for the country.  The choices that we make will impact not only our present, but the country our children are going to inherit.  And we need to stand tall as Americans this election.

CRANK:  All right, great!  Scott Tipton, thanks for joining us!  We’ll be back on the other side of the break with your calls on the Jeff Crank Show!