Kelley & Company, Scott Gessler, September 18, 2013

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Show:        Kelley & Company

Guests:     Gessler


Date:         September 18, 2013

Topics:      Elections & Voter Modernization Act, House Bill 13-1303, Recall Elections, Voter Participation, Election Integrity, Battleground State, Vote Fraud Bill, Governor Hickenlooper, 2006 Elections, Long Lines, Residency Requirements, Jon Caldara, Independence Institute, Intent, Implementation, November 2014, Candidate for Governor, Gubernatorial Race, Campaign, Margaret Chase Smith Quote (1948), Retaining Power, Vision for Colorado, To Be Determined Working Group (TBD), Colorado Brand & Logo, Economy, World Class Economy, Wyoming, Roads, Schools, Creativity, Education, Competitions, Graduation Rates, Canada, Public Safety, Nathan Dunlap, Reprieve, Chuck E. Cheese Murders, Early Release of Violent Offenders, Solitary Confinement, Honey Badger, Hobbies, Cross Country Bicycle Tour, Lance Armstrong, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic National Committee (DNC), Rick Palacio, ProgressNow,

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HOST STEVE KELLEY:  Talk about this new voter law….

SECRETARY OF STATE & GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE SCOTT GESSLER:  We got this new law that got implemented, geez, the last legislative session was when they put it in place. Prior to that, I can say Colorado had probably one of the best elections in the country. We had great voter participation, third best in the country. We had better election integrity than ever before. We had very few problems on election day as well. For a battleground state, that was pretty spectacular. So what the current majority in the Legislature decided after all that great success was, in my view, to basically ruin it, and so they passed what I sort of in some ways think is a vote-fraud bill. And the governor, despite my reasoned arguments against it, and I spoke with him about it, he signed it into law. And so we have some crazy things, like all the problems Denver had back in 2006 with the long lines. We’re going to double down on that failure. So they’ll rush to failure. Now apparently, you don’t have to live in the district in order to be able to vote there, which I think is just absurd.

KELLEY:  Explain that. It’s almost unbelievable….

GESSLER: What this new law says is, that you don’t have to live there. You just have to intend to live there. So you just intend to live there and you say you intend to live there then I guess that’s good enough. I think people actually should live in the district at least 30 days, well 29 days is what we used to have. At at least be a little bit informed and have a connection to there before they vote. Now I tried to pass a rule that said you had to live there at least one day. I think the judge was very wrong when he struck it down. We’re going to take another run at that. But the bottom line is, that shows how bad this law is… Big state-wide election comig up, and it’s going to be hard. But it just goes to show that the pull behind this bill really didn’t care about fairness. They didn’t care about listening to any other opinions except their own. They didn’t care about anything except, in my view a ruthless partisan power play. And that’s what they did. And when they froze everyone out, anyone who might disagree with them, they froze them out and refused to even talk to them about it. It shows you they were up to something, and you see the result. Apparently, you don’t have to live in the district anymore to be able to vote there. And that’s absurd….

KELLEY:  Are you expecting this to be nasty?

GESSLER:  Oh, yeah, you’re seeing it already. So, in the last week, I have been attacked by name by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC.

KELLEY:  Oh, that’s a badge of honor.

GESSLER:  I’ve been attacked by the head of the Democratic State Party here. I have been attacked by ProgressNow, which is a left wing group. I had a tracker, you know someone who took a video of me during my announcement speech last night. And so these guys have been attacking me relentlessly. I mean this is just over the last week. I don’t think they’ve done this for any other Republican at all. I think it shows ya that they’re scared of me. They’re scared of what I represent. They’re scared of their lack of vision and their lack of accomplishments, and the fact that they’ve shown to be failures. So they are going to attack me. They’ve already started. And I bet that will stay in place. But they’ve been doing this to me for the last almost three years, and they’ve failed. You know, the head of the Democratic Party about a year and a half ago called for my recall. For my recall, you need about a half million signatures. And the last I checked, and this is only a few months ago, the last I checked their Facebook page had about 59 likes. And so they only need four hundred-and-ninety-nine-thousand-nine-hundred-and-forty-one.

KELLEY:  I gotcha.