Peter Boyles Show, Laura Wood & Mike McAlpine, January 8, 2014

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Wood (Waters), McAlpine


Date:       January 8, 2014

Topics:    Governor’s Race, Hickenlooper, State Senate, Senate District 19, Pueblo Country, Victor Head, Colorado Springs, Recalls, Angela Giron, Senate President J0hn Morse, Dudley Brown, Loren Sheets (President of 285 Corridor Tea Party), Ryan Call, Libertarain, Unaffiliated, Republicah, Tea Party, Circular Firing Squad, Tom Tancredo,

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HOST PETER BOYLES:  Ladies and gentleman.  please say good morning, and what a tiger!  We fought through all the Evie Hudak recalls and then got to that very end and Evie Hudak, as we all know, tapped out.  She threw in the towel .  She quit.  And, of course, leading everyone to believe that you no longer – you know, you’re not voting for a candidate, as we were taught.  You were voting for a party.  And that’s what the Democrat progressive moment did here in Colorado.  Laura Wood and Mike McAlpine fought that fight here.  Laura joins us. Hey, Laura, good morning!


BOYLES:  Yeah.  I mean, when you guys were co-hosting there for a while, when we were right in the middle of the fight for Evie Hudak, and she gets to the very end and we were doing the imaginary Thanksgiving Day Parade.

WOOD:  Yes.

BOYLES:  And all of a sudden, we got the phone call that she, as we say, had tapped out.  She quit.

WOOD:  Mmm-hmm.

BOYLES:  We had an “I quit” match, and she quit.

WOOD:  It’s about the Democrats maintaining control.  That’s really what it’s about.

BOYLES:  Yeah, sure.

WOOD:  So, they forced her down and then appointed the “Mini-Me”.

BOYLES:  And so they have “Mini-Me” [Zenzinger] in there now, too.  Right.

WOOD:  Yeah.  Yeah.

BOYLES:  You know what I find interesting?  And no one talked about this.  There was always the, you know, “Evie’s gone.  One more round.”   And what it turned out to be is the Democratic Party – the progressives teaching Coloradoans that you just didn’t vote for her, you voted for them.

WOOD:  Uh-huh.

BOYLES:  And so they put in “mini-Me”.  Right?

WOOD:  That’s exactly right.

BOYLES:  I don’t know. And I love the Denver Post editorial this morning, with the legislative session about to begin, they hope for a calm session.  I don’t.

WOOD:  I don’t either.

BOYLES:  I don’t want a calm session–.  I mean, this idea of you know, making the R party the Party of “No”, or “We just want to get along” – I don’t want to get along with these guys.  [Introducing Mike McAlpine]  Mike’s with us, too.   This is Mike McAlpine, who is the other part of that team.


BOYLES:  Hey, Michael!  Good morning!   I said, I missed you guys, it’s like you guys were co-hosts here through the recall stuff, and it’s — Thanks to have you–  It’s good to have you back up.  But, you know, and I said the lead editorial in the Denver Post this morning  is they hope for a smooth quiet legislative session.  I don’t.  I hope there’s a war on at Colfax and Broadway.  But —

McALPINE:  Of course, they want everything nice and smooth.  They poked us in the eye, and they poked us in the eye, and now that, you know, they got us down, they just want to pretend that nothing ever happened.

BOYLES:  Mmm-hmm.  And after the recall – and Victor Head is coming up this morning.  And Vic was one of the guys in the recall of Angie Baby – Angie Giron.

WOOD:  Yeah, he’s a champ.

BOYLES:  He’s a great man! I’m a big fan of Victor

WOOD:  Oh, yeah!  Us, too!

BOYLES:  And so, with the three of you –with Laura and Mike and Vic, coming up.  So, you have an announcement to make on the Hudak – it’s not the Hudak seat, but for intents and purposes we’ll call it that.

WOOD:  Yeah.  We do!  Um, we do have an announcement on that.  You know, we worked really hard to get rid of Evie, and we feel now like it’s not over.  We need to go to the next step. And  we need to elect a constitutional conservative who will fight for liberty and freedom and our rights.  And, yeah,  I have a lot of people approaching me to run for that seat.  I really tried hard not to run for the seat.  I was looking everywhere for closed doors[???], a better candidate. And I couldn’t find one. And Joe Neville said to me one day, “You know, my dad says when you look in the mirror, if the person you’re looking at is the best person, then you need to run.”  And so, I have just sort of succumbed to the encouragement of my supporters, and I have decided it’s time and I’m willing to serve District 19.  And so I’m going to run for the Senate seat in District 19 – Evie Hudak’s seat.

BOYLES:  “My hat is in the ring,” as they said, right?

WOOD:  Yes, that’s right.

BOYLES:  Throw my hat in the ring.

WOOD:  Yeah.

BOYLES:  Umm, I’m thrilled!  Laura, I just couldn’t be happier.  Michael, your thoughts.

McALPINE:  I have never met a woman with such great integrity in my life.  Folks, Laura worked not just this recall here for us, she also worked down in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and last spring.  And, um, she was a rock star, a piece of granite through the whole thing.  And that’s the kind of person we all need in office, you know, these folks who say one thing and then trot on up to Capitol Hill and do something completely different.  That’s why we fought so hard to get those people out of office.  And Laura is the exact opposite.  She is exactly what you hear and see every day: smart, dedicated and principled.  And I  — we can’t do any better.  She’s fabulous.

BOYLES:  Mmm.  Let me ask you –by the way, as somebody asked me by email, has Hudak found anywhere to land yet?  Has she gotten a job someplace?

[McALPINE  chuckles]

BOYLES:  I really don’t know. Do you guys know?

McALPINE:  I don’t know.

WOOD:  I don’t know either.   Huh-uh.

BOYLES:  So, she’s – I mean, you can bet that she’ll get a gig out of this party someplace, or some education PAC , or something.  She’ll turn up.

WOOD:  That’s our guess

McALPINE:  She could be like Morse and get, what, $250,000, or 250 million, or she could be like Giron and you know, run for Secretary of State.  I mean, she has lots of opportunities.

BOYLES:  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah, just–.  Angie Baby’s – we’re going to talk to Victor Head, but Angie’s back.  So, I mean, it’s like – I mean, it’s almost like in those 1930’s Dracula movies or Frankenstein movies, you can’t kill them.

[both WOOD and McALPINE chuckle]

BOYLES:  You know, the next movie, you know, somebody pulls the stake out of their casket, and Angie Giron sits up.  You know?  It’s like, whoa.  And I expect Hudak – she’s—it ain’t over for her, either.  I mean, she’ll come back in the game.

WOOD:  No.  She’s going to surface somewhere in the party.

BOYLES:  Yeah, but you’ve got to play like Whack-a-Mole.  You know, like those games, every time the mole – POW!   You know, you hit it and it comes POW!  You hit it over here, and it comes back up again.

WOOD:  Unlike – yeah, unlike Whack-a-Mole, though, we’re hoping we’re going to win.  Because I never win at Whack-a-Mole.  So, we want to win.

BOYLES:  [laughs] Yeah, who wins Whack-a-Mole?  No one wins Whack-a-Mole!

WOOD:  Yeah.

BOYLES:  But, again, I think this is very cool.  This is Laura Wood and Mike McAlpine, and they were really –they took down Evie Hudak.  And I remember, boy, I mean, the Denver Post – no one liked you guys.  And the Republican Party.  I was at a dinner the other night, and some guy brought up Ryan Call.  He said, “What do you think about Ryan Call?”  And I said, “You don’t have enough time.”

WOOD:  [laughs]

BOYLES:  Ryan Call, the head of the Republican Party of Colorado, and how – these guys, you guys had the plague, man!  They couldn’t get – and they didn’t come around Vic Head, either.

WOOD:  Not until we won.

BOYLES:  Yeah.

McALPINE:  Yeah.

BOYLES:  Yeah.

McALPINE:  And Victor – maybe Ryan will look at it this time because Laura is a winner.  I mean, she has proven this, and you know, so far everything she has touched has won!  And she is going to take it in Senate District 19 also.  And so, part of our task is to go to Ryan and say, you know, when she’s ahead and taking the primaries and moving forward that this is your person.  And so, we’d love to have Ryan say, “You know, I’ve thought about it and you’re absolutely right.” That would be terrific!

WOOD:  It would be terrific.

BOYLES:  Yeah, we haven’t thrown enough rocks at him so I’m sure he’s going to go, “Yeah, you got that backing of that morning show on KNUS.   I’m your guy.

[laughter all around]

WOOD:  Well, you know, and I couldn’t be here without the help of a lot of influential people and I’m just really honored to say that I’ve been endorsed by the RMGO PAC, and Dudley Brown, and Loren Sheets, and this is the most humbling thing I have done in my life.  But it’s great to have solid, principled, honest patriots behind me as well.

BOYLES:  I think this is way cool.  And we heard about this the other day when you guys called.  And Laura’s hat is in the ring for the coveted Hudak seat.  And uh, you know, it has to put the chill in the progressives because, like I said, playing Whack-a-Mole, these guys have gone down a couple of time now because of you and guys like Victor Head.  So, I think it’s way cool.  I really do.

WOOD:  Well, thank you very much.

BOYLES:  And what will – well, when is it underway?  Apparently,  as we speak, right?

WOOD:  It is underway as we speak.  This is our announcement to the public.  Yes.

BOYLES:  I can’t wait.  I mean, — and so, how will all of this work?  Because we’re not — how long before this election takes place?  People want to know.

WOOD:  Well, the caucus will start on March 6th will happen on March 6th.  And so, at that level, it starts, and then we will go through the primary, and then the general election in November, obviously, if we make it that far.  But the focus right now is to get my name out there, my face out there enough so that we get the delegates at the caucus level, and get on the ballot.

BOYLES:  And this is one of those moments.  And there is a Libertarian guy, and I like him.  He’s been on the radio show. But he has to back away.  Um, or this is going to – this — that’s how Evie Hudak won.  How many votes did she take that seat by?  Like six or something?  It wasn’t many.

WOOD:  Three hundred.  Five hundred.  Something.  Yeah.

BOYLES:  Yeah, and it was principally because the Republicans splintered

WOOD:  Yeah.

BOYLES:  And that speaks to the Republican Party.  They – they’re the worst of the –.  Anyhow, so

WOOD:  You know, one of the things I’m passionate about, Peter, is uniting this conservative base, whether they call themselves a Libertarian, or a Tea Party or an Unaffiliated, or a Republican.  We need to come together and support one candidate.  And I am passionate about that, because if we don’t catch that vision across the country, we’re not going to win elections.  Period.

BOYLES:  And that’s what – the case that Tancredo’s trying to make now, about a series of debates, and they’re saying […].  But Tancredo’s trying to make that case right now.  Look, if we get into a debates – and by the way, he was willing to say, if you want to have a debate with John Hickenlooper and any of us, or have two former governors speak or talk to any of the other candidates, I’m fine with that.  But when you turn each other loose, and then you get some Denver Post editorial writer as the commentator, you’re gonna–.  You know, the Republicans will just rip each other apart. And the Democrats will wait and just lick their chops.

WOOD:  Yeah.

BOYLES:  So, everybody has to be careful right now, because there is too much at stake.

WOOD:  That’s absolutely true.  Liberty, our rights, freedom – it’s at stake!

BOYLES:  I agree!  Yeah.  And, um, like I said, the lead editorial in the Post this morning, hoping for a calm session.  Hell, I hope anything but! I hope they’re going to bust some chops!  That would be great!

WOOD:  [laughs]  Absolutely.