Peter Boyles Show, Tom Tancredo, November 15, 2017

Station:    KNUS, 710 am

Show:       Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Tancredo


Date:        November 15, 2017


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[The following are notes taken from the interview noted in the title of this page]

  • Boyles got a call from Tanc last night – 8pm – says, You know what happened today?  He was attacked by Karl Rove (“Fat Dwarf” “questionable character” “fat creep” “premier swamp creature”  “Bush’s Brain”) goes on a tirade—“disgraced former Congressman”  on national TV (FoxNews) Tom was constructing his reply:  “I don’t take moral advice or criticism from a guy who gave us false narrative that brought the Iraq war and chaos in the middle east”.  Fox still lies down for the Bush family.  Tom’s right – that bush crew got thousands killed and started ISIS.  Rove is a GOP consultant – called Tom “Disgraced”  — why disgraced?   I told Tom to use the word “Lie” but he opted for “false narrative”.  Let’s see what local news outlets do with this…. You know, they’re flat-out anti-Tancredo. We all know that.  Serious as a heart attack
  • Later: Peter attacks Suthers for his stance on VDARE in COSPrings – Peter says VDare is not white supremacist.
  • 8:10am 11/15/17 Tom Tancredo appearance – Peter recounts the phonecall from Tom last night (see above).  Peter plays audio from FoxNews featuring Karl Rove.
  • To tom: I was sleeping
    • I’m sorry
  • My friend, motorcyclist, mad-bomber, bon vivant, and Gubernatorial hopeful, TT
    • No matter how hard I try to keep a low profile
    • They keep finding me
  • Like that line in the Godfather – they keep pulling you back!
    • Politics – ugly and nasty – like that movie “Road to Perdition” when Hanks and Newman are in the basement arguing, and newman says, “Hey, this is the life we have chosen.”
    • Same with my life in politics.
  • Clint Eastwood movie – “Kid, we’ve all got it coming.” I was reading a book about FDR and the National Recovery Act – wonderful book.  And the bat phone rings – and Tom is calling to tell me about what Karl Rove said.  Rove is a contributer – he gets a paycheck from FoxNews – [plays audio from FoxNews] Pete says:  none of what he said is true!
    • It’s annoying that hes’ paid by Fox
    • What are his contributions? What is the value to his participation?  He has nothing to show for his work
  • He doesn’t like you!
    • Right after 9/11, I was giving an interview to WashTimes, and I urged the need for secure borders
    • And then I get a call from the white house – it was Rove, and he had read the article
    • He starts yelling, calling me a traitor. We yelled at each other throughout my entire commute.  Finished by telling me “don’t ever darken the doorway of the White House again.”
    • And we don’t agree on anything.
    • He considers me a traitor, because:
      • I attacked Bush on immigration stance
      • And the war
    • Karl Rove takes the money from Fox, and his role becomes blurred. He’s gunning for Bannon and you.  Is he stumping for Walker Stapleton?  Karl Rove is a weak little pit bull that mommy and daddy let loose in the yard
      • It is interesting that he pulled me out to attack, of all the lines of attack available to attack Bannon
      • I don’t know what prompted it – but he does have it in for Bannon
      • Bannon hired me at Breitbart, and I admire him. But he has never pressured me to run for anything.
        • But if he supports me,
        • And can help me win….
      • He came after you a month ago on Fox News also…. “Bannon’s Motley Crew of Challengers”
        • And I wasn’t even in the race yet
        • It’s going to be an interesting situation and race
          • It’s going to get so ugly
          • And you called it Peter, with your remarks about the nature of the race we’re facing
          • And it’s not comforting
        • Brauchler was on, and we said that every Gov since Romer seems to have a winky-winky life behind the PR glossy image. You’ve been faithful to Jackie
          • For 40 years
          • And she is really good at sucking it up for campaigns
        • She’s the best.
        • Now what happens?
          • Well, the best thing…
          • I’m certainly not going to let it go
          • If I hadn’t immediately responded – in the press or publicly – you have to go straight to the press. Rove didn’t expect that, when I did it after the commute call in DC after 9/11
        • He’s a bad guy. What do you think the local media and talk show hosts are going to do with this story?
          • No one else will call him out on this stuff
          • So I have t
        • [commercial break]
        • What will local media – the POST – do with this story
          • Nothing
          • They won’t run it
        • Bush’s Brain-= Karl Rove, Man he’s a mysterious interesting character
          • Ask the question: why is he doing this?
          • Because last time I ran, I was leading the R field AND Hick
          • And that’s when the RGA decided they had to play interference –
            • They would have rather had Hick
            • They respond to the polls
            • That’s what the establishment does
            • And the Dems don’t have to do anything, cuz the Republicans will do their dirty work
          • Money is a huge benefit in elections, but it isn’t always the ultimate determinant –
          • Does Fox see creepy Karl Rove as a bomb thrower who can come on, shit the bed, and then disappear
            • I don’t know
            • But it wasn’t an accident
            • I’d say the polls are indicating that I’m doing well
          • VDARE and Suthers made you into a spox for white supremacy
            • This will be the script for next 9 months
            • Tom’s a racist
            • But people who know me, and I know who I am
              • I don’t hold animus for color of skin or ethnicity
              • You’ll not find me supporting white supremacy
            • Reading an email from a listener: very insulting toward Boyles.  Lebsock is such a weanie.  Saying he feels threatened by an email.  He doesn’t know how bad it can get
            • We’ll be watching local coverage on this story