Peter Boyles Show, Tony Sanchez, March 7, 2014

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Sanchez, Tony


Date:       March 7, 2014

Topics:     Senate District 22, Andy Kerr, Masterpiece Bakery, Cake Shop, Jack Phillips, Gun Control, Evie Hudak Recall Effort, Tom Tancredo, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, El Salvador, Mexico, California, Evangelical Christians, Catholic Church, Conservative Values, Common Core, Colorado Academic Standards, George Orwell,

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[the following are notes from an interview.  All portions are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]

HOST PETER BOYLES:  Thanks for getting up.  Talk about yourself, your district, and we’ll talk about the fight


  • Senate District 22
    • Ken Caryl, Littleton, Lakewood, Edgewater
    • One of the key races in the state Senate.
      • Whoever wins, will probably decide the direction of the State senate
  • Self
    • Married 14 years
    • Management background in:
      • Non-profit
      • Small biz
    • Family is originally from
      • Mexico (father’s side)
      • El Salvador (mother’s side)
      • Grandmother
        • Half my size
        • Smoked cigars
        • “if you have enough energy to complain, you have enough energy to do.”
        • PB:  we had the same grandma
        • Also carried a machete, so Idon’t know about that
        • She’d often also say, “you should kiss the ground every day that you live in America
      • Grew up in San Franciso Bay area
        • Back then I was as RReagan used to say, a Republican who didn’t know it
      • Here in CO past three years
      • My values, passion about
      • I often tell ppl… when you lose your liberty, there’s no escape – not even the churches
  • That’s one of the reasons I got into this race
    • Loss of liberties
    • Serious problem:  ppl afraid to say who they are, what they believe
    • Last legislative session
      • If you don’t think there is something wrong, there is something wrong
    • The way to take back our Senate
      • Be bold
      • Be strong
      • Be proactive, not reactive

BOYLES:  I like what I’m hearing.  How old are you, Tony?


  • I’m 47

BOYLES:  That district is where Masterpiece Bakery is, ground zero for at least 3 or 4 different constitutional issues


  • Yes, you’re exactly right
  • Common Core, as well

BOYLES:  Talk about how you see Masterpiece and Jack Phillips


  • Some ppl want to twist this around, one way or the other
  • I see this clearly as an issue regarding his liberty
    • His constitutional rights
    • Oftentimes, you have to ask poiticians, “Are you going to follow the constitution or not, follow ppl’s liberties or not?”
    • Can’t be two sets of rules – for one group and not for another
      • If it’s unfair for one, — if you try to make things fair for one group,  it’s often  unfair for everybody else
      • This is a perfect example of it
      • No one should have to go through what Jack is going through
  • Talking the other day with a family, and little girl was talking about education and her school – Margaret Sanger school,  and she said she was afraid to say what I thought and believed
  • This is about too much government into our lives
    • Ppl are feeling like “you’re guilty before you’re innocent”
    • You see this in so many issues

BOYLES:  “Now we live in Government-centered Lives” – has its roots in the 60s.  what the gov. decides is best for you.  I’ve met so many ppl – in workplace and diff. parts of daily lives,– who are too afraid to talk, not of being arrested, but of being labeled by politically correct as racist… These people invent words like Homophobe and Islamophobe.  As [George] Orwell tells us, if we can control the language/the history, I can control all outcomes.  Like the little kids getting suspended or kicked out of school for making a gun with their fingers… the message isn’t for that little kid, the message is for all the little kids.


  • It’s a reflection of what we’re seeing in our society as a hole
  • That’s why we need to be bold, on the offense
    • We need to expose the other side for the extremists for what they are
    • Kerr is one of those ppl
      • Andy Kerr wants to abolish TABOR (Tax Payers Bill of Rights)
      • If it were up to him and his lawyers, he’d shove Amendment 66 down our throats.
      • He was a deciding vote in—[cut off by PB]

BOYLES:  Where is Andy Kerr on Jack Phillips and Masterpiece?  Has he talked publicly on Masterpiece and what he thinks about it?


  • I’m the only candidate in the race that has even brought it up
  • I tell people, boldly
    • Leave the cake shop alone
    • Get your hands off our guns
    • Know the Common Core
    • We’ve got to be bold and keep saying that stuff
  • PPL are surprised about my candidacy.
    • Bringing ppl together
      • Hispanics
      • Dems
      • Conservatives
      • Tea party
      • Libertarians
    • I say, “if you have ingredients, you got to the store, you know what you’re going to get. You’ve got ingredients”
      • You don’t keep  switching ingredients around
      • You’re consistent
      • That’s what people want
      • They want somebody who’s in touch
      • What we have now is out of touch leadership
        • We have common Core
        • Not Common Sense
        • They want genuineness.

BOYLES:  What do you need to get into this fight?


  • Need ppl to spread the word about what’s going on
    • Especially Common Core
      • Not everybody knows a lot about it
      • Don’t just accept what they feed you
      • Don’t assume that everyone is on the same page about this issue
      • It’s about defending our liberties – it really is
    • Ppl want to twist these issues around
      • Amnesty gets twisted into an Hispanic issue
        • No, it’s not!
        • It’s about do you want your rights or not?
        • Are we going to follow the rule of law or not?
    • There’s ways to solve our problems with regard to those issues
      • But you’ve got to be a problem solver,
      • Not a “problem talking abouter”
      • With some leadership, its about creating more fear
      • Or kicking can down the road
      • Or pass these laws and we’ll figure it out after
        • That’s what the downfall was in CA
        • That’s the kind of thing I’m seeing here in CO
        • I mean, if it’s not a good law, don’t pass it

BOYLES:  Whatever happens in CA is 3-5 years from happening here.  Tony Sanchez is running for SD-22, the epicenter for so many constitutional fights – he’ll be at Masterpiece with Jack Phillips… I don’t want to pull you into the argument, unless you want to jump in.  the Republican party served up this slate of candidates, who had nothing to do with the recall efforts


  • And I was there too

BOYLES:  Brother, I know you were.  There was only one guy who showed up – Tancredo.  I’m not trying to make him the end all and be all.  I never saw any of those other ppl.  It’s almost as though I’m in your corner for a 9 round fight, and in the 10th round some unknown guy jumps in, touches our opponent on the chin, and he drops.  Guys like you show up.  Tom Tancredo.  And all these GOP-served-on-a-silver-platter to the CO taxpayer.  Brother man, I didn’t see them there.  I don’t want to pull you in to that, because that’s not fair, that’s not why you came on the show.


  • Well, I often say  this about leadership
    • As a person with a management background
    • On another radio show I said:
      • Leadership isn’t about blaming and complaining
      • It’s bringing out the best in people
      • It’s you doing that work first
        • The first one there
        • The last to leave
  • We often blame and complain
    • When actually, what we should have been doing is celebrating
      • Encouraging the great work ppl are doing at the grassroots
      • That’s what I was doing
      • Saying this is amazing
  • When ppl want to run for office, and serve, they want to get married on the first date
    • You’ve got to be willing to serve,
      • What does the community need?
      • What is it we need to do
    • You have to establish relationships
    • You can’t just assume that someone will vote for you…. You have to EARN that… give them a positive message they can chose and get behind.  – vote FOR something
      • It’s not about “the lesser of two evils”
      • It’s about what’s “the best”
      • Not what’s good enough, not settling
      • Watching the Olympics, we want what’s best for society, for schools
      • That’s how we should be thinking
      • That’s why it’s important to get involved in the community and the community needs

BOYLES:  We’ll have you back


  • We’re having county assembly on [March] 22nd
  • We’ve been getting a lot of support
    • Great that ppl are feeling like we have a chance to take this back, take the Senate back
    • Delegates are all on board
    • Ppl are genuinely excited
    • Tea Party meetings with more than 100 ppl
      • In Littleton
      • In Lakewood
    • It’s just phenomenal
    • Ppl are waking up
    • Ppl realize that there is a shot at it
  • I just want to represent the ppl here
  • Website:
    • Great opportunity
    • I welcome any and all support here
    • It’s ground zero
    • They’re not going to give this up without a battle.

BOYLES:  Fascinating thing about the Masterpiece case.  After court found Jack Phillips, then the judge promised a fast decision.  And that was 3 months ago.  These guys are – I don’t know what they’ve got up their sleeves.  They have laws now to intensify the fines against Jack.  But don’t have the stones to step up and make their pronouncement of what they’re going to do to Jack.  I now count you as part of the team.  That if they move on him.  We’re going to be there for him


  • That’s right
  • I often say, “Are we going to follow the constitution, or not?”
  • Are we going to step aside if someone is thrown in jail
  • There are other churches and other biz around the community that are really worried about this.

BOYLES:  I tell ppl, when Jack goes, the next steps won’t be pretty.   The time will come,  And I don’t know if you’re a faith –based person or not—it’s none of my business


  • Oh, yes I am

BOYLES:  I could see walking into a conservative temple, or a Catholic cathedral, or an evangelical church and saying, “Well, you marry men and women, You’re now going to marry two men.”  And I’m in favor of gay marriage, and gay adoption.  But that’s not what this is about.

BOYLES:  This is about the government telling you how to believe, and what to believe.


  • That’s right
  • That’s what this is about

BOYLES:  If you thing gun control is about guns, you couldn’t be more wrong.


  • That’s right

BOYLES:  If you think Obamacare is about giving you better Healthcare, and if you think what goes on top of that wedding cake with this gifted, pretty simple baker is about whether he puts two men on top of a wedding cake, you’re not even in the same universe as what this is about.  So–

BOYLES:  It’s good to finally have you on the radio show.  We’ll stay close.  We’ll see what we can do together.


  • All right.  Thank you very much.