Ross Kaminsky Show, George Brauchler, August 12, 2016

Station: KHOW, 630 AM

Show:     Ross Kaminsky Show

Guests:  Brauchler


Date:      August 12, 2016

Topics:  District Attorney, 18th Judicial District, Elbert County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Lincoln County, Probation for Repeat DUI Offenders, Probation for Sexual Assault and Rape Offenders, Felony DUI Law, Mandatory Sentencing, Defense Bar, Aggravated Offenders, Violent Sexual Assault, Murder, Attempted Murder, Violent Assault with a Weapon, Mandatory Minimum Sentence, Vehicular Homicide, Mandatory Prison Time, Judicial Discretion, Boulder Judge, Work Release, Drug Felonies, Treatment and Therapy, Misdemeanor, Warehousing Addicts, Rehabilitation, Federal vs. State Government, DEA, Marijuana, Schedule 1 (Schedule One), 10th Amendment, Addictions, Marijuana Research & Testing, Criminalizing Marijuana Use, Ancillary Effects, “Travelers”, 16th Street Mall, Amendment 69, Limitation on Liberty, Homeless Population, Gang Related Crime,