Ross Kaminsky Show, Mike Coffman, September 18, 2017

Station:    KHOW, 630 am

Show:       Ross Kaminsky Show

Guests:    Coffman, Mike


Date:        September 18, 2017

Topics:     Governor’s Race, Tom Tancredo, Colorado GOP, Republican Party

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GUEST HOST KRISTA KAFER:  Congressman Coffman, I noticed that it has picked up — your stance on this, your working on this has picked up the consternation of Tom Tancredo, former Congressman, who thinks that you ought to be primaried because of your position. How do you feel about that?

U.S. CONGRESSMAN FROM COLORADO’S SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, MIKE COFFMAN:  [laughs] Well, it’s pretty interesting! Tom, of course, now is looking at running for governor. I don’t know why. Instead of —

KAFER:  Again?

COFFMAN:  Yeah, which is interesting. In fact, I was watching channel 9 online. Brandon Rittiman, in “Balance of Power” had a piece with Tom. And his entire motivation for – the catalyst for his running for governor was that Republican leaders in the state of Colorado did not stand up and speak out and defend a white supremacist group that wanted to do a conference in Colorado. I mean, is that really the role of the Republican Party?

KAFER:  I hope not!

COFFMAN:  It may be [for] the ACLU, or something, but not the Republican Party. But that is his catalyst for running! And so, I think it is more of, uh, entertainment value on his part. But – and I think it’s about retribution. I think that his running, I think, could in fact give us a Democratic Governor. And I don’t think he cares.

KAFER:  Yeah! He could be Congressman Polis’ best friend if he manages to get him in as Governor. I think the shame of it is, is that – I used to – I knew Tom a bit when he was a Congressman and I was a Congressional staffer. And he was working on serious stuff, like pointing eyes to the tragedy in Darfur. I think he handled the Columbine massacre very well. He was doing good things. And then, something has slipped. Uh, he’s no longer really doing good things. He’s doing odd things – which is unfortunate

COFFMAN:  Well, I think he misses the spotlight. He really thrives on the attention. And I think he’s bored. And, uh, this is one way – I mean, thisn is cheap entertainment for him. I think it will be awfully hard on the Republican Party.

KAFER:  Well, you know, — and I have been suggesting this to a lot of people, everybody from liberal protestors to, you know, people who are — I just think — in need of a hobby, like a good hobby, like woodworking, or crochet, or painting, or wreathmaking.  In fact, I’ve just kind of thrown it out there, that if people are in need of a hobby – a real hobby — I could teach any of these people to crochet. You know? And it could take him away from being the destroyer of the Republican Party to being just somebody who could put together a really good hat, or mittens.

COFFMAN:  [laughs] You need to work with him!

KAFER:  I’d love to!

COFFMAN:  Because I just think it’s – it’s just bizarre. And then, he just came back to register as a Republican so he could run for Governor. And so, — but with a crowded field!  You know, and if he can bring a certain element out, he may just do it. And let me tell you, the Democrats will support him in every single way. They did independent expenditures for him last time. I know he complains about – that the Republican Governors’ Association came in against him at the end. But that was only after the Democrats were doing independent expenditures for him, and sort of the “Todd Akin Thing”, that they knew that they needed this guy to be the nominee, not merely to lose the governorship but to affect the rest of the ticket. And so, they were putting money. So, the RGA really came in, really in response to them in terms of going the other way. But I just – boy! The Democrats will come in in a very big way for him.

KAFER:  Oh, yeah!  I mean, you put money behind the weak horse so that your horse can win the race.  And I – it’s, uh –. I don’t blame them. It’s kind of underhanded. But I don’t blame the Democrats for doing it. I just hope that the Republicans don’t fall for it, because there are some superb people out there — like George Brauchler –

COFFMAN:  Sure.  Mm-hmm.

KAFER:  –who would be an outstanding Governer, and who actually has a chance to win if he’s not sabotaged from within.