Rush to Reason, Susan Kochevar, March 16, 2016

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Show:     Rush to Reason

Guests:  Kochevar


Date:      March 16, 2016


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HOST DAN MUERER:  […] And also joining us this afternoon is Susan Kochevar, and she’s no stranger to radio.  And Susan is running for House District 29.


MUERER:  All right, Susan. Welcome to Rush to Reason.

KOCHEVAR:  Thank you.

MUERER:  So tell us, Susan, a little bit about your campaign and why you decided to jump into this race.

KOCHEVAR:  Well, I had been – I’ve had a few instances of fighting off government. I had to fight for my business, which is the 88 Drive-In in Commerce City. I had some regulations that just about put me out of business, and I had to fight for that. And I had the FBI try to search my house without a warrant, and I had to put a stop to that.  And then, the city in which I’m located just about ran me out of business and my customers helped put a stop to that.  And in the middle of that fight, the person that was running for my House District stepped out of the race, in the middle of the race.  And I had just about enough of this unseen and unelected giant bureaucracy that we have.  And so I stepped into the race.  That was in 2014.  I had half a race, $12,000, and I came within 1500 votes.

MUERER:  Wow, that’s pretty close!  You jumped in halfway, you said, right?

KOCHEVAR:  Halfway through.  Actually, a little less than that.  I think I had probably five weeks, six weeks total, to campaign.

MUERER:  Well it sounds like you have a lot of great reasons to jump in.  But I think it’s more for you than just the business side of it — just being persecuted by the business.  I think you have a philosophy on government that you’d like to see have happen down at the Statehouse.

KOCHEVAR:  Yes.  It’s all about principle, you know–the principles that are outlined in our Constitution, you know, property rights and individual rights, freedom to practice your religion.  All of those things are extremely important to me.

MUERER:  Well, you know, the government should not be – this is one of the things that scares me about Donald Trump — is that he’s used eminent domain, you know, like you and I would go to the grocery store.  I mean, he uses this thing all the time to get what he wants.  This is one of the things that bothers me about it, and if you want to argue with us on that, give me a call — 303-477-5600.  But you are under that kind of pressure when they were trying to — it wasn’t actually eminent domain.  They were trying to force you are by traffic laws, by crazy things like that.  Is that not correct?

KOCHEVAR:  Well, yeah.  And it wasn’t even – they were just trying to claim that we were a safety hazard, even though there had been no accidents in my area.  They certainly could have taken my property [through] eminent domain, and they’ve done that to so many people – just snatch their property.  And you’re right. Donald Trump does do that sort of thing.  He at one point said something about, you know, “Well, it’s a — government serves as a vehicle for me to use, for expanding my business.”  And that’s what we’re not supposed to do.  That’s called ‘cronyism’.

MUERER:  Yes, it — you are absolutely right!

PRESIDENT OF COLORADO UNIOIN OF TAXPAYERS, GREG GOLYANSKY:  If I could quickly interject just one thing–.

MUERER:  Sure.

GOLYANSKY:  While I do not approval of eminent domain concept, in general, I don’t think we should put all the blame on Donald Trump. I think we should put most of the blame on the government officials who are doing that.  Most of us would want government to give us things. It’s the politicians who bend to [the] will of – or [the] requests of the wealthy and influential individuals and do their bidding.  So, while Donald Trump did not do the right thing by trying to use the eminent domain concept to push out this old lady from her home in New Jersey when he was trying to build his casino, but let us remember that ultimately, the elected officials were responsible for pushing the stuff around.

MUERER:  Well, no.  You are right.  And the Supreme Court affirmed being able use eminent domain just to increase the tax base. Am I right about that, Susan?

GOLYANSKY:  Yeah, the Keilor decision.  But that was a lot later than that.

KOCHEVAR:  They did, but that I don’t think that– just because that vehicle is there, I don’t think it’s ethical to use it.

GOLYANSKY:  No, it’s — that’s what I’m saying.  It was the politicians in Donald Trump’s case who were using it for unethical reason[s].  In other words, to give you a parallel, I don’t blame welfare recipients for wanting to get free money.  I’m blaming elected officials for giving it to them.   They are supposed to represent us.  And they [are] instead just basically bribing some portion of the population to get their votes.  So, you know, yes.  The welfare recipients are behaving unethically by accepting free money that belongs to somebody else, really. But it’s the politicians who are ultimately responsible for making that available.  That’s why I’m — and hopefully Susan will put an end to that.

MUERER:  Well, yeah, you know, it is almost like a round-robin.  We elect the politicians.  Then they feed us – they give us the heroin or the drugs in the form of either welfare, eminent domain, or – in the case of the Iowa farmer, farm subsidies.  You know.  These kinds of things.  So we keep voting for them.

GOLYANSKY:  Exactly.

MUERER:  And it’s almost like everybody nowadays is on the take, in one way or another.  Even if you don’t want to be, you’re on the take.

KOCHEVAR:  That’s the problem.

[The following notes are paraphrasings and summaries of comments made during the remainder of this 3 hour show, which includes host Muerer, Golyansky and guest Steve Curtis.  Each speaker is identified by their initials.  Statements which are not identified by intials, most likely represent the speaker previously identified in the immediate previous statement.]

  • GG:  it’s a circle of people stealing from each other
  • SK:  it takes leadership to pull us out of that
  • It’s wrong
  • DM: in CO Statehouse we’ve been moving in the right direction, except for Establishment Rs—like VanWinkle getting primaried –  Kevin is a stalwart!!!
  • [commercial break]
  • DM:  susan you’re looking to uphold certain principles established by the founding fathers.  Glen Beck’s speech at CPAC – at the 30 minute (32:00) – [susan has provided the audio and subscribes to what is said]
  • [AUDIO:  indiv. Liberty, and a gov. prevented by law from interfering with us… that’s what made America great, and only thing that will make America great again.  … Liberty vs. Tyranny… leading cause of death was the governments (Socialist, Communist, Theist, Totalitarian governments) over the past century.  Gov. health plans and food programs – in the name of progress, and better good.  The American people were curing polio, inventing telephones, telvisions, encryption, lunar rockets… Progressivism and socialism, at the same time, were delivering death camps, forced starvation, gas chambers, forced abortion, and genocide… One thing we don’t need more of is gov. deal or gov. program.
  • DM:  Amen!
  • GG:  Shortages in Kiev were constant… the only thing that is constant is temporary problems…
  • Gov. is biggest threat to human existence
    • Even GW got it – “unreliable servant and fearful master
    • SK:  mm-hmm
    • Other CPAC speeches – we all know that the Gov is the problem – but What are we going to do about it?!~  They’re enslaving us….
    • SK:  every  American owes $1,006,000 at birth [acc. To Beck]
    • SK:  you have to elect candidates whose allegiance is to principle… the only way to cut this back – free markets and limited government
    • GG:  Rubio was supported by tea Party (Schlafly) and in first term, he turns out to be the worst RINO there is…
    • DM:  Same with Jeff Flake!
    • DM:  Who is the establishment?
    • Sk:  I think most people think the establishment is those who have been in the longest
    • The senator from NC – he never waivered…
    • GG:  the people who live at the expense of taxpayers – they are the establishment and they will take us to civil war to protect their interests.
    • DM:  Amendment 69 – AFP Foundation full day event – innovative, new alternatives are creating a revolution in health and wellness – Fantastic org!
    • SK:  I was at libertarian convention in CO Spgs, — I was keynote speaker
    • I have no libertarian in my race this time
      • Last election the libertarian drew 3000 votes away from me
      • Now I have to go earn them
      • GG:  You’re not a guy, you’re a very attractive woman!
      • Thank you!
      • SK:  We’re three behind the majority in the House, I hope to be one of the seats that flips.  And we have to hold the Senate as well (maj. Held by one seat)
      • Laura Woods, in my neck of the woods. (funny choice of words)
      • We need to hold her seat – very important
      • I don’t think she’s being primaried…
      • But I know that she’s been targeted for months and months now
        • Running Ads
        • And all kinds of stuff
        • But she’ll defend our 2nd Amendment
        • The dems want that seat back
        • GG:  Laura woods is very popular
        • But dems will throw everything and the kitchen sink at her
        • But luckily, she’s tough.
        • We’re going to hold that
        • SK:  Yeah, she is tough.
        • Who is your Dem opponent?
        • Tracy Kraft-Tharp –
        • 2nd term
        • GG:  I butted heads with her – she’s on a legal committee and when I was trying to pass SB 181 – she’s a lawyer and she gave me the cold shoulder
        • Susan, you’re not an attorney
        • No!
        • Small biz owner
        • I want to put a face on the people that legislation impacts
          • Law is made and then sent to regulation agencies for promulgation (make rules)
          • And sometimes, those rules absolutely destroy businesses
          • Douglas County school board meeting – with David DiCarlo (activist)
          • Amendment 69 – Colorado Cares
          • SK:   (@38:30) There won’t be a small business left standing if this passes
          • Currently I run a drive in movie theater
          • My people are part-time – I don’t pay healthcare for them
          • But this would make me tax them  — well, they pay 4%, I pay 6% on top of that
          • That’s a lot!
            • DD:  that’s a ton of money!
            • Introduced by Sen. Aguilar
            • Businesses will not be left standing – I’m not kidding about that
            • I’m not sure our state will be left standing
              • People will be moving here just for the Healthcare
              • People who aren’t even required to be working
              • They’ll be moving here and overloading our healthcare system
              • How are we going to attract new business???
              • GG:  it’s insane – they’ve got screws missing
                • It will essentially – the 21 member board will be voted on by ANY member of the system
                  • Illegal aliens
                  • Foreign nationals
                  • This is really really really insane
                  • Even Karl Marx would be embarrassed
                  • DM :  Here’s the scam – “Are you sick of Obamacare?  Sign here, we’ll get it fixed.”  [reads the opening paragraph from website]
                  • Jeff Hunt – new director of Centennial Institute – taking over from John Andrews – advancing faith family and freedom – Christian and Conservative worldview.  Annual Western Conservative Summit July 1st -3rd
                  • Religious Freedom – set of standards we need to live by – no homos!  They’re willing to shut down the entire college over it.  Christians aren’t allowed to practice their beliefs in these situations.  They try to shut down the entire Christian University over it.
                  • SK:  from my perspective, they’re taking away their own choice
                  • If someone doesn’t like me, I’d like to have the option not to patronize their business
                  • DM:  the left would prefer people were forced
                  • Susan Kochvar – candidate for HD29 –
                  • Yes
                  • Donations appreciated – especially early
                    • Get in front of voters
                    • Reach voters
                    • Videos
                    • Walking cards
                    • GG talking about the Fracking-Earthquake bill
                    • Legilsators (Salazar) don’t know what the lithosphere is
                    • We should start the rumor that Wind turbines cause tornados
                    • Only Xcel and American Indians can kill American eagles – (Me, Michael Lund:  so should we allow everyone to kill em?)
                    • Caller:  calling out Morgan Carroll for opposition to voter photo id bill
                    • Complete idiots

HOUR 3 at 40:40

Economic collapse

Economic activity will go underground – black market – wild west – shoot outs in the street

Like the gang bangers

  • SK:  Socialism’s sweet song – we can do everthing for everyolng
    • Gov. poisoning alcohol during prohibirtion
    • SK no new businesses coming in
      • They will leave
      • GG:  how many new businesses are moving into N Korea
      • Steve Curtis:  Business community will have to be wholesale against this
        • This is a plan that cannot be sustained
        • Doubling the cost of gov. in one election
        • We tend to do these things over time
  • So easy to make the case against this
    • I just can see this
    • The campaign against this, in my view, is so easy to make the case to vote something like this down.
  • I’d like to find out whoever, you know, was behind putting this thing, you know, on the ballot and just find these people and string ‘em up in a tree.  I think that would send the right message.  It’s about time that some of this nonsense just gets taken care of maybe at a different level than what we’ve done before. And I suppose, yeah,  I’m probably saying that a little violence, maybe, would be a good thing in some cases.  So I’m not going to back off of that.
  • DM:  Oh, you Trump supporters – you’re all alike:  “Just rough ‘em up!”
  • SC:  that’s right.  That’s right.