Steffan Tubbs Show, Cory Gardner, March 26, 2019

Station:     KNUS, 710 am

Show:       Steffan Tubbs show

Guests:    Gardner, Cory


Date:       March 26, 2019

Topics:      Second

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HOST STEFFAN TUBBS:  Light, but not light:  the bomb cyclone—how did your area get through that


  • Old timers talking about blizzard of ‘77
    • Yuma country didn’t get hit that bad – rain and that kind of stuff
      • No drifting snow
      • Roads closed
      • Could have been much worse
    • We’ll take the moisture we can get
  • TUBBS: Were you in Colorado
    • GARDNER: No, in DC
    • And wife visiting sister in Boston
  • TUBBS: National guard stepped up
    • GARDNER: Incredible
  • TUBBS: Big thing since we’ve last talked: the Mueller report and bill Barr
    • GARDNER: I had agreed that it was important to have:
      • Thorough
      • Truth is out there
      • And American people
    • Costly investigation over 2 years
      • 25M
      • Division in our country
    • I hope people are happy there was no collusion
      • But Russians will continue to try to influence
  • TUBBS: President has called this a witch hunt, you agree?
    • GARDNER: The foundational facts allow the people to see what happened
    • And it was fair and thorough
    • I’m not going to call it a witchhunt
    • And the president did not collude with Russia
  • TUBBS: McConnell wanted the Green New Deal
    • GARDNER: Socialist effort to control the means and production of our energy system
    • This would result in:
      • Thousands of jobs lost
      • Trillions and trillions
      • Mandatory unions
      • Free tuition and free healthcare
    • The people of this country don’t support
    • TUBBS: The DOJ is not going to defend the ACA – but hypocrisy on gay marriage.
      • GARDNER: Here’s what we need to do
      • Ds andRs need to recognize that the ACA failed
        • Keep your doctor
        • Lowering premiums
        • Plans canceled
        • Prices increasing
        • Didn’t meet the promises it was sold on
      • We need to expand risk pools
      • Sell insurance across state lines
      • Create association health plans
      • The Dems want socialized health care
  • TUBBS: Busy day in DC, the House tried to overturn the President’s first veto – 248 to 181, President declares emergency
    • GARDNER: I voted against
    • It is an emergency/crisis
    • That’s in the 1976 law
    • We do have a crisis that needs to be addressed
    • Ds and Rs agreed to $25B
      • And now they’re reversing
    • The midterms and the House majority were the cause of reversal
  • TUBBS: And they hate Trump
    • GARDNER: Yes
    • They’re obstructing nominations that should have bipartisan support
      • Bernhardt—from Colorado, and excited to serve
      • And we usually support Coloradans
      • But people are probably not going to look at his qualifications and just vote with their party
  • TUBBS: That ticks people off. This question from a listener.  You won’t dodge about a state issue.  The importance of Oil and Gas in CO.  What do you think of SB-181, after defeat of Prop 112.
    • GARDNER: I, as you know, have usually deferred on state issues
    • But this is very personal
      • I know so many people with good jobs, with good pay and health insurance
      • SB-181 is the Colorado version of the Green New Deal
      • This will costs jobs and serverance revenues
      • They’re trying to undo TABOR
      • And this is totally out of step with Colorado voters by the legislature
  • TUBBS: You want to be re-elected, yes?
    • GARDNER: I’ll work like heck to make that happen
    • I focus on getting the hard work done in the best interest of Coloradans
    • We need to get Washington out of CO
      • Veterans
    • In a little more than a year the voters will decide
  • TUBBS: Rockies?
  • TUBBS: I’m glad Jaimie was out of town – I respect your time
    • GARDNER: Thanks, Steffan,
    • Take care.