Wake Up! with Randy Corporon, Chris Holbert, May 4, 2019

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Show:       Wake Up! with Randy Corporon

Guests:    Holbert

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Date:       May 4, 2019

Topics:     Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education, Sex Ed, Strike Below, House Bill 1032, Charter School Institute, Religious Ideology, Gender Norms, Gender Identity, Condoms on Bananas, Explicit Sex Acts, Abstinence,

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CORPORON [00:00:00] For instance, I was sorry to see Republican support on the sex ed bill, but I understand — now that I’ve been provided some information — that a bill that was guaranteed to pass because it was a priority of the Democrats was made better by Republican pushback. And Chris, why don’t we — or Senator Holbert — why don’t we start with you on the sex ed Bill.

HOLBERT [00:00:22] Yeah. And I want to disclose, it’s frustrating. I don’t want to be a spokesperson for House Bill 1032. I don’t really want to talk about the good changes that happen because quickly people start to think that I’m advocating for the bill. I voted ‘no’ for the bill and I did what I could to force change. We thought we might have that postponed indefinitely. That’s legislative terminology for ‘killed in the committee.’ And then we thought we might be able to actually have it killed on the floor. But in the end, the sponsors decided to offer what we call ‘a strike below.’ That guts the bill, it strikes below the title the language that’s proposed in statute. And with a disclosure that, no, I’m not trying to call this a good bill, the good changes that happened were that both district charter schools and institute — Colorado Charter Institute — Charter School Institute, CSI — both of those types of charter schools get complete opt -out. The requirement for human sexuality instruction, that it not teach or endorse religious ideology or sectarian tenets or doctrine, that was removed from the bill. The requirement to employ gender norms, that was removed from the bill. And again, people might hear me saying these things and say, “Oh! Holbert is advocating for the bill!”  No.

CORPORON [00:01:55] The bill was going to pass.

HOLBERT [00:01:56] Yes.

CORPORON [00:01:57] But now all of these things are gone, including written notification now is required to parents for gender expression or gender identity programming. Some of these weird things that you know you have to actually go to Google to figure out what in the hell are these leftists talking about  –.

HOLBERT [00:02:15] Sex ed is is still optional. No school is required to teach that.

CORPORON [00:02:20] They can teach abstinence, still. And they were on it to stop that for, evermore.

HOLBERT [00:02:26] Yeah. So again, I voted ‘no’ ultimately on the amended version of House Bill 1032. Yesterday I did a little tutorial from the well and I’ve had some comments on Facebook. You can go out and find this video on Facebook, you can find it at the General Assembly website — the Friday, May 3rd session on the Senate floor. Senator Paul Lundeen went through some of the policy differences. I talked about the process differences, because I love to talk about that stuff. And if you’re interested in House Bill 1032, if you have a copy of that bill and it does not have a date stamp in the right margin that says, “Friday, May 2nd”–.

CORPORON [00:03:06] Then that’s not the current copy.

HOLBERT [00:03:08] –you’re looking at the wrong copy. Look at something that says, “Revised” or  “[unintelligible].”

CORPORON [00:03:12] Yeah.  And I want to keep it moving, but the most important thing — I think, maybe,– maybe not the most important, but [something that] people were concerned about — was that all language was removed that made people believe that teachers were going to be required to, for instance, teach kids how to put condoms on bananas –.

HOLBERT [00:03:27] I think I might have heard Peter Boyles say that.

CORPORON [00:03:29] Yeah. — and talk about explicit sex acts. That language is gone.