Caldara discovers I’m an activist!

I bumped into Jon Caldara at his stimulating anti-stimulus rally last week. I asked him if his pig reminded him of anyone. He said it reminded him of himself, with more hair.


He wasn’t so good humored later when he seemed to think it was a giant scandal that I’ve worked for Progress Now Action.


Later on his radio show (spotlighted by Colorado Media Matters), Caldara accused me of being an activist like him. Can you believe it?


How could I write a freelance media-criticism column for the Rocky and be an activist at the same time, he wanted to know. The same way he’s a talk show host and an activist. The same way his employee Dave Kopel is an activist (paid by Caldara’s own activist group, the Independence Institute) and is also a media commentator for the Rocky.


I think I’m beginning to understand why all these conservative talk show hosts think the reporters are lefties. Caldara’s fellow conservative talk show host Gunny Bob was also flabbergasted to find out I’m biased.


They must not be reading the newspaper very closely.


I have to admit, I thought Caldara was smarter than Gunny, but maybe they both don’t make the distinction between an opinion column like mine, found in the commentary section of the newspaper, and the news section, which is found in the front and is more popular.


Maybe Caldara reads the newspaper backwards, and so he thinks the commentary is actually the news?


At the Rocky, in my media column, I’m hired to critique the news from a leftist’s perspective. I try to be fair, and I write a disclosure when a client’s positions touch on something I’m writing about.


But I’m supposed to view the news from the perspective of the political left. Just like Caldara’s employee, Dave Kopel, critiques the news from his right-leaning perspective.




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