Tally of syndicated pundits

In my column Saturday, I wrote that the Rocky and Post do not run more columns by conservative syndicated columnists than by liberal pundits, based on my two-week analysis.

Some readers wanted to see my tally of pundits. Here it is:


Left, Leans Left, Center, Leans Right, Right
News 31-Aug NONE
News 1-Sep Dale McFeatters C
News 1-Sep Garrison Keilor L
News 2-Sep Amy Goodman L
News 2-Sep George Will R
News 3-Sep Krauthammer R
News 4-Sep Roger Hernandez LL
News 4-Sep Robert Samuelson LR
News 4-Sep Jay Ambrose R
News 5-Sep Martin Shram LL
News 6-Sep George Will R
News 7-Sep Ellen Goodman L
News 8-Sep Keilor L
News 8-Sep David Brooks LR
News 9-Sep Amy Goodman L
News 9-Sep George Will R
News 10-Sep Krugman L
News 10-Sep Krauthammer R
News 11-Sep George Will R
News 12-Sep NONE
News 13-Sep Samuelson LR
Post 31-Aug E.J.Dionne LL
Post 31-Aug Linda Chavez R
Post 1-Sep None
Post 2-Sep David Ignatius C
Post 2-Sep Bob Herbert L
Post 3-Sep NONE
Post 4-Sep NONE
Post 5-Sep Bob Herbert L
Post 5-Sep Rubin Navarrette LR
Post 6-Sep David Broder C
Post 6-Sep Maureen Dowd LL
Post 7-Sep E.J.Dionne LL
Post 7-Sep Froma Harrop LL
Post 8-Sep NONE
Post 9-Sep David Ignatius C
Post 9-Sep Neal Peirce C
Post 9-Sep Leonard Pitts C
Post 9-Sep Cal Thomas R
Post 10-Sep NONE
Post 11-Sep E.J.Dionne LL
Post 11-Sep Linda Chavez R
Post 12-Sep Froma Harrop LL
Post 12-Sep David Brooks LR
Post 13-Sep David Ignatius C
Post 13-Sep Thomas Friedman C


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