Sprengelmeyer and Abramoff

You may by intrigued by Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer’s ties to corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, as reported in the Denver Post here, here, and elsewhere.

But the Rocky Mountain News has a reporter who’s in Abramoff’s pants.

That would be M.E. Sprengelmeyer, the long-time Washington DC correspondent for the Rocky.

Sprengelmeyer told the strange story of how he acquired Abramoff’s exta-large pin-striped suits in a 2006 Rocky article

It’s a convoluted story, but here’s the gist of it: Abramoff is a unusually-sized man whose expensive suits were made by a fancy tailor.

Abramoff ordered a couple suits when he was making big bucks ripping off American Indians and others, but he couldn’t pay for the suits because he went bankrupt when authorities caught him.

The Rocky’s Sprengelmeyer, who was roughly the same size as Abramoff, snapped up Abramoff’s suits at a bargain rate from the fancy tailor in Washington DC.

So, situated in Washington and possibly even wearing Abramoff’s clothes, Sprengelmeyer is in a great position to find answers to troubling Abramoff-related questions that have popped up lately in Denver.

Was Schaffer or his staff doing Abramoff’s bidding in defending the immigration policies of the Marianas Islands that resulted in forced abortions and other worker abuse?

I hope Sprengelmeyer does everything he can to find out. The Rocky has some catching up to do.

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