What happened to Ewegen?

Bob Ewegen worked at The Denver Post for 36 years, in various capacities, ending his career there as an editorial writer and columnist.

He left in mid November without a word, no note, no good-bye column, nothing, poof, gone.

I asked him via email what happened.

I don’t want to comment other than the fact that I already told my colleagues, which is that I will start working with my daughter Misty Ewegen as a paralegal in January.  I’ve already signed up for classes in legal research and legal writing at CCD.

There are some personal issues here but I have written publicly several times about my diabetes, which I was diagnosed with in 1973, just a few months after I joined The Post.  Retiring at this time will help me focus on my health.  I have also considered for years going to law school after I retired from The Post and if I can regain my full vitality, that may yet happen in 2011.

I had 36 great years at The Post but now I’m able to give my family and grandchildren the attention they deserve.  I’m not ruling out a return to journalism at some future point but at the moment my health and family considerations understandably are at center stage in my life.

Best Wishes
I hope he left The Post happily, but you have to wonder. He seems like the kind of guy who’d say goodbye in print, given the personal details he throws into his column.
Let’s hope he continues posting on Colorado Pols, at least. How many people know much more about Colorado politics than he does? Weird as he can be, you have to appreciate him and like him.

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