The Denver Post quotes Norton directly!

After 23 quoteless weeks, The Denver Post ran a direct quotation from Jane Norton today.

Norton’s quoted words, which appear to have traveled from the Senate candidate’s mouth into reporter Lynn Bartels’ ears, in a two-way conversation, were first these:

“Coloradans are incredibly passionate because the direction of the country is wrong. The overreach of the federal government is absolutely unprecedented.”

And then these:

“I am a conservative. That’s who I’ve always been.”

The Post’s article referred to Norton’s newsworthy statements of late–shadowy stuff that should have been in the newspaper previously, but was left out.

For the first time, The Post reported that Norton called Social Security a Ponzi scheme and that she accused the Obama administration of caring more about the rights of terrorists than the lives of American citizens. It also mentioned her proposal to eliminate the Department of Education, which The Post had already reported but which her spokesman previously refused to discuss with The Post because he was asked about it on a “holiday,” 

That’s a huge step forward. Now Post reporters should query Norton about her basis for believing these things–and her other extreme ideas, including her reported support of a flat tax or national sales tax, which would amount to a major overall of the U.S. tax code.

The Post should ask where Norton how her thinking evolved on these issues.

Today’s Post article pointed out that Norton and the GOP Senate contenders are “driving as far to the right as possible in hopes of rallying the base and appealing to the Tea Partyers.” While some think Norton, who openly attacks Planned Parenthood, is trying to hide her right-wing beliefs, The Post’s article today argued that Norton “has to battle the perception she’s the establishment candidate.” This perception is fueled by her support from “powerul D.C.-lobbyist brother in law Charlie Black and others in the capital,” including Sen. John McCain, today’s Post article stated.




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