A “couple of months” later, we’ve heard nothing from McInnis about clearing his name

Just before Thanksgiving, when I was thinking of smoked turkey, I read in The Denver Post: “McInnis back on his feet, open to another office run.”

McInnis has his boots on again, I thought to myself. Who’s surprised, seriously?

But still, a couple sentences in the story made me scratch my head more than I usually scratch it when I read about McInnis.

McInnis, 57, said the truth about the plagiarism brouhaha will come out in some sort of public statement within the next couple of months.

“I realize some people say you don’t have any right to stand up on this …- (the researcher) was an older gentleman …- but we’re going to clear our name,” he said.

The Post’s Penny Parker, who snagged the great interview, in an subsequent interview with Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, said she called McInnis after the article was published to find out if he thought it was fair, and McInnis told Parker that he was ok with it.

I couldn’t locate McInnis at Hogan Lovells, because, you recall, he left the firm and moved to Grand Junction.

I tried calling Rolly Fischer, because it certainly appears, from the McInnis quote above, that McInnis has Fischer in mind for a star role in clearing up his name. A very nice person answered the phone at Fischer’s place Friday and told me he probably wouldn’t call me back because of the “situation right now.”

So I emailed Penny Parker. She replied, “I haven’t heard word one from him since he moved back to Grand Junction.”

So, the clock continues to tick, and the Big Question hangs out there:

How in the world will McInnis clear up this bee-sting-like plagiarism misunderstanding and when will he do it?

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