Blog’s source for Hancock Story was a “chain of people”

Here’s something for your Sunday amusement: Complete Colorado’s Todd Shepherd telling Jon Caldara about his sources for the allegation that “Michael Handcock’s” name and cell-phone number were listed on the client list of Denver Players, a prostitution ring.

You don’t need to be an journalism professor to know that Shepherd had nothing close to credible sources. No surprise there. But, it’s worse, as you can see below. You’d like to think an intelligent guy like Shepherd would have checked his conscience before dropping this kind of junk on his blog.

Shepherd is talking to Caldara on KBDI, Channel 12, June 17, on “Devil’s Advocate,” a show is hosted by Caldara and underwritten mostly by  the Caldara’s Independence Institute.

Caldara: Where did you get this story?….

Shepherd: You know, the way the story came to me is really, it’s something I can’t disclose because it’s part of what corroborated what, again, I had a source that showed me documents of this prostitution ring, essentially the customer log and appointment sheets. But, the way, the chain of people as it worked its way to me, is part of, I can’t disclose those names, because in essence they were able to disclose other key points of information that essentially corroborated everything that my source was ultimately going to tell me.

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