Boyles’ tweet suggests high-tech killing gun as immigration reform

I was kinda scared to see what KHOW talk-radio host Peter Boyles would suggest for “immigration reform,” but I clicked the link he attached to his tweet below:

Talk Radio 630 K-HOW@630khow

What would be wrong with using these for immigration reform? ~Pete LINK

And look where Boyles’ link leads, to this photo on his show’s page on the KHOW website. It appears just above “Obama Timeline — Part I And II,” which I didn’t look at:

Does it make you want to follow Boyles on Twitter, too?

If you do, or if you listen to his show, you find a guy who used to be hard to classify on the left-right scale–socially liberal and anti-establishment, pop.

He remains anti-establishment, which you admire sometimes if you hear him, but he’s been veering steadily to the Republican right in recent years as he’s glued himself to the birther issue, especially. But he’s also anti-undocumented immigrant, anti-Muslim, even anti-Denver Post.

So at the end of the day it’s sad to see this kind of image on Boyles’ website, sad for him, and sad for undocumented people who will feel the hate, and potential violence, that Boyles is whipping up against them.

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