KNUS host Kelley was being “flip” when he said he’s “not sure” his show will continue

You expect some conservative political organizations to shut down post election, but what about conservative talk radio shows?

I’ve wondered, because some  of them seem like part of the GOP political machine, blasting the same lines into the echo chamber that you hear from Republican candidates.

Going all out, KNUS’ morning host Steve Kelley even swung in a swing for 32 hours just before the election, prior to Romney’s big rally at Fiddler’s Green, breaking a record in the Guiness Book of World Records and trying, unsuccessfully, to swing the vote to Romney in the swing state of Colorado.

After putting his butt on the line like that, I was surprised to hear Kelley say KNUS (710 AM) might be considering putting his butt on the street by canceling the show.

“If you like the show,” Kelley told listeners Tuesday during his Kelley and Company morning show, “tell the management, because we’re not sure we’re going to continue.”

Asked about the ominous statement, Kelley said he was being “flip.”

“It’s a flip statement, of course,” Kelley told me. “I hope we can be viable. We’re not doing badly, but we’ve got work to do still. I’m recovering from two years of unemployment and blowing through my 401K just to survive.”

“My point is this,” said Kelley, whose best known in Denver for his long stint at KOA radio. “I’m a victim of the poor economy in a substantive way. I’ve been on the good side of things when money was not a big deal, and now I’m pay check to pay check.”

“It’s a politically oriented station, but the reason I’m on the air is to hit all fields,” he said. “If we talk about something other than politics, that’s good for me too.”

“Where we couldn’t borrow a phone call a year ago, we’re full lines now.”

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