Radio show illuminates, that, for GOP, the road to diversity is rough

On KLZ’s Grassroots Radio Colorado , State Representatives Chris Holbert and newly elected Justin Everett said they and their allies have no interest in compromising on civil unions during the upcoming legislative session.

A caller asked the two GOP lawmakers, who was guest-hosting for regulars Jason Worley and Ken Clark, if the new Republicans at the state Capitol would fight harder against civil unions.

“I think that you’ll find that this incoming class is fairly well aligned against that,” replied Holbert. “However…we are in the minority, and I think that you’ll see the majority party move very quickly to pass that type of legislation.”

Holbert’s answer is no surprise, because most new Republican lawmakers, like them, are from safe Republican areas, which wouldn’t be expected to produce moderates.

The incoming Republicans aren’t as old as the people they replaced, Holbert pointed out on air, but they’re mostly ideologically similar.

And here’s the ironic part: the next day on the same radio show, representatives of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and the Libre Initiative spent two hours  talking about how important it is for the GOP in Colorado to diversify.

The good folks on Grassroots Radio should ask themselves how they can possibly diversify the Republican Party if their leaders won’t budge on something like civil unions.

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