Kelley’s good questions illuminate that Palin is most popular conservative speaker

The right-wing of the conservative movement, such as it is, is gathering in Washington DC this week for their annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Broadcasting live from the event, KNUS’ Steve Kelley asked Greg Keller, Executive Director of the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC, “who’s the biggest draw” among the speakers, which include everyone from Colorado’s Rep. Cory Gardner (at 2:30 EST today), Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan to Ann Coulter, Dana Loesch, Donald Trump, and many others.

None of the speakers are apparently very popular to the folks at Media Matters for America, but Keller says actual real-life attendees like Sarah Palin best:

Keller: “Sarah Palin has forged a unique and long-standing relationship with our attendees here. They really get fired up to hear her. That room will be absolutely packed when she comes and speaks.”

One Republican who was not invited was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. And Kelley gets credit for putting the question directly to Keller.

Kelley: “And the question everyone wants to know. The dis on Chris Christy. Is it a dis? You’re the guy.”

Keller: “It’s certainly not a dis. Gov. Christy is certainly a good governor. He’s a popular governor in what is a pretty difficult state for Republicans. That said, this is not the Republican political action conference. This is the conservative political action conference. And as our Chairman Al Cardenas has said, you know, the people who get main state speaking spts at CPAC tend to be people who have had all-star years froma conservative perspective. And we just didn’t think that was necessarily the case when it came to Gov. Christy. He’s spoken here in the past. I’m sure we’ll have him again in the future. Just not this year.”

Kelley promised his audience this morning to ask his CPAC guests where the GOP is heading on fiscal and social issues. Tune to KNUS 710 AM tomorrow to hear part two of his CPAC broadcast.

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