Republican radio hosts don’t let party affiliation stop them from bashing GOP candidate Hill

Devon Lentz and Tom Lucero are KFKA talk-radio hosts and also former Larimer Country Republican officials. Lucero was a CU regent.

So you have to admire them for not pulling their punches when discussing state Sen. Owen Hill’s statement, from an email, that Hill is the only GOP candidate that Sen. Mark Udall fears.

Here’s what they had to say:

Lucero: Think about this, Devon. You’re a 31-year-old. You’ve just been elected to the Colorado State Senate, and you’re feeling so good about yourself you decide to run for the U.S. Senate…. You announce for the U.S. Senate and you come out and bash all of the Republicans who are running in the Republican primary, one of whom is Weld County’s own District Attorney Ken Buck, who actually won the Republican nomination two years ago in a U.S. Senate race and barely lost to U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet by I think 33,000 votes.

Lucero: We are talking about Owen Hill, State Senator out of El Paso County…. He was so bold as to say, I am the only candidate Mark Udall fears in the Republican primary.

[BigMedia note: Fox 31’s Eli Stokols reported Tuesday that Hill’s source for this information was state Rep. Dan Nordberg.]

Lentz: All right. When I read that, I didn’t read any further, because I don’t care to read about someone’s inflated ego. So I stopped reading at that point. But I remember a couple of years ago having a conversation with you, and I said, “What is WRONG with this individual?” And you said, “It’s that bug you get bitten by when you realize you are an elected official but then eventually you get better and then you realize that you’re still human.

Lucero: MOST elected officials get better, not all of them. Some of them think they are President of the United States….

Lentz: So all I can think is Owen has gotten himself bit numerous times. And like I said, I had to stop reading the article after the first statement because I was like, wow, is ego is so in the way.

Lucero: Everybody kind of laughed at him. It was fun, because Mark Udall’s campaign laughed at him. Ken Buck’s campaign laughed at him. He had the audacity, when asked about Randy Baumgardner, to say, “Randy Who?”  He’s a little full of himself. I don’t mind ego. I don’t mind confidence. But when you have arrogance  — there’s a difference between having a healthy, a.k.a., Tom Lucero, Devon Lentz, versus being arrogant Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, where you’re posing in front of the mirror…kissing himself…  How to Win Friends and Influence People. Owen Hill needs a copy….


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