Media omission: Tancredo says Republicans “will not beat Hickenlooper” on gun issues

On KNUS radio this morning, host Dan Caplis said it was “legitimate” for Sen. Greg Brophy to spotlight Tom Tancredo’s post-Columbine vote for a House resolution limiting, among other things, the size of magazines to 10 rounds or fewer,  the same limitation put on magazines by one of Colorado’s new gun-safety laws.

In response,  Tancredo, who’s battling Brophy for the chance to take on Gov. John Hickenlooper in November, downplayed the importance of the gun-safety issues in the upcoming general election, saying, “We are not going to win an election on this.”

Here’s part of Tanc’s response, as heard on KNUS:

Tancredo: “I’ll tell you that if, indeed, anybody believes that the Republican nominee, whoever that might be, can win the general election on this [gun] issue, or a couple of others that are fairly focused, they’re wrong. We will not beat Hickenlooper, I don’t care who it is, we will not beat Hickenlooper on this issue… We are not going to win an election on this. …

The NRA has always supported me. These things are essentially frivolous attacks that do not help in the long run. And as I say, I do not agree with you that this is something that the other side will use. Do you really believe that Hickenlooper would be attacking me for being soft on guns?”

Caplis: I think it would come up. And I think you’d handle it well…. Here’s how I would definitely see it coming up in the campaign. You’re running against Hickenlooper. You’re the nominee. You’re bashing him…he tried to restrict Coloradans’ gun rights. And then Hickenlooper turns around with their 527s… ‘Wait a second. Tom agrees with Hickelooper on this.’

Listen to Tancredo on Caplis saying GOP won’t beat Hick on Guns

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