A cheat sheet for GOP primary debate on the “feminine perspective”

GOP gubernatorial candidates will be debating the issues from a “feminine perspective” May 20 at the conservative Centennial Institute, housed at the conservative Colorado Christian University (CCU), presided over by the conservative former Sen. Bill Armstrong.

Here’s a description of the debate topic:

The Women of Centennial Institute, a new group affiliated with CCU’s think tank, invite you to a debate on economic growth, education, energy, the environment, safe neighborhoods, drug policy, moral and cultural concerns, and all the other issues from a feminine perspective. All the major party candidates, four Republicans and one Democrat, have been invited. Republicans Mike Kopp, Scott Gessler, and Bob Beauprez have accepted.

Even without Tanc, who’s declined to attend, as did Hick, this promises to be well worth the ticket price (free), but you must RSVP. Do so here.

If reporters attend the event, co-sponsored by KNUS 710-AM, here’s a cheat sheet.

First, the Centennial Institute is the outfit that sponsors the annual Western Conservative Summit, where I witnessed the conservative minions literally drinking Kool-Aid last year, prior to an anti-immigrant speech by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

The women at this year’s event (July 18-20) include Michele Bachmann and Laura Ingraham. Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina are invited. It would be good to know if the debaters would welcome the endorsement these women.

There’s always personhood, which would ban abortion, even for rape and incest.

Beauprez: He’s gone both ways on personhood (like Rep. Cory Gardner), first endorsing a federal personhood bill, then saying in May he’s never supported it at the state level. What happened?

Gessler: His website says he believes life begins at conception. If he’s not supportive of personhood, which would give legal rights to all stages of human development from conception on, is he pro-choice?

Kopp: He’s fully supportive of personhood and has a legislative history to back it up.

Beyond personhood, how about equal pay for equal work? Do they like Planned Parenthood? Roe v. Wade?

And just out of curiosity, do any of these guys these guys consider themselves feminists?



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