Would TV-host Caldara be able to distinguish McInnis from Beauprez?

Heard on the latest “Devil’s Advocate” show, hosted by libertarian/conservative Jon Caldara:

Caldara: Now, let’s assume for some reason, you couldn’t run for this primary. You got struck by lightning. Who would you throw your support behind? Who would you like to see win that primary? …

Tom Tancredo: I would like to see Bob Beauprez, Scott McInnis, or Mike Kopp win it.

Caldara: Oh, what a politician’s answer. And you were just telling me what an un-politician you are.

It’s an innocent mistake for Tanc to confuse Scott McInnis with Scott Gessler. We all err. But it points to a problem for Caldara, not to mention the pack of Republicans running for governor.

Caldara is seated directly in front of Tancredo’s nose and the name “McInnis” comes out of Tanc’s lips and over Caldara’s head. He probably wouldn’t have noticed if Tancredo had confused Bob Schaffer with Bob Beauprez or Frank McNulty with Mike Kopp. They blend together, don’t they?

You have to think Caldara would have raised an eyebrow if McPlagiarist had walked into the TV studio and tried to present himself as Tom Tancredo, but who knows. But if McInnis tried to pass himself off as Beauprez, it’s almost a certainty Caldara wouldn’t have noticed any difference. Is there one, besides the mustache or lack thereof?

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