Media omission: Adams County GOP chair seeths at “cowardly, traitors known as ‘Republicans'”

Journalists aren’t reporting the seething anger of Colorado’s Tea Party conservatives at their Republican leaders for allowing the federal government to continue operating and/or for caving on what they see as GOP priniciples.

It’s an important story not only because it offers a tangible angle to explain the rise of The Donald and his ilk, but also because it shows the stress within the Republican Party  here in Colorado, as state party chair Steve House continues to face intense criticism from within.

I write a lot about talk-radio hosts, but but it’s not just the talk-radio hosts who are mad, but also folks like Anil Mathai, Chair of the Adams County Republican Party. He had this to say on Facebook:

MATHAI: The Republican Party in Washington DC has just passed a spending bill – understand they would rather Hussein Obama get everything he wants including funds to kill thousands of unborn children. WE HAVE THE HOUSE AND SENATE AND OBAMA GETS EVERYTHING HE WANTS – WHAT UTTER MADNESS!!!!! The Republican Party has become no different from the Democrat Party! Instead of supporting most of its voters, they decide to support evil and corrupt cronies. If the leadership and direction doesn’t change ASAP, we will have a Communist President in Nov 2016 and the cowardly, traitors known as “Republicans” will have the party collapse because of their arrogance. It is time to primary every RINO right now, it is time to clean house by demanding “republicans” actually support the US Constitution and the Republican platform. Sick and tired of the democrats in our party!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! 3000 more children will die today because there is no Republican party who will help them and follow our written documents of first defending LIFE then LIBERTY then Pursuit of Happiness but instead must avoid a “government shutdown”!! GOVERNMENT over LIFE – TREASONOUS!!!!! Time for pitch forks and removal of “leaders” starting first with Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and every Republican that voted today to fund abortion instead of “shutting down the government” and listen to most Americans on ending the evil Planned Parenthood. CORRUPT COWARDS!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! [BigMedia emphasis.]

Mathai is the Republican leader of one of the most important counties in the state going into next year, in light of its surprise tilt toward Republicans in the last election.

And Mathai’s Adams County vice-chair, John Sampson, also doesn’t shy away from controversy, as you can see here and here.

Asked about the Facebook post, Mathai said, “The context is, the Republicans need to be consistent with the party platform. What people want is trust. We are all Americans, and people want trust back in their party.”

Also upset, Derrick Wilburn, the Vice Chair of the state Republican Party, said this on KLZ’s Rush to Reason show Sept. 30.

WILBURN:  Here’s what these guys don’t realize – Cory Gardner, Doug Lamborn, Michael Coffman — I mean, not just our state but all over the country – if they started standing up for those things, if they started taking that position – If they started sticking it back and saying, “we aren’t going to take it anymore!”  You know what would happen?  We would meet them at the airport when they come back home into the district.  We’d be standing there with signs, cheering them, calling them heroes! …It would happen everywhere!  It would happen all over the country!

Asked to explain, Wilburn texted that he wasn’t talking about shutting down the government but instead about GOP leaders standing up for principles.

The sentiments of these elected GOP leaders in Colorado should be aired out by outlets with bigger audiences than this humble blog. It’s a local window into the forces that are shaping Colorado’s Republican Party and having a actual factual impact on who will be the next president. In other words, this isn’t just hot air. It’s oxygen for the insurgents in the Republican Party.

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