Post reporter pens biography of Denver Developer

I haven’t read former Denver Post reporter Mike McPhee’s biography of Denver developer and historic preservationist Dana Crawford, but I like how Post reviewer Dana Coffield, in describing what’s in the book, tells the story of ¬†Crawford’s discovery of Larimer Square, which Crawford later turned into one of Denver’s first historic Denver attractions.

Coffield wrote a couple weeks ago:

As it is told by Mike McPhee in “Dana Crawford: 50 Years Saving the Soul of a City,” the renaissance began on a sizzling summer day in 1963, when a group of winos came to Crawford’s rescue after her puke-green Ford convertible died on Larimer Street.

“Vapor lock,” one of them rasped from the doorway of a building on Denver’s skid row.

She found what she was looking for in the 1400 block of Larimer, near where the band of drunks, rewarded for their trouble only with a big smile and twinkling blue eyes, solved her engine problem with a dirty rag and a little water.

McPhee conducted extensive interviews with Crawford and folks who know her. I’m going to buy it for myself for holiday reading.

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