New Year’s perspective on death and tragedy

For perspectivce this New Year’s Eve, here are some statistics on tragedies of the past year.

Number of people killed in San Bernardino terrorist attack: 14

Number of prisoners executed in America each year: 28

Number of people killed in Paris terrorist attack: 130

Number of American teens who die in car crashes each year: 2,000

Number of Americans killed in car crashes each year: 35,000

Number of people killed in Planned Parenthood terrorist attack in Colorado Springs: 3

Number of Americans who commit suicide with a gun each year: 21,000

Number of women who die during pregnancy and childbith: 300,000

Number of malaria deaths worldwide, mostly in impoverished countries, yearly: 435,000

Number of children under 5 who die worldwide due to poor nutrition, yearly: 3.1 million

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