Publisher of Glendale Cherry Creek newspaper says Obama “doesn’t like” Christians

President Obama gives his last State of the Union Address tonight at 7 p.m.

Presaging the type of sophisticated criticism we’ll see of the speech on conservative talk radio, KNUS 710-AM’s host Chuck Bonniwell, who’s also the publisher of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chonicle, accused Obama Saturday of disliking Christians.

“He’s a left-wing secularist,” Bonniwell said on air of Obama. “He grew up in a country, Indonesia, part of his life, from which he got  a favorable view of Islam, because he went to a school that had a favorable view. And since then, he’s the same secularist. But he knows what he doesn’t like, and that’s Christians. That’s the one group he knows did the crusades and everything awful.” [BigMedia emphasis] Listen @ 26 minutes here.

Bonniwell is trained as a lawyer, but he doesn’t think much of Obama’s legal mind either.

“I’d hate to have taken a class from that idiot,” said Bonniwell on KNUS, referring to Obama’s tenure as a professor of constitutional law. Bonniwell hosts a Saturday morning show on KNUS 710-AM with co-host Julie Hayden, his wife and a Fox 31 Denver reporter. He didn’t return an email seeking comment, even though he’s in the newspaper business.

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