The Colorado Republican straw poll will go on, “for fun,” in Adams County

Last year, Colorado Republicans eliminated their nonbinding caucus votes on presidential candidates, but the voting will go on anyway, “for fun,” in Adams County.

That’s what Adams County Republican Chair Anil Mathai announced on KLZ 560-AM’s John Rush yesterday.

“Across the state, there is no straw poll, but in Adams County we have a non-binding unofficial ‘for fun’ straw poll,” said Mathai on air. “I want to hear the voice of the people. So we will have one for U.S.presidential candidates as of Feb. 1 and also one for U.S. Senate candidates out of Colorado.”

I don’t know Mathai, but when it comes to fun, he and I seem to agree. The Republican straw poll in Adams County at the March 1 caucus will be huge fun to see. How could it not be, with Republican activists standing up for Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, etc. and Neville, Littleton, etc. etc. I hope someone live streams it.

“In Adams County, we’re just doing it for fun,” Mathai emphasized again at the end of the interview.

But whether Mathai’s notion of fun comports with the Republican rules is another matter. Initially, the statewide GOP straw poll was supposed to be nonbinding as well. But the national Republican Party told Colorado Republicans that if they had a straw poll, it had to be binding. So Colorado Republicans decided against having one.

So we’ll see how much fun national Republicans let Adams Country Republicans have.

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