Denver Post editor’s resignation likely another sign of paper’s spiral downward

Denver Post editor Greg Moore’s resignation today is probably yet another depressing sign that the newspaper faces serious troubles and decline.

If things had been going well, or even stabalizing, at The Post, which faces a broken business model, Moore wouldn’t be walking away–unless there’s some personal reasons that aren’t widely known right now. It sounds like more cuts are on the way.

The unprecedented budget cuts, layoffs, and other shrinkage and reductions have to take an incredible toll on the guy at the top, no matter how thick-skinned.

That’s not what Moore had to say in his resignation statement, as quoted in The Post, but I don’t see much optimism floating up between the lines.

“The Denver Post will continue its outstanding work,” he said. “There is strong and stable leadership in place. But it’s time for a fresh voice to lead from the corner office. After 14 years, I’ve decided it’s time for new challenges and I will step down as editor of this great newspaper.”

Publisher Mac Tully said a national search for Moore’s replacement will begin soon. In the interim, news director Lee Ann Colacioppo will lead the newsrooom. She also is a candidate for the job.

Moore has his detractors, but, bottom-line, the newspaper under his leadership still managed to still produce quality journalism, despite the industry decline. Of course, it could be better. But you can bet we’ll miss today’s Denver Post next year, when things will likely be worse.

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