ROX vs. FOX Continued

Posted by Matt Poundstone 

A short side note in Jason’s last column urged people who might own Fox News hats to do like his father and take a marker to the FOX logo,  turning the …F’ to an …R’ and spelling out …Rox News’ in support of our World Series-bound Rockies.

This suggestion is sound advice for free-media loving Americans and baseball fans alike.  But it also begs the question:  Who out there would actually wear a Fox News hat?

For inquiring minds that want to know, here’s what a quick Internet search revealed.

First of all, the phrase “Fox News hat” yields few instructive results on Google.  The same thing goes for “sporting” and “wearing a/his/her Fox News hat.”  It doesn’t help a Google search when the word …hat’ appears frequently in the blogosphere vernacular.

But overall, the web reveals some limited utility in wearing a Fox hat, ranging from the provocative to the absurd.

If, for example, you are trying to annoy Hollywood anti-war activists like Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, walk up to them with a microphone and a Fox News cap and ask whether they want America to succeed in Iraq.  The hat turns out to be the cherry that gets extra press for a guerrilla interview.

If you’re an outspoken member of the alleged liberal media elite, the cap can also be hip and ironic.  At the memorial for journalist Molly Ivins, a slide show featured a photo of her in a Fox News hat.  The sight drew roaring laughter from the audience.

Finally, from the Random Celebrity Sighting files:  a man in a Fox News hat appears at a paintball adventure with none other than William “James Tiberius Kirk” Shatner.  The man in the photo is listed as Col. David Hunt, who is (you guessed it) a Fox News contributor.

So, if you’re in the mood to agitate the left or engage in simulated combat with a TV celeb, a Fox News cap might be for you.

For the rest of us, there will always be the …Rox News’ alternative…-or the often wise example of Molly Ivins to treat the whole enterprise as a joke.

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