Crummy to partly crummy

I’m waiting for the day that a local TV station leads its late-night “newscast” with the weather segment. Yes, I know, this already happens whenever a small storm can possibly be hyped into a big-sounding one. But I think someday we’ll see the weather segment appear first on a regular basis. Think of the marketing: Weather Comes before News on Channel 20!

For those of you who like to know about the weather, but wish it were reduced to a 12-second summary on the local newscasts, you can get weather information all over the web, of course.

But there’s a local guy, who goes by “Weatherby,” who sends almost-daily emails about the upcoming weather. He lets his right-leaning politics slip out in his emails, he likes to dig at the local weather anchors, and his weather writing is blunt and fun.

I’ve been getting his emails for about a year. You also might like them.

His email earlier this week, with the subject line “yuck is on the way,” read:

Looks like there’s a decent chance for a crummy to partly crummy Thanksgiving weekend on the way with the yuk arriving about the same time the bird is done…..

To try him out, email him at and ask to be added to his weather list.  

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