Oliver on KFKA maligns The Denver Post

KFKA talk-show host Amy Oliver maligned journalism and an unnamed reporter on a recent show. Maybe this doesn’t surprise you, but she goes too far in repeating  off-the-record comments by a reporter bashing the Post on the radio. She said:

“The Denver Post, especially their capitol beat reporting, has been, as far as I’m concerned, an enormous disappointment. I know these guys wouldn’t say it on the record but at least one of their reporters is not excited or not thrilled about the coverage that that person has had to do regarding the state of Colorado and what’s been happening at the state legislature.”

If she’s disappointed with the Post’s coverage, she should be specific and point to the stories or issues that are disappointing her.

And she shouldn’t discuss off-the-record comments by reporters. When reporters talk to Amy “off the record,” they do not expect their comments to be announced on the radio. It’s not completely impossible that a reporter told Amy she could broadcast the gripe on the radio, but I doubt it. And if she had been given the green light to air the off-the-record comment, she should have said so.

You can here the comments on the May 13 podcast of her show here.

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