McInnis skipped press conference partly for sun-roof reception

Media outlets have not reported that, during part of the time that gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis was scheduled to meet with reporters after his speech to the Denver Petroleum Club Tuesday, he appeared at a sun-roof reception for Petroleum Club members, according to a Petroleum Club board member who helped organize the event.

“I do know that Scott went up to the sun roof for a few minutes, but he didn’t stay long,” Denver Petroleum Club board member Pam Roth told me. “They had to move him along to the next commitment, whatever it was.”

McInnis was scheduled to meet with reporters after his speech, but he did not show up, instead going to the sun roof at the Athletic Club for at least part of the time. Roth did not know where he want after this.

“They were very well aware that we had scheduled Hickenlooper first, pre-event, and Scott was to go down and visit with you guys post event,” Roth told me.

“So I think they were looking at the time constraint saying, well, it wouldn’t be the full 20 minutes anyway so here’s another option: we’ll go down and give them another time to follow up,” Roth said. “I had several discussions Mike Hess, who is with McInnis’ campaign, that that was rather frustrating for me because, first of all, it was on the fly, so I didn’t have a chance to understand how we could accomodate you guys better. But I was told that [McInnis spokesperson] Sean [Duffy] was going give you the opportunity to have an alternative time.”

Duffy did this. He told reporters he would arrange individual interviews with McInnis.

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  1. Charley Miller Says:

    Why is this important?
    I would rather have some substance regarding the speech, anything to report, versus “we don’t know where he went tooo…”

    I guess I am old fashion, but it seems these people (politicians) are not only un approachable but are run like puppets on a string. This is the negative impressions most people have these days.

    I have never met any of the Gov candidates so I have no idea what happened, nor was I there. It just seems silly to waste all this space for a no-show, or is it a was-there but you missed me….

    Yes, I’m the Unaffiliated one

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