KOA has no intention of replacing Rosen with Sirota-Brownie, who teamed up to sub for Rosen today

For a long time I’ve wondered, what if a Denver talk show paired a true leftist with a true righty.

We’ve got KHOW’s Caplis and Silverman Show, but as you know if you listen, Caplis is a thoroughbred Republican and Silverman is a right-leaning centrist, and leaning more to the right each day as he ponders joining the GOP.

What about a left-right duo?

KOA dipped its toe in this direction today, pairing AM760’s talented David Sirota with less talented KOA host Heck’ve-a-job Brownie. The odd duo subbed for Mike Rosen.

The started the program by telling us that they both like each other, even though they are diametrically opposed on most issues.

They also said they didn’t carry water for any political party.

I thought this might be a backhanded slap at Mike Rosen, who carries so much water for the GOP that you worry water will start pouring out of your car radio.

But I don’t think there was actually any intention of slapping Rosen on the part of either of them. They both seem to like him, though Sirota and Rosen have predictably sparred in the past.

In any case, I wondered if KOA was thinking of replacing Rosen with this pair.

Greg Foster, KOA program director, told me that Rosen is on vacation, and Rosen-Brownie were simply subbing for him, and it’s just a one-day deal.

It’s the first time they’ve co-hosted, he said, but each has been a guest on each other’s show. (Brownie started the broadcast by calling Sirota his “guest”, but Sirota reminded him that they were co-hosting.)

Was Foster worried there would be a nasty blow up, on air?

“If I thought there was going to be a blowup, as you say, we wouldn’t have put them on the air together,” Foster replied, adding, “The intention is to have two people together who are entertaining on the radio and known in the market.”

If KOA changes its mind and decides to pair a liberal with a conservative, they shouldn’t get rid of Rosen, who adds value to the discussion of politics in Denver.

I’d suggest leaving Sirota where he is and adding a lefty to Brown’s evening KOA program. Brownie’s show needs some extra life, and a lefty cohosting with Brown could do the trick.

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