Your blogger with arm around Brent Bozell

I discussed media bias today on a panel with Jason Bane, Dan Caplis, Stephen Keating, and Dave Kopel at a forum organized bvy the Centennial Institute as part of its “News in the 21st Century” project.

Last time I went to a Centennial Institute event, the views were narrow, with speakers Walker Stapleton and Scott Gessler on a predictable war path against progressives and Democrats like John Hickenlooper, with lots of heads nodding.

Today’s event, in contrast, had views from people like Mike Littwin, who was on a panel addressing whether the “media is simply giving the public what they want,” to Brent Bozell, who gave they keynote talk.

Some students thanked me for coming out and said they don’t hear different opinions all that often. (Maybe they need more liberal professors out there?)

I hear opinions different from my own most often on talk radio, and in print. But I had a good time talking to conservatives in the flesh today.

And I even got my picture taken with Brent Bozell, with John Andrews in the background. What more could you want from a visit to Colorado Christian University?

Jason Salzman and Brent Bozell at Colorado Christian University Dec. 2

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