Radio hosts should challenge Coors’ claim that he has more individual donors than Perlmutter

On KOA’s Colorado Weekend on Saturday morning , GOP congressional candidate Joe Coors told co-hosts July Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell that his fundraising was going well, beyond the money he’s given to himself, and, Coors said, he’s gotten more individual donations than Ed Perlmutter, his opponent.

That didn’t sound right to me, knowing that Perlmutter goes to all those grocery stores, and I hadn’t heard that Coors went to grocery stores at all.

I checked the Federal Election Commission website and found that Coors has 524 individual contributors versus 871 for Perlmutter.

So I don’t understand Coors’ response to this question by Bonniwell:

Bonniwell: I know you’ve got a few bucks on your own to put in, but how’s the fundraising going?

Coors: “We’re very pleased with the fundraising effort. Just launched the Joe Coors 2012 Club, which has gotten some very nice grassroots support.  We have more donors, individual donors, than my competition does. And so we’re very pleased with that outreach.”

Hayden and Bonniwell should have Coors back on their show to explain what he meant, in light of the numbers I found.

And while they’ve got him, they should ask Coors if he can explain the general anger of the GOP toward the Colorado redistricting process, in view of his positive feelings toward it:

Coors: I think the redistricting was a very good thing to do, because it really consolidated population densities. If I benefited, or if Colorado District 7 benefited, it’s putting Aurora back where it really belongs, in Mike Coffman’s district, and making Jefferson County and Adams County more concentrated for CD 7.

Hayden and Bonniwell should find out from Coors if he’s taken any heat for backing the redistricting process from his fellow Republicans who were so upset by it last year.

Listen to Coors here: KOA Weekend-Joe Coors-08-25-2012

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